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  1. hi guys, I'm very happy to participate in the cmws22 competition again this year, they presented a scratch build the work will be carried out without the use of complex machinery and most of the work will be done manually. he theme is aluminum, AL 26.982 is the atomic weight of this perfect material for this mod, it would seem that the aluminum metal will be in large quantities ... no but I will try to give the idea of it with the plexigral and special paints ... I will try to save as much as possible on materials .. hanks but let's start immediately ..
  2. Greetings to all, I haven't participated in contests for a long time and I really missed them, I'm going to build piece by piece and try to make something really cool, just getting back to modding again makes me very happy. This modding I will use my passion to come up with something really cool.
  3. Hello guys, My names Derek and I do PC Mods and build props and things as Rhoads Pc. This year I’m going to try my hand in the scratch build category, where I’d like to build a diorama with the computer components integrated into the buildings and landscape. The message behind the 1957 book and then 1999 movie “The Iron Giant”, was what if a gun didn’t want to hurt anyone? This is the scene or feeling I’m hoping to capture in the diorama. Cheers to a great competition ahead I look forward to meeting everyone and seeing the work logs and awesome mods that come to life over the next couple of months! All of my projects progress will be posted on my Instagram and Facebook under @Rhoadspc as well as a Vlog style series up on my YouTube channel (Rhoadspc as well) will follow the project.
  4. Here we are, for me it's the second time here, the first time was with Da Module Thingy, this time I will join the fray with Piñasphere, my first 3D printed PC Case. Had to learn a lot about 3D modeling before getting serious with it, the project took about 3-4 months from February to May 2022. I wanted to experiment how far I could get with the design of a Computer case, from the standard that people picture in their mind when you talk about a PC, a boxy shape, beside very few exceptions most computer cases are based on a squared shape be it a closed or open air design. It is asymmetric, because I love the movement given by the change in the lines, now it's more like a functional desk sculpture. Even though it is watercooled, it is rather small 218mm for 168mm about 4 litres, and weighs about 2 Kgs, it can sit on almost any desk, the base also has a 75 x75 Vesa mount compatible hole pattern. I didn't paint it because I wanted to reach a point in which it looked good that way. The design allows for it to be used as an open air case or enclosed like a "normal" case, I like it both ways, it takes some seconds and you can change it on the fly, no screws just twist and "pop" the white domes out and it's open. Right now It is my main PC, I wanted it to work for everything and the specs allow for it within reason, from 3D editing on Blender and Fusion 360 to playing at 1080p. Some people might have already seen it on Custom PC Issue 228, raspberrypi.com, cowcotland.com, other sites and or YouTube. Right now I'm busy with my Hotel job but I will tell you everything during the next weeks. We will record a new video specifically for the #CMWS22 that will also include the Cooler Master Watermarks.
  5. Hi, My name is Carl Collard and I am an electronic and optronic technician in the Canadian army. I am also father of four young boys (2 to 8 years old). I really love to create unique and out of the box mods. My modder artist name is: Mods Art PC. This is my first time in this contest, I hope you will like this one. For this mod, I chose the lantern theme because this is a nice looking object where lightning is the purpose. I lot of nice things can be done with light like refraction, reflexion and diffraction. The way it act when it pass from a material to another is facinating. And the visible spectrum of light let us see our beatifull word. Here's the drawing I made for the project:
  6. Hey there , My name is Nick Van Guth or as most of you know me as TermudaSquare. I am back for my 3rd year, this year with something fun planned, but most importantly to have fun while doing it, so I hope everyone enjoys the competition and I look forward to seeing what everyone’s talent brings this year
  7. Good Day, Friends! I am very glad to participate in the contest once again... How it all started… All my projects were created for the CMWS competition. And this project was no exception! I first got into modding when I was invited to participate in the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series (CMWS) 2016 competition. Since then, I have prepared my projects every year specifically for this competition, and in 2017 I even managed to take 1st place with my VEGA project. As a child, all the boys wanted to become astronauts, and I was no exception. I've always been fascinated by science fiction novels about space exploration, space travel, robots, spacecraft and distant galaxies. It was inevitable that this influence would find its way into my mods at some point. The first sketches of this Sputnik-inspired PC began to appear a couple of years ago. At that time, I had no experience working with aluminum and decided to start with a simpler project to avoid expensive mistakes. Once the old pencil sketches of the Sputnik project were retrieved, and the project started afresh. Looking at these sketches now, I see how little the finished project has in common with those first drawings. The layout and frame were redesigned several times, and the perforations that are a crucial part of the overall design have changed a huge number of times. But again we return to space!) The Sputnik project is a reference to The first synthetic satellite of the Earth. All stages of design and manufacturing was strictly controlled by the head of CATControl!
