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  1. Hi, My name is Carl Collard and I am an electronic and optronic technician in the Canadian army. I am also father of four young boys (2 to 8 years old). I really love to create unique and out of the box mods. My modder artist name is: Mods Art PC. This is my first time in this contest, I hope you will like this one. I dont have any sponsor for this project. For this mod, I chose the lantern theme because this is a nice looking object where lightning is the purpose. I lot of nice things can be done with light like refraction, reflexion and diffraction. The way it act when it pass from a material to another is facinating. And the visible spectrum of light let us see our beatifull word. Here's the drawing I made for the project:
  2. hello everyone!! This is the second I entered this contest. This one is a concept about a robot case. Which is a concept that I've been wanting to do for a long time. This time, I have the opportunity to create this piece for participation in the contest.
  3. Here we are, for me it's the second time here, the first time was with Da Module Thingy, this time I will join the fray with Piñasphere, my first 3D printed PC Case. Had to learn a lot about 3D modeling before getting serious with it, the project took about 3-4 months from February to May 2022. I wanted to experiment how far I could get with the design of a Computer case, from the standard that people picture in their mind when you talk about a PC, a boxy shape, beside very few exceptions most computer cases are based on a squared shape be it a closed or open air design. It is asymmetric, because I love the movement given by the change in the lines, now it's more like a functional desk sculpture. Even though it is watercooled, it is rather small 218mm for 168mm about 4 litres, and weighs about 2 Kgs, it can sit on almost any desk, the base also has a 75 x75 Vesa mount compatible hole pattern. I didn't paint it because I wanted to reach a point in which it looked good that way. The design allows for it to be used as an open air case or enclosed like a "normal" case, I like it both ways, it takes some seconds and you can change it on the fly, no screws just twist and "pop" the white domes out and it's open. Right now It is my main PC, I wanted it to work for everything and the specs allow for it within reason, from 3D editing on Blender and Fusion 360 to playing at 1080p. Some people might have already seen it on Custom PC Issue 228, raspberrypi.com, cowcotland.com, other sites and or YouTube. We will record a new video specifically for the #CMWS22 that will also include the Cooler Master Watermarks. Here a 3D model of the Case: NOT SPONSORED Specs: Mobo: Asrock Deskmini X300M-STX CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5700G CPU Cooler: AIO Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L V2 Fan: Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM RAM: Corsair vengeance SoDIMM 2x32Gb at 3200 MHz 1st & 2nd SSD: Samsung 980 M.2 1Tb 3nd SSD: Samsung 860EVO 2.5" 250 Gb WiFi: Intel WiFi 6 AX200 A glimpse of the case with a Qr to the video You can find the final pics at page 2
  4. Step1.1.電腦建模.zip 3d modeling 1.電腦建模.zip
  5. for CMWS2022 I also tried to follow the "non pc mod" category. I will make a mouse storage area so it doesn't get dusty when lying on the mouse pad. Until now I'm still confused about the mouse to be used. Maybe I'm using MM711 or CM310. But aesthetically it may be a bit disturbing. because the mouse uses a cable. It seems that using a wireless mouse would look better. The best choice is probably on the MM731. The design and philosophy of the chosen theme maybe a bit ordinary. because the processing time is very little. for this modification, I will make plywood as the main material. In summary, I combined Victorian chest style with Mecha legs from the future For additional materials, especially for accents, I will use a bit of PVC sheet. Even though this is my first time using plywood, I hope to present this work well. This plywood material is also an option because it wants to be included in the "Best Use Re useable Material Category"
