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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all. I’m so happy to be a part of the event. It’s exactly what I have been searching for. Im kicking myself I only discovered the the comp on the 12th of December. This is my first scratch build and entry to an event like the case mod World Series so please forgive the lack of pictures on my projects timeline as I am not on social media other than a personal Facebook. My creation is what I name Goliath, Project: The Alpha Aorus (Alphacool/ Aorus build) The parts I am using are Aorus X570 Xtreme motherboard AMD Ryzen 5900x Aorus 4400hmz 16gb Ram Aorus 1TB Gen 4 NVMe, Full Copper Aorus 850w Gold power supply Aorus 6800 master (if I can’t find a card for my waterblock) 4 X Aerocool Duo pro 200mm 6x Aerocool Edge pro 120mm Alphacool 1260mm NeXxos Supernova full copper radiator Alphacool Eisball with Vp755 pump Alphacool Eisbaer Solo Modular CPU cooler/pump combo 5m of ARGB cable, and a Coolermaster ARGB strip to finish off below the motherboard. and secret Coolermaster back of motherboard cooler (read on to find out more, and remember you saw it here first ) Goliath has been in development for around 2 years now and is very close to completion (I prey this doesn’t exclude me from the comp if you read further I have a very valid excuse on why this has taken me longer than usual I have only really began fabrication around September this year). It has taken an extensive amount of planning and trialing to come up with a design I was happy to move forward with into the fabrication phase. The inspiration for Goliath comes from seeing performance builds using multiple rads in awkward arrangement to achieve the cooling desired. I wanted to invent a design that used one large efficient radiator over many small rads. By having one large rad it reduces the hose fittings down to 2 which in my mind is optimal as it reduces possible failure points. With the sheer size of the full copper radiator the systems fans can operate at zero or low RPM and rely solely on passive cooling which greatly increases efficiency and fan lifespan. Goliaths chassis is entirely fabricated from mild steel RHS (Rectangular hollow section), SHS, (square hollow section) and plate steel varying between 2-3mm thickness. The chassis is fully welded and is a single piece no fixings are used. The thickness of the steel is by design. Built into the case at its base is a keyed locker armoured by 3mm plate steel. All the materials are salvaged workshop scraps from my old workplace so the expense on steel is $0. The most expensive part of the process has been buying all the required tools for the job as i no longer have workshop access Eg grinding discs, drill bits, taps, welding supplies ect. No longer having workshop access that I am used to was a big hinderance so I have been working from my car garage and have setup a clean room in our spare room. This project has taken over our house at several points lol. All the cables for the PC components are routed though either the hidden port in the base or out through the back door. The Locker also protects the switch to the PC power button as well as the ON/OFF switch for the PC itself, this means you can lock your Pc, walk away feeling confident it’s secure and unusable while you are away. The locker protects any additional hardrives and SSDs securing them behind lock and key. The motherboard mount is heavily bolted in front of a Alphacool 1260mm NeXxos supernova and inside houses the power supply, cables from Mobo and fan hubs. The motherboard then becomes the faceplate for the mounting bracket. 4x200mm Aerocool Duo200 are pushing and 6 Aerocool Edge pros pull air and ventilate the hardware cavity, the power supply is also positioned to pull air through the radiator acting as a 7th fan. The approximate Volume of Goliaths case is around 110L. Goliath is 100% my own work. From design, fabricating the chassis, learning to cut and drill glass, through to painting I can honestly say painting has been an absolute nightmare. Due to the nature of silver and chrome paints being very finicky and the showing the slightest imperfections. My latest work has been adding the framing for the four 6mm glass panels that are affixed with security bolts as well as modifying the front plate to suit a 10.1inch LCD that runs as a monitor by HDMI, I run AIDA 64 extreme as a metrics display. I use all Aorus hardware because I just love their customer support and quality products. for lighting affects I have used 5m of generic ARGB cable and a Coolermaster ARGB strip to finish off under the motherboard. How it all came to be. WARNING graphic Well here goes. I have bounced around a lot in my life learning all kinds of manual skills and experience. I was finally in a place in life I was truly happy. I was 3rd year into a fabrication of engineering apprenticeship. I have a way with metal so it was more off a dream than a job for me. My wife was starting her career in sport and exercise science. Our little daughter Valkyrie was about to turn two and she was shocking people with her gifted talents from a young age. life seemed perfect for once until July 22nd 2020 our daughter Valkyrie had a tragic drowning accident. She went 16mins without oxygen to the brain despite our CPR efforts in other words she was deceased for that time. The accident left Valkyrie with an extreme hypoxic brain injury. I wont describe how much this event broke my entire family. I went through a legitimate mental breakdown and to try pull myself through I turned to gaming. I could no longer work as I cared for my daughter and was by her side every minute going days on end without sleep making sure she was comforted in every way. I purchased my first second hand PC so I could play the same games as my childhood friend who helped me through the worst of it. From that point I was hooked on modifying and messing with the setup. Breaking things and making bad decisions I learnt quickly what not to do. I was very happy to discover this was a manual task I could do quietly through the night as I took night caring and my wife did days. I sorely missed my job as a fabricator and realised my tools were going to waste, so I sold them on and invested in PC hardware and tools more suited to the task. I invested in premium parts from Alphacool which cost an arm and a leg to ship to Australia but I don’t like to compromise. This began the creation of Goliath which has slowly grown over the last two years from an idea through to today as I have used it as a distraction from very gloomy thoughts. I hope to kickstart a company in the new year called Armoured Core Customs that’s focus is supplying PC chassis like Goliath and modification. Thanks for reading. I look forward to sharing my progress.