  8. Good day to all! I am glad to participate in the CMWS contest once again. The previous project Simple Case became my main working computer. The air cooling there is thought out and the temperatures are quite low, the only source of noise there was a video card with turbine-type cooling. Experiments with liquid cooling of the graphics card and processor have yielded sufficiently low temperatures and a very low noise level. The requirements that I set myself: 1. Tower-type housing with liquid cooling in order to get rid of noise and free up the desktop as much as possible. So, the housing must have the minimum possible dimensions. At the same time, the minimum size of the radiator for sufficient cooling of the assembly is 360 mm. 2. The design had to be quite strict, without excessive details, all connections had to be hidden from the eyes - therefore, the assembly on the rivets was immediately dismissed and it was decided to make a welded body. 3. All wires should come out from the back at the bottom of the housing. A tray for peripheral equipment wires should be provided. 4. Additional air cooling of the power supply, motherboard and video card. Warm air should not linger in the housing and leave it freely. 5. Installation of a coolant tank on the front panel for aesthetic beauty. Power button and USB 3.0 ports on the front panel for convenient operation. 6. Demonstration of the motherboard on one side and the graphics card on the other. Demonstration of additional SATA SSD drives. 7. The use of rigid tubes for aesthetic appearance and pre-designed holes for them. 8. Installation of a temperature sensor for visual control of the temperature by your own. The prototype was developed without components on hand, according to drawings and photos from the Internet. In the front part of the case there is an EK EK-Quantum Volume FIT 360 D-RGB tank (350 ml, 360 mm), on the back wall there is a radiator combined with a pump - Barrow DARIDP-30. Fans that blow through the radiator should also take warm air from the power supply, motherboard and video card. There is a place for a 120mm fan from below, the air flow from which is directed to the video card in order to cool its backup and supply cold air to the power supply.
  9. Hi guys. This is my project since is 35 years from first back to the future movie. Model is 1:3 scale, full aluminum body and printed interior and other small parts. There is a lot to do so....stay tuned
  10. Comfortable car seat at home. Don't take up a lot of space. No desk, so monitor, mouse, steering wheel interface required. It can fit the config. Low budget. No brand (then if they pay for it)
  11. Hi, my name is Mads Alexander i live in Denmark, and I'll be making an innovative PC drawer in beautiful oak wood. This build has been in the design phase for a year now, so I'm very excited to finally start production! Join me on my adventure to make the first fully functioning PC Drawer.
  12. Hello everyone, I am AK from Taiwan and this is my 3rd year participating in Case Mod World Series. I participated in Tower Mods for 2 years in a row, and I honored to have won in 2019. This will be my first time to sign up for Scratch Builds. I will try my best to do my best and complete the mod as always. The theme is Cyberpunk 2077-Deconstruction and will focus on the most eye-catching Mantis Blades in the repair and deconstruction game! Specs: INTEL I9-10900K AORUS Z490 XTREME AORUS GeForce RTX 3080 MASTER AORUS RGB Memory 3200MHz 8GX4 GIGABYTE NVMe SSD 1TB AORUS P850W 80+ GOLD Modular COOLER MASTER MASTERFAN SF120M COOLER MASTER ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter Standard GL ALPHACOOLEiszapfen Laser Fitting With 4pin Molex ZADAK CAPACITIVE TOUCH SWITCH 3M TWIN AXIAL PCIe CABLE SH Water cooling: Bitspower Premium Summit M Mystic Black Metal Edition Bitspower D5 Vario Motor Bitspower Leviathan XF 120 4xG1/4" Radiator Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 50 V2 Bitspower Touchaqua In-Line Filter Bitspower Touchaqua Digit Thermal Sensor Bitspower Touchaqua Digital RGB Multi Function Controller Bitspower Touchaqua PWM FAN Multi Function HUB Bitspower Fittings Massive thanks to Cooler Master, AORUS, NVIDIA GeForce Taiwan, Bitspower, ModMyMods, ZADAK, 3M for supporting my projects. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AKModTW/ Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/AKMod Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akmodtw/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AKModTW