  6. Welcome to My Worklog Hello everyone I am CincaiLah, a university student from Malaysia . My Modding Name CincaiLah is actually a common slang that Malaysians use which translates to "Whatever" or "Anything". I've recently taken interest in PC Building. Since I've always had an interest in DIY crafts as well, I've been inspired to participate in the CASE MOD WORLD SERIES 2022 by building a PC from scratch. With little experience in PC Building/Modding that I've gained purely from YouTube videos, I still have a lot to learn in the world of pc building. Nonetheless, I'll be giving the best I have in this series. Wish Me Luck. My current PC is a mini-ITX PC. Despite having decent hardware, its performance suffers from thermal throttling due to bad airflow. So, my plan for this project is to build a PC case with better airflow and an improved cooling system. One of the challenges I’ve set for myself is to improve the overall performance of the pc while also keeping the cost of the project as low as possible. Therefore, apart from the cooling upgrades, most of the components will be reused from the current PC. This Project also does not have any sponsor. The design of this PC case will be based on a car, the Perodua Myvi. What is a Myvi? Myvi is a car model manufactured by Perodua, Malaysia's largest car manufacturer. Myvi shares the same exterior design as the Toyota Passo as well as the Daihatsu Sirion. But why the Myvi? Well, here in Malaysia the Myvi has earned the nickname “King of The Road”. This nickname came with a good reason as Myvis are often seen achieving seemingly impossible feats. From driving through floods like a submarine to flying across large drainage canals, the Myvi has done it all. Being a small hatchback, the Myvi has earned a reputation for being small but mighty which is why I have chosen the Myvi as the design for the case. Despite having ITX size and low-profile components, this PC is not one to be looked down upon. The Myvi design symbolises the small but mighty attitude, and showcases one of the most iconic parts of Malaysia to the world. Hardware Specifications These are the hardware that I am using for this Project. CPU Cooler - CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L ARGB V2 (New) Case Fan - 2x CoolerMaster MF120 S3 120mm ARGB (New) MOBO - GIGABYTE B450I Aorus ITX CPU - AMD RYZEN 7 3700X GPU - GIGABYTE RTX 2060 6GB DDR6 ITX RAM - 2x Kingston Hyper X Fury DDR4 3200MHz 16GB SSD - Silicon Power NVMe PCle Gen3x4 1TB PSU - FSP Hydro PTM Pro 650W 80 Plus Platinum Full Modular PSU (New) Materials For the materials, I've collected some abandoned wooden pallets from the recycling centres, so I'll be mainly using recycled wood. Below are some pictures for your reference, more updates coming soon!
  7. hi guys, I'm very happy to participate in the cmws22 competition again this year, they presented a scratch build the work will be carried out without the use of complex machinery and most of the work will be done manually. he theme is aluminum, AL 26.982 is the atomic weight of this perfect material for this mod, it would seem that the aluminum metal will be in large quantities ... no but I will try to give the idea of it with the plexigral and special paints ... I will try to save as much as possible on materials .. hanks but let's start immediately ..
  8. Hi Everyone, I am Rexy from the Philippines. It is my first-time to join here in CMWS. I will do Modification on the Cooler Master MM731 with a theme of Sci-fi. I like to watch Sci-fi movies which gives me a futuristic concept of what I called - "MOU-CA" (MOUse in a CApsule). The idea is to put a revolving mouse inside an experimental capsule. The base structure is 3d printed. And for the aesthetics, I'll be using scraps, recyclable materials and some 3d printed parts. Thank you Cooler Master for this opportunity. And, I am looking forward to see all the entries for this season. Peripherals: COOLER MASTER MM731 *photos to follow* Inspiration: *I don't know who the original creator of the photos from above. I saw it on google with different uploader so - who ever the original creator - credits to you.
