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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone its RandomDesign. So now that we have a forum to post our logs, here we go. First lets start with the used hardware: During the process I switched the GPU so its not accurate in the picture unfortunately. Motherboard: MSI Z370i Gaming Pro Carbon AC CPU: Intel i9-9000K GPU: Nvidia Titan Xp Collectors Edition Jedi Order Memory: Hyper X Fury 2x8GB SSD: Hyper X Savage 240GB PSU: Cooler Master V700 Fan: Cooler Master 60mm Water cooling: Alphacool The concept: I am a huge fan of the Star
  2. Ever since I finished my Fusion build, I've been wanting to play more with the idea of a simple aluminum tray with brackets to change things up. The possibilities are endless and it's super simple, it's just figuring out how to get it to sit on a desk and look like something that's the challenge. I started with the idea of a clamshell design around the tray. I wanted to try my hand at working with more wood, so I made the mistake of visiting a local lumberyard that stocks hardwoods and exotics. SO MUCH PRETTY STUFF! And I came home with this. Black walnut, 4/4, or about an i
  3. The idea behind this one came to me last year on my way to Omaha for the NETWAR LAN. It was a pretty nice day and I was cruising up in my truck with my rig and I thought, "Man, this would be a great day to be on a motorcycle! It'd be nice to toss everything on the bike and blast the 5 hours up to Omaha." But how to transport my rig? I could go small. Get a SFF case and a small monitor so that I could toss stuff in my saddle bags. Or ship the thing beforehand and just figure out how to get it from the hotel to the LAN. Shipping it just wasn't a good option at all and SFF cases are cool, but I w
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