  13. Meet ikigai (生き甲斐) (pronounced (ikiɡai) a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being” The word refers to having a meaningful direction or purpose in life, constituting the sense of one’s life being made worthwhile, with actions (spontaneous and willing) taken towards achieving one’s ikigai resulting in satisfaction and sense of meaning to life. Ikigai is my entry into the Cooler Master World Series 2020. It’s a small form factor scratch build case in tower format. The case features hand cut wood joinery, hard piped water cooling, and an open component design comprising primarily of Wenge wood, acrylic, spruce and black aluminum. I'm looking forward to sharing the process and photos of the build with you soon!. A special shout out to MSI for providing the B550I Gaming Edge Motherboard and the AMD Radeon 5700 video card provided for this build and Cooler Master for their continued support. Build List: Motherboard: MSI B550I Gaming Edge Wifi (Sponsored) CPU: AMD 5600X GPU: MSI AMD Radeon 5700 Gaming X (Sponsored) PSU: Cooler Master 650 SFX Memory: G Skill Ripjaws V 3600mhz 32GB Storage: Western Digital SN750 1 TB, SN550 1 TB Watercooling: Alphacool GPU Block and Radiator Optiumus CPU Block, EKWB fittings and tubing Fans: Cooler Master SF360R
  14. Link to the official voting page for this project: https://community.coolermaster.com/cmws/cmws-vote/?contest=photo-detail&photo_id=4287 Click this link to jump to the page from which I started to post the photos of the completed case UPDATE: 8 Feb Short presentation video UPDATE: 2 Feb Final presentation video I hope you like it UPDATE: 1 Feb "2 Videos of the old iteration of Da Module Thingy" Update 13 Nov: From now on I'm going to add all the build log videos links on the second post so they are easier to find UPDATE: 29 Oct RGB Cut Video UPDATE: 24 Oct Youtube presentation video or to be honest my first Youtube video, my brother helped me out, I really hope you like it It was crafted to be my main PC, it had to look like a sleek looking Sci-fi Module, something you can take with you when you move from your home/ base to your spaceship, or to save lives, or whatever cool reason behind the need to move it, your choice. The hardware is not it's strong point, it doesn't have super dandy spec, but it was built with full compatibility with any M-Atx Motherboards, Gpu up to 370 mm or 17.5 inches long and Standard ATX PSU, so it's easily upgradable. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Da Module Thingy is my second scratch build, the first one was some strange experiment done one of the first years of this new millennium and thankfully for everyone every proof of its existence were lost in time. On this build log I'll tell you about Da Module Thingy's build process and it's dock Leetfoot, I couldn't build the dock before because I spent the summer working in the Hotel, but in the next few days I'll start working on it so you are going to see the duo together. This project was going to be just a mod, I wanted to make smaller a Cooler Master RC 690 my brother gifted me for christmas years ago by shortening it and call it a day. Even though I could craft it, I have kept the IO panel structure of the original Cooler Master frame so I'll keep at least a part of it, like Legion used a piece of Commader Shepard's armor. In the first few days after the green light for the Scratch Build path, I was scouring the web for inspiration and that's how I discovered the bit-tech forums too. The Lust for a SFF grabbed my Soul , wow such a warm and powerful feeling, so I started with the idea to craft the smallest case I could using my Msi B350M Gaming Pro. During the first phase of the crafting process, the voice of reason of my brother and some of the lust wearing off, I had to stop and make the choice of crafting it a bit larger to make it future proof, so I scrapped the first small frame and started the new one. Case Main Specs: To Look Cool , be Quiet and Air Cooled MB: Support for any M-Atx Form Factor so 244 x 244 mm PSU: Standard ATX 150 x 86 x 140 mm GPU: at least 330 mm CPU Cooler: an Arctic Freezer 33 eSports One had to fit Main Fans: 200 mm we tested how quiet a Masterfan was in my Brother's case. I wanted them. Memory: Space for 1 HDD and 1 SSD on a Module that is removable from the main frame so it can be modified if necessary. Hardware on the completed case CASE FANS: 2x Masterfans MF200R HUB CONTROLLER: Cooler Master RGB LED Controller MB: MSI B350M Gaming Pro (M-Atx) CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G CPU Cooler: Arctic Freezer 33 eSports One RAM: Kingston Technology HyperX Fury 16Gb @3200 GPU: MSI R7 360X GPU COOLER: handmade with 2x120mm Arctic P12 pwm fans SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 250 Gb HDD: WD Blue 1Tb PSU: Inter-tech Energon EPS 650 W CM SLEEVED CABLES: Silverstone black gold To make Da Module Thingy I had to use some recovered materials from my scraps and tubes I had in my garage, like the aluminium for the cable cover and the CPU cooler bulge The Hard Drives Spine, the carbon fiber cover for the HDD, the leather wrap was made using some leather I had to buy a couple years ago to restore my car upholstery. I had to modify the first concept as I got close to the end, because during the quarantine I ended up with materials shortage, and I had to think of different path to complete the project with what I had around. Now It's late so I'm going to sleep I'll update the log during the afternoon.