  2. Before I start the introduction of my build, I kinda feel like I should do an introduction of myself and my situation. My name is Anton, and I live in Sweden, I've always loved building computers, I remember building my first computer with the help of my father, being just about 4 years old. We used the Vooodoo2 8MB graphics card, which was a real beast back then. When I got to be in my early teens and got interested in overclocking, I dreamed about doing my very own custom loop watercooling system., but being in that age, sadly money did not fall from the sky so it would had to be put on hold. I went to study computer science in high school, but I quit after just one year. At the age of 17 I was diagnosed with LHON, an extremely rare disease which made me loose 95% of my vision (glasses does not help). Naturally this life changing tragedy made me quit everything computer related since I realized blind people should not be doing it.. In early 2022 I lost my job because of covid related effects, and I realized I was going to have a lot of free time on my hands. Bored out of my mind, a friend casually mentioned the CMWS and the thought hit me... this might be the perfect opportunity to do that custom loop that I dreamed about doing for so long. So now, here I am, almost 20 years after I lost my vision - trying to prove to myself that I can do anything I set my mind into. Honestly I knew this was probably going to be the toughest thing I have ever attempted to do by myself. To put some context into it, the last PC I built had an Powercolor X800GT in it. So I had a lot of technology to get caught up with to say the least. But that's it about me. Now onto my thoughts about the build. Hardware Case: Cooler Master Master Frame 700 Mobo: Asrock Aqua Z490 Aqua CPU: Intel Core i5 10600K GPU: Powercolor Liquid Devil Ultimate RX 6900 XT PSU: Corsair HX1000 DDR: Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x4GB SSD: Western Digital WD Blue SN570 1TB Pump: Corsair XD5 Radiator: Corsair XR5 360mm Distribution Plate: Phanteks Glacier D140 Fans: 3x Noctua NF-A 120mm It all started with this motherboard, Asrock Z490 Aqua, which I found had an unique and special "steel" look that I liked. So my first thoughts was that I where going to get that steel/white look into my whole build. After finding this case Master Frame 700 and doing some quick research on it, every single picture that I found looked just about the same, one radiator on each wing, and 6 extreme RGB fans. This was not something I wanted to do. So I decided pretty quickly that I would mount my fans on the back of the wings instead, for a more clean and unique look. I was a little worried that having the wing in-between the radiator and the fans would get too much resistance and that it would give the fans unnecessary noise. I was supposed to use an 5700 XT, but when my water block arrived it didnt fit.. I was lucky enough to run into a cheap Liquid Devil. which may not had been the best fit for the build. But I kinda like how it turned out. My original plan was to use two radiators because that's what all my research said I needed. In the middle of the build I changed my mind and decided to go with my gut and just a single radiator, and use the left wing for a distro plate instead. Had a feeling this would improve the looks a lot. Having the wings this widely open gave me an pretty tricky angle for bending the tubes, but I managed after some practice. My first real major problem actually didn't come until I filled the loop with water. (duh right?) I had heard that I was not going to tighten the fittings to hard onto the distro plate,and that's where it was leaking. After tightening it more and more and until it surely couldn't be tightened any more, it was still leaking. I tried changing the fitting. Still leaking. I tried using VVS tape in case the distro might be broken or something. I then filmed with my phone and noticed the water just took another way out. This made me realize that something else probably was wrong. I had been using the inlet on the pump instead of the outlet. Its crazy how many days I wasted on such a simple mistake. But this whole process, by having to use my hands and ears to try listen for leaks was time consuming and frustrating to say the least.. I used thermal tape to attach some clean steel looking fan grills on the radiator, in my opinion it gave it a whole new look. I cut out two areas so the fittings would go through without any problems. This is also where I chose to put my 7" monitor. Since the mobo already has some displays with temperatures/volts etc I chose to let this display show some data from my servers plus some power usage / current kWh price and some other stuff. I used home assistant to design the dashboard in yaml, which was easy and without problems. But when using my zoom program on windows I ran into my next issue.. When having multiple monitors in extended mode, both will get zoomed in, and follow the mouse, which totally defeats the purpose of having an informative min display. After doing a lot of googling and trying just about every zoom program I could find, I realized multiple display support does not seem to be a thing on magnifying programs. I was just about to give up on this when I suddenly remembered that I got a license key to a zoom program from the hospital like 15 years ago. I never used it back then cause I felt it was just easier to just dont use computers. I turned my basement upside down looking, and actually found the ZoomText box, and wouldn't you know, it actually had dual monitor support.