  9. Welp, back at it again. I don't think I've done build logs for the last two cases I've done, so this might be a bit rough around the edges, but I'll give it a go!It's been a minute since LAN parties and since it seems I might be able to attend some this year, I decided now would be a good time to build a new case for competition. I can't keep taking the same old cases to new events!So here's the initial design: I want something that looks fancy and refined while just sitting on a desk, but then lights up and shows off the hardware when it's running. The plan is carbon fiber for the middle structure and some sort of wood side panels with a mirrored or tinted piece of acrylic for the curved window. I wanted a different way of looking at the hardware instead of through a side panel, so solid sides and a see through front and top.So let's start with the hardware, not the most important part of a build, but without it, I'd just be building a box.Gigabyte Z690, i7 12700K, 32 GB of Vengeance PRO RAM, a Silverstone SFX-L power supply, and a CM 240mm AIO. I've got a couple of drives that will obviously go with but I don't remember what they are and I still need to figure out the fans. And then there's the giant chunk of unobtanium that is the GeForce RTX3080Ti. A big thanks to GeForce Garage for helping me out!And now the box I'm shoving all this into...First off trying to get an idea of spacing and sizes so I can figure out how big this framework needs to be. Yes, I've started and have no clue how big the case will actually end up. It's just how my process works, don't ask.With a general idea of size now, I can start working up a mold. I'm using 1/2" MDF.Yes, I built a box, but only because it's easier to just make the whole thing rather than make something the exact pattern I'm going for. This way I can use the box to draw out and eyeball the design and once I get it where I like it, I can just layup the carbon fiber in the pattern I want.I used screws to hold it together while the glue dried and then pulled them so they wouldn't get in the way later and used putty to fill in all the holes and any misses on the panel edges.After that was sanded out, I took an 1/8" roundover bit to all the corners to make the layup easier. Then a couple coats of shellac to seal the MDF so when I coat it with epoxy, it's not soaking into the wood.Now was the time to do a bit of layout work. I know I want some insets in the mold and to know where I need to do some cutting, I need an idea of where the components are going.Next time, I should be cutting some holes in my brand new box and hopefully getting to a point where I can lay down some epoxy.Thanks for following along and thanks to GeForce Garage for sponsoring this build!
  10. hello everyone, I'm JMDF This year I am glad to have the opportunity to participate in the competition again. And this time I came up with the gatling gun concept.
  11. Hello, finally, after a Year of no CMWS, In this CMWS22 we meet again. my name is Dony . I come from Indonesia. in the world of PC modification, I am better known as Dony Daguar. This is my 3rd time participating in this CMWS, and the first time I want to try competing in the Scratch Build class. In this CMWS22, I will take the theme of sci-fi modification and adapt it to my technical semiotics, i.e. reviving the world's first Tank and first remote army equipment , for action and re-adaptation in the future. I will present the design of the British Mark I tank combined with the world's first military combat drone, SD. KFZ 302 "GOLIATH" . Featured not explicitly, but in abstraction style and acrobatic 3D geometry puzzles. For the design of this 3D puzzle, I was very inspired by one of the children's toys produced by Wooden Tricks. For this modified PC, I named it DAEDRANOID. Philosophically, this name is taken from an entity that has the nature of "cannot be killed but can only be thrown away." An anthropomorphic name is appropriate to its maker. There are too many things that inspire me in CMWS22 this time, and this makes it difficult for me to make the initial sketch. All these ideas just hang around in my brain and change almost every moment. Maybe because I can't put my ideas on paper For workmanship and manufacturing techniques, I still use the method I used last year, because I think there is still a lot to explore. The modification work this time I still haven't used a 3D printer. because the design made does not need the help of the printer. Finally, my hope is to get the best out of this competition. And to all CMWS22 participants, "I am proud to compete with all of you" Good luck all
  12. Hi guys, I actually started this project over a year ago, but after the fire at my workplace, or ex woekplace at Caseking, I have finally completed it and so here it is. What started out as a simple set of Coolermaster Gamer 621K keyboards, turned out to be a full fledge two sided play against eachother Arcade scratchbuild. Its has two sets of everything. two sets of game controls, two sets of speakers with volume control. twos sets of monitrs and two keyboards. tha hand rest is the mouse pad at the same time. Its based upon a raspberry pi and has two psus in it, a 5 volt and a 12 volt. it can play games from almost every game platform all the way from 1974 till 2002 and has at least 6000 games in 35 platforms on it. of course, while its a modern state of the art hardware emulator station, i still tryed my best to combine today with the look of the past while not sacrificing the fact that its is a new age design. anyway, here it is in pictures and videos. unfortunately i dont have all the pictures of the making of. so they are all just bundled together from my phone.