  15. Hi friends, It’s been a while, this crazy year and COVID have messed with my plans. But, I’m not giving up so easily! I’ve been preparing a few projects for a while and it’s finally time to get going with the first one. It’s a scratch-build competition project, water-cooled, filled with top-quality hardware and made out of full aluminum cut with CNC. For now, here’s the teaser pic announcing the project and a partial list of hardware which goes in it. As always, I promise a lot of good photos, a few videos and lots of fun! By each day, you will find out more BR, neSSa
  16. Bonjour je participe pour gagner un pc bonne journée
  17. I wanted a portable pc that had the power of the newest technology. I went with a AMD 3600XT as I couldn't get a 5600x and an rtx3090. I was able to cram all of this into a tiny potable package that is fully water cooled and is easy to grab and move around the house or to different places.
  18. Hi folks, this is my first time building a scratch build so let's start... I am a huge fan of Fallout. I like that post-apocalyptic atmosphere in the game, so I decided to create something from the game. But what should it be? Then during a fallout session i saw it, a Terminal-PC with some nice hardware and custom water cooling in it. The Project The Terminal it self is made out of wood, aluminum and a bunch of 3D printed parts. The template i found was a 2D model and i decide to create it in 3D to see how it looks. After a long night i was finished to create the 3D model and i did not know how many problems comes at me. xD As you can see, it doesn't look too bad, so I had all of the wood parts made. The case on the right is a Lian Li mini ITX from a project i did before now the dimension of the Terminal are visible and they are not so small what i thought. Next step printing some additional parts, not so easy without 3D-Printer... But more about that in the next update ... The Hardware The hardware is not that special, it's still around at home from my last project so I can use it for this one too. CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 2,8 GHz RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB Series, DDR4-3000, CL 16 - 16 GB Dual-Kit PSU: GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 STRIX 6G Gaming Mobo: ASUS ROG STRIX B360-I Gaming SSD: 970 EVO NVMe SSD The Cooling: At the moment i don't know which components are the best one for this project, so i will add this later. CPU-Cooler: GPU-Cooler Radiator: EK Water Blocks - EK-CoolStream SE 240 Pump: Tube: Fittigs: Fans: Next Updates soon so stay tuned.
  19. Hi, my name is Ricardo from Argentina and this is my first time in a contest. The project will be based on a triangle. Soon I will update with screenshots of the process. Cheers.
  20. Inspired by the looks of betta fish, this mod is an exploration spaceship hosting a gaming PC Sketching for some time, come up with the design, where the motherboard will be visible at front, stunning with the G100M cooler.
  21. Hello everyone!!! The project is supported by the OCPC. Specification CPU : Intel i5 4th gen MB : RAM : OCPC RAM PC DDR3 8GB VGA : GTX750ti SSD : OCPC SSD 2.5" SATA III 240GB FANS Cooler Master mf200r argb PSU : CASE : SCRATCH BUILD MADE OF WOOD
  22. Here is my Worklog to my CORE ITX CASE Thanks to my Sponsors : ASRock, Seasonic, TeamGroup and Watercool ! First CAD Renders are here :) Hardware: ASRock Phantom Gaming B550 ITX AMD ZEN 3 Ryzen 5900X 32GB TeamGroup Xtreem ARGB 3600MHz 1TB TeamGroup Vulcan G SSD Seasonic SGX 650 Cablemod Custom Modflex sleeves AMD RDNA2 RX 6000XT (dont know if they are coming before january) 2x240mm Radiators Watercool Heatkiller CPU cooler Watercool Heatkiller GPU cooler Custom Reservoir with DDC Pump No im waiting for the first parts to get milled :)
  23. Hello everyone I signed in for the first year A project to do with games that everyone should have played. I'll do my best. Yuri MCV Project
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