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  1. INTRODUCTION My target was to create a small, quiet, powerful and beautiful computer for work and gaming. I decided to use the CoolerMaster NR200P case. The problem was that I wanted to use the glass window, place the RTX 3080 at the bottom, place the water cooling on top, make the case quiet and cold. It was impossible to do all this at the same time in the current version of the case. In the first attempt, I completely destroyed the case while modifying. Then I bought another new case and found this solution with a minimum of modifications.
  2. Hello CoolerMaster fans! It's that time of the year again. Welcome to CMWS 2020! I hope everyone is doing fine despite the ongoing pandemic. For this years project, I will be doing a small form factor build using the NR200 Case from Coolermaster. The theme of the mod will be based on the game, Control by remedy entertainment. I would like to thank the following sponsors for the support: Coolermaster - (case, fans, PSU) MSI Gaming - (motherboard and graphics card) Patriot - (M.2 SSD, RAM) Quick Specs: i5 10500K MSI Z490 Unify ITX MSI RTX 2080 16gb Patriot DDR 3600
  3. Welcome to my latest project log, The project name i've gone for is "Crystal" The name and the whole concept is based on some new products that's coming/come to market this month that i'll be using in this build. The Game Rock 3080 from Palit is one of the inspirations for the theme. I like to try new things with every build and hopefully learn something new, so along with the usual painting, 3D printing and other techniques I'll also be using texture plastics and resin for the first time as the main 3D printing material. This allows for lots of clear detail and very solid parts w
  4. Aaaah feels good to be back man... Hey everyone! My name is Alessandro, for those who don't know me, I am the winner of last year's Tower Mod 3rd place. I was super happy to get there as it was my third attempt at this amazing competition, but this year's going to be about beating myself at my own game! Project A.R.E.S. (acronym for Astral Robot Enclosure System) will be based on the Cooler Master C700M and, as the name suggests, it will be a project themed around SciFi design and space. In particular, my main inspiration will be Robot from Netflix's Lost in Space, from
  5. Hello Im Dony (daguar). I come from Indonesia At CMWS 2020, this is the second time I have participated in this prestigious competition. For this CMWS20, my case mod title is "SURVIVOR" and it will bring a sci-fi vehicle concept that must survive in a dystopian world. a form of criticism of humans whose ability to adapt to their habitat i decreasing. I convey this criticism in the form of sci-fi vehicle. An allegory in the form of theatrical geometry. There are too many things that inspire me in CMWS this time, and this makes it difficult for me to make the initial sketch. All these ideas j
  6. Hi everybody, I’m here to present you AMG Project. After Delta and Ferrari I ideated this new project. As always I was inspired by my great passion for motors. This is based on Cooler Master Cosmos C700P and the difference with my other works is that I cut the case and I created side pods in 3D. I want to thank all my sponsors that made possible this Case Mod. Cooler Master Asus Rog AMD Alphacool Hyperx Kingston HARDWIRE-CUSTOM CABLES MAKER HYDRA TEAM : MODDERS ESTREMI ITALIANI COOLER MASTER COSMOS C700P POWER SUPPL
  7. Casemod Project - LA CASA DE PAPEL. Video of all Construction . https://youtu.be/H0E8crRU9bM Hello. My name douglas alves. I'm from Brazil, SP. This year, my casemod project, will be on the theme of the netflix series ( LA CASA DE PAPEL ). SEASON 3. Theft of gold from the bank of Spain. I will be using as the theme of the show, making some modifications using some elements that stand out as the theme. I want to thank the companies that supported this project. Cooler Master Brazil Team group Brazil. Sinteglas, Acrylics BR
  9. Coming Soon, 221-206BC and beyond, all the way to CMWS 2020! AD Welcome to my worklog of the Scratch build entry for the CMWS2020.Once again I am delving into the history books for this one.I simply love doing this.This one is dedicated to the "QIN" Dynasty and the Terracotta Army which was found in 1974.Much much more to come...The sketches are just the first rough ideas.Details, details and many more dteials, all true to the theme and handmade as usual! Thats the promise.
  10. So yeah, finally another mod and my first entry into the CMWS!! This mod should have been an entry into the CMWS19, but for reasons wasn't finished. This year it will be! Project Al(uminium) because it'll be the most-used material in the build. As an old build of mine was named after the copper theme (Project Cu), I thought I'd keep with the periodic table naming. The mod will be based off the Cooler Master SL600M with a theme based on the patterns that CM has been using in their latest several cases. The main internal structure will be replaced by custom alum
  11. Hi! My name is Mickee from the Philippines also known as MadMods PC in the Modding world, I am a first timer in the World Series and the Plan is to have fun! I don't have as much details to share about my project just yet so creating this brief intro for the worklog should be a start. I will be back with more details about what I will be working on really soon. Thanks!
