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Found 1 result

  1. Hello together, I'll start my worklog with a short introduction: My "Good & Evil" project is about 2 PC's integrated into one desk which I've builded from scratch. It features some extras like a liftable section for the screens, two 64x256 Matrix LED-displays, an integrated stream deck, one 7" touchscreen for monitoring system specs and some custom balancers made out of sparkling water columns. For completing the environment I've added a 3D-hologram projector and some Nanoleaf-lighting which is synchronizing with the PC. Also I've integrated a soundbar and a subwoofer into the desk for having a fitting audio-system in place. The project is housing two PCs: One AMD Ryzen R7 2700x with 16GB RAM and a Vega64 Graphics Card and one Intel i7-8700k with 32GB RAM and a GeForce RTX 2080 card. So finding a fiiting name for the project was easy. I've decided to name it "Good & Evil" in cause of those ongoing "fanboy-wars" all over the web between Intel and AMD fans. As a logo for the project I've decided to use an ambigram in red & blue which is showing the project name. The ambigram can be turned around by 180 degrees so that every project viewer can "choose" his side. I've planned and visualized my project using SketchUp and Blender. Took me around 250 hours and several fresh starts till I was satisfied with a design fullfilling my needs. I've started planning my project in the early month of 2018 and started the build in the mid of august 2018. My project was supported and sponsored by: Cooler Master Germany (Keyboard, Mouse, Fans, Power Supplies) MSI Germany (Mainboards and Graphic Cards) Alphacool Germany (complete cooling equipment) XPG international (RAM and SSDs) Flatlift Germany (TV Lifts) So a big shoutout for the fantastic support !!! Regarding the color of my desk I've finally decided to choose a dark red as black and white were a bit to common. As main-materials I've choosen to work with MDF-plates and tinted glass.
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