  13. Step 02. 3D printed parts placement 1321123390_2.3D.zip
  14. Hello Everyone, Andrew here of Ghost Customs. I am a PC Modder based in Malaysia. This year, I am going to try my skills in building a diorama style case mod. The theme I am hoping to achieve is an old sci-fi/industrial structure. Below is the rough base structure I plan to start with. I look forward on meeting everyone and see more awesome mods this coming months.
  15. Hello everyone This is my first year competing in CMWS and my first time building a case from scratch so i'm going into this with no prior knowledge. Requirements: -The case needs to be made from wood and acrylic. -It needs to be able to fit any component such as 330mm+ GPU's, large tower coolers, hard drives, atx motherboard and power supply, etc. (except for water cooling components) -It should have a sleek and minimalist design with a cyan or light blue accent colour. -The case needs dedicated cable management runs and holes to keep the sleek and minimalist design. -every component (including power supply) needs enough airflow or cooling to keep the temperatures below that of my current case. (silverstone fara f1) -I have also set myself a budget of $200NZD (~$130USD) and most of the work will be done at my school as i don't have all that equipment to make it at home. planning: The first plans for a wooden case come from last year but those were created without any requirements or any intention on making them. The first actual designs were made earlier this year and have been refined to what my final design looks like now. I started simple with some reference cases that i liked and just started sketching parts that i liked before I started making some quick 3D models in fusion 360. And the final step was to create a fully functional case that met all the requirements in fusion 360.
  16. Hi everybody I'm Jeng_Ki today i very proud to present Project "I Love U 3000" let's go
  17. Hi everyone,First time on here for a scratch build :), I've done two previous build on Bit-tech years ago, and have come back for a third trying to be more adventurous than my previous build. One of my main constraints was that I wanted it small enough to easily take over to a friends, but at the same time I want it powerful enough for VR, and very unique design. This is the model of the design I came up with: The first stage I took was to make sure I could obtain the heatsinks for the radiators I want to make, since this design is dependant on them. These were available at Bal-group.com, on this link: https://www.bal-group.com/heatsinks/27 , and they were happy to sell me only three: Unfortunately they didn't have the exact size I needed (the other sizes they sell are just them cutting this size down for a fee), so I had to cut a section of each one with a slotting saw on the milling machine: As the slotting saw doesn't leave a very good finish, I then used a face mill to skim a layer off to smooth it out: As the base of the heatsinks are way to thick for what I need, I then again used the face mill to thin down of the base aluminium: These are now ready for CNC to mill out the water and o-ring channels on the back: Next up was testing the casting process, since this case requires such a difficult shape, the only way I'm going to be able to make it, is by casting aluminium into a mold, then milling, grinding and sanding afterwards. In order to test the process I've started off small, by casting the water junction blocks, that feed to the two coolant pipes on each side. I 3D printed out a mold, and poured in casting silicone (after spraying on wax mold release), to create a silicone end cap for a piece of stainless tube to act as a casting flask for a special plaster mix: The hole in the centre holds a sprue, which then holds the parts you want to cast:I then 3D Printed (In PLA) the parts and melted the wax sprues and the parts together: I then also printed out a cap to hold the silicone tightly onto the bottom: I then poured in the special casting plaster (Available Here: https://www.artisanfoundry.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=98). This Plaster is a special blend for casting metal, don't use normal plaster. The Plaster itself sets in minutes, so you don't have long to mix and fill it. Here's the result after I peeled off the silicone:To remove any air bubbles in the plaster mix, I used a homemade vacuum chamber. Its a Instant Pot pressure cooker with a 14mm Acrylic top. I also used it to create a vacuum under the plaster mold while I poured the aluminium in:To create the silicone ring on top that the mold sits on, I printed out a mold and pasted in some silicone sealant:
  18. Hola, soy freddy guerra estoy muy contento de poder participar en el CMWS22 con mi equipo de TEX modding aquí en PERU. Esta es nuestra primera participación en este evento y queremos dar lo mejor, competiremos en la clase Scratch Build. Usaremos todo el conocimiento adquirido en todo este tiempo para entregar un proyecto digno de este evento ALPHA 01 - PROJECT es el nombre inspirado en un evento futurista donde las maquinas y la IA han tomado el control, entre los material que se emplearan como estructuras metálicas, piezas en impresión 3D y componentes electrónicos tenemos aun muchas ideas las cuales iremos plasmando y afinado en nuestro proyecto, suerte a todos los competidores disfrutemos el evento !!!