  12. Hello friends, Guided by the need for the ultimate workstation machine, I throw myself into a project that consists of a complete change of the interior and a bit of the exterior of the CM Cosmos 25th edition case. As you can see in the renders below, I plan to insert a large EKWB 540 radiator and provide airflow through the air tunnel with 4x120mm fans. This project also includes a complete EKWB LC system for which I will specially customize the custom distro/reservoire. Hardware: ASUS ROG Strix Z490 A-Gaming Intel Intel 10gen Adata XPG SPECTRIX D50 DDR4-
  13. Hello guys, this is not a classic case-mode, I will make changes to one of my favorite projects "ZOROG" which will still find a place on my desk in the form of a computer for entertainment. I will totally change the inside and outside of the case, using the same hardware with some minor updates. And this time I thank all the companies that supported my work! On the 3D renders below you can see an idea of what it will look like: Thank you for watching! BR, neSSa
  14. Hi everybody, The building is about transforming a conventional computer. My goal is to make the brittle metal, the boring plastic and the living wood working together. To make the computer the decoration of a room, not just a box under the desk. Of course I'll use liquid cooling for the look and quiet. SPECS Case: Cooler Master H100 PSU: Cooler Master MWE Gold 650 V2 Full Modular Motherboard: ASUS Rog Strix Z490i Gaming CPU: Intel I3 10100 GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX GTX Geforce 1660 TI 6GB Memory: Geil EVO X II 3600 DDR4 Storage: WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD
  15. Hello, my name is Yuri, I am from Moscow. My job is building and customizing computers at ‘Man-Made’. I first got interested in computer hardware at the age of 12. This is my first modding contest. This computer is designed as a knights armor, plated with 24K-gold and leather. Naturally, completely water-cooled. I was designing the project, I was inspired by the knightly armor of the Middle Ages. But real armor doesn't have to be glossy; it protects the body in battles. But the inner filling must be powerful and glossy, cooled by the blood of a dragon! Case: Cooler Master
  16. Hello everyone, I am CVN Workshop from Taiwan.This is my second time participating in Case Mod World Series.In order to present this work I sign up this time for Tower Mods. The theme is NR200 - SAKURA. Everyone's feeling for cherry blossoms is basically pink. This time I want to create cherry blossoms that are not pink. Specs: AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900 ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact ASUS ROG STRIX RTX3060TI ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D50 DDR4 RGB 3600 8GB*2 ADATA XPG GAMMIX S11 PRO 256GB ADATA XPG SPECTRIX S40G RGB 512GB Si
  17. Hello friends, My name is Felipe and I'm known as Samamba! For my new project I decided to use the theme SciFi (Science Fiction) as the theme. I thought of something with a very clean and functional look as you can see in my project. The interior in the project image is only illustrative, since it was designed before receiving the cabinet, and I could only think of the interior after having the cabinet in hand to make the measurements. For this project I have the support of Cooler Master America Latina and Team Group. BR Felipe Samamba The project
  18. My name is Nick Van Guth AKA Termuda Square, I was one of last years apprentice league winners and I’m back for a second year.... but this time I’ve came more prepared then last year, as I’ve been planning in my mind and with cad modeling since the end of last years event. As well as a few things I will be unveiling later, but keeping private for now. One rule in modding I’ve always stuck to is remake it till it’s perfect, if it doesn’t look good from 1mm away it’s not worth showing. So this year my build will still be focused on details, but new details ! T
  19. My name is Nick Van Guth AKA Termuda Square, and I’m back for yet another year! Last year I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the apprentice league winners, so I’m back and I’m even more prepared then last year. Besides my tower mod which you can find here https://worklogs.coolermaster.com/topic/28822-termuda-square-blδck-mδgic/ I will be modding a few peripherals to match the theme of my mod. - Mod theme - The theme will be dark yet sleek mixed with experimental techniques, along with hints of gold and a creepy occult Type vibe. - Peripherals
  20. Hello! Racing car project 311GTE Model>cooler master masterbox mb311l Concept: A new design of the MasterBox MB311L case is focused on giving the feeling as like as Japanese car engine room with Titanium nut, stainless pipe simulated as intercooler pipe, Defi volt gauge which is a necessary auto part of racer, taking account into practical usability after installation by the modification does not make the case’s appearance loses its unique. Its metallic grey makes it looks simple and elegant, and orange makes it looks extremely hot. Both color
  21. Hi everybody MP in the house! This time a epic co-op with MSI, AMD, Cooler Master, Viper Gaming, cablemod and Bitspower and Remedy Entertainment... thanks for the support! Based on the brilliant game 'CONTROL' where you control some freaking forces to take back control of the world and set things straight ones and for all! Like always... be ready for an epic ride!
  22. Mod: Tower, Overclocked In short: A passively water cooled build in a small form factor case. Quick guide 1. Intro and basic project design. – 28-09-2020 2. Attaching hardware to its new bracket - 30-09-2020 3. Getting the (paint)job done - 11-10-2020 4. Sleeving the cables - 15-10-2020 5. Figuring out the loop(hole) - 25-10-2020 6. Technical background: The radiator - 6-12-2020 7. Taking the radiator for a spin (ish) - 24-12-2020 8. Finalizing, booting and test results Intro Hi boys and girls, a newcomer to the scene. I am very ex
  23. Hello everyone!!! The project is supported by BITSPOWER OCPC COOLER MASTER ASROCK INTEL Specification CPU :Intel 10th gen i3 MB : asrock b460m steel legend RAM : OCPC RAM PC DDR4 32GB VGA : GALAX GTX 970 SSD : OCPC SSD 2.5" SATA III 240GB PSU : COOLERMASTER MWE 750 BRONZE CASE : COOLER MASTER mesh h500p this is my previous build called KABAN V.1
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