  19. Scartch build Temple theme with black and gold color scheme
  20. This is my 3rd Entry for cooler master case mod 2022
  21. Been planning this for a long time now, a diorahma of a warrion robot, on a mini itx build
  22. Good day to all! I am glad to participate in the CMWS contest once again. The previous project Simple Case became my main working computer. The air cooling there is thought out and the temperatures are quite low, the only source of noise there was a video card with turbine-type cooling. Experiments with liquid cooling of the graphics card and processor have yielded sufficiently low temperatures and a very low noise level. The requirements that I set myself: 1. Tower-type housing with liquid cooling in order to get rid of noise and free up the desktop as much as possible. So, the housing must have the minimum possible dimensions. At the same time, the minimum size of the radiator for sufficient cooling of the assembly is 360 mm. 2. The design had to be quite strict, without excessive details, all connections had to be hidden from the eyes - therefore, the assembly on the rivets was immediately dismissed and it was decided to make a welded body. 3. All wires should come out from the back at the bottom of the housing. A tray for peripheral equipment wires should be provided. 4. Additional air cooling of the power supply, motherboard and video card. Warm air should not linger in the housing and leave it freely. 5. Installation of a coolant tank on the front panel for aesthetic beauty. Power button and USB 3.0 ports on the front panel for convenient operation. 6. Demonstration of the motherboard on one side and the graphics card on the other. Demonstration of additional SATA SSD drives. 7. The use of rigid tubes for aesthetic appearance and pre-designed holes for them. 8. Installation of a temperature sensor for visual control of the temperature by your own. The prototype was developed without components on hand, according to drawings and photos from the Internet. In the front part of the case there is an EK EK-Quantum Volume FIT 360 D-RGB tank (350 ml, 360 mm), on the back wall there is a radiator combined with a pump - Barrow DARIDP-30. Fans that blow through the radiator should also take warm air from the power supply, motherboard and video card. There is a place for a 120mm fan from below, the air flow from which is directed to the video card in order to cool its backup and supply cold air to the power supply.
  23. hermit crab on Pallas Island before it grew to a huge size due to radiation, the Huge Hermit is one of the mutated creatures born from the nuclear test on Pallas Island. The Rebels later captured the gigantic crab and gave it a hollowed out Denturion tank to use as a shell, allowing the crab to (somehow) operate its still-functional turrets.
  24. Hello guys, My names Derek and I do PC Mods and build props and things as Rhoads Pc. This year I’m going to try my hand in the scratch build category, where I’d like to build a diorama with the computer components integrated into the buildings and landscape. The message behind the 1957 book and then 1999 movie “The Iron Giant”, was what if a gun didn’t want to hurt anyone? This is the scene or feeling I’m hoping to capture in the diorama. Cheers to a great competition ahead I look forward to meeting everyone and seeing the work logs and awesome mods that come to life over the next couple of months! All of my projects progress will be posted on my Instagram and Facebook under @Rhoadspc as well as a Vlog style series up on my YouTube channel (Rhoadspc as well) will follow the project.
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