  3. This pc mod is inspired by the upcoming video game GOD of WAR ragnarok
  4. The NUN Mod was born from the passion for Horror cinema and for the Custom. The idea of this mod originates from the film of the same name, thinking about the film, its story between reality and fantasy, I decided to mod a COSMOS beast by Cooler Master, with the idea of assembling everything backwards, just like the Crosses turned upside down by the Demon. The hardest part was holding the GPU upside down! It was a fun and very disturbing job, as there is paranormal in the film, I guarantee that there was also in the construction of the Mod. I hope you appreciate the work… May you all have the Best Competition! A special thank to my TEAM @Italian Extreme Modders! Case: Cooler Master C700M COSMOS Hardware: Mobo: Asus Rog Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi X570 Cpu: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Ram: - Xpg Spectrix D50 3200hz 16GB x 2 (Previews) - then changed for 2 x 16GB Xpg Spectrix D60g 3200hz - then changed for Xpg 8GB x 4 3200hz Spectrix D60g Ssd: Samsung 860 Evo Gpu: XFX Radeon RX6800XT Merc 319 Psu: Gigabyte P850GM FULL MODULAR Sleeve: Total black Cooler Mater LCD 7” x 2 Integrated Cooler: previews: Tank & Punt pacific D5 Radiator Pacific RL240 Watherblocks Cpu - W4 RGB Then changed for Cpu Watherblocks: W4 RGB Tank: Barrow PBTT-BTB3180 DDC 215mm Radiator: Barrow DABEL-28A 240 Pump: Barrow SPB17-t V2 17W
  5. Hi Brothers, I want to show you something really amazing that I'm creating right now. It's my FIRST SCRATCH PROJECT BUILD, as required by the script.=} The name of the project is SP4RCESHIP, which is the translation of "NAVE ESPACIAL". The 4R listed in the project name makes mention the four most important people in my life: Rosana (wife), Raquel, Rafaella and Rebecca (daughters). The project will be based on metrics, as follows: - Concept: Futuristic spaceship with upper window on canvas to show the “crew members”. The ship will move in a “landing” and “takeoff” motion, with ARGB(addressable RGB) light effects. The project color will be matte medium dark grey. The idea is to have the project in a horizontal position(about 40 degrees) and rest in a vertical position. - Size: The project as a whole will have a length between 60 and 70 centimeters, a total width of 35 to 45 centimeters and a height of 15 to 25 centimeters. These measurements will be defined when the hardware and equipment are assembled in the project. - Construction materials: MDF wood, Metalon(Steel), Gel Coat, Fiberglass, Acrylic, Styrofoam, aluminum screen. Below is a sketch of the design that will be the basis for building the project (sorry for the LoL design)
  6. INTRODUCTION My target was to create a small, quiet, powerful and beautiful computer for work and gaming. I decided to use the CoolerMaster NR200P case. The problem was that I wanted to use the glass window, place the RTX 3080 at the bottom, place the water cooling on top, make the case quiet and cold. It was impossible to do all this at the same time in the current version of the case. In the first attempt, I completely destroyed the case while modifying. Then I bought another new case and found this solution with a minimum of modifications. HARDWARE Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 12/24, 3.8-4.6GHz, AM4, 105W, DDR4 3200MHz -> Overclock +13% Watercooling: ASUS ROG Strix LC 240 RGB White Edition, 2500rpm, 37.4dBA, 81CFM Motherboard: ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII IMPACT, X570, 2xDDR4, 2xM.2 Memory: G.Skill Trident Z Royal 32Gb 3600MHz, 16-19-19-39, 1.35V, F4-3600C16D-32GTRSC, 2x16 SSD: Samsung 970 PRO 1Tb MLC 2-bit 1200TBW 3500/2700, MZ-V7P1T0BW SSD: Samsung 860 PRO 2Tb MLC 2-bit 2400TBW 560/530, MZ-76P2T0BW OS: Windows 10 Pro Videocard: MSI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10Gb, 1440/1710MHz, 750W PSU: Corsair SF750 SFX Platinum 750W Case: Cooler Master MasterBox NR200P, Mini-DTX, MCB-NR200P-WGNN-S00, White Fan: ID-COOLING NO-9215 PWM 92x92x15, 2500rpm, 33dBA, 44CFN, 0.16A, 9215M12S x2 Fan: Be Quiet Pure Wings 2 PWM 92x92x25, 1900rpm, 19.6dBA, 33.1CFM, 0.32A, BL038 SPONSORS - none INITIAL PROBLEMS 1) if use glass window GPU can be placed only on the bottom; 2) NR200P not fit water cooling on the top - need modify top; 3) RTX 3080 require PSU minimum 750W and on market exists only one SFX PSU with 750W; 4) GPU and PSU produce hot air that must be vented from the case - need to place additional fans, and turn PSU direction to hot air out; ACTION and FINAL SHOTS I uploaded all shots at the same time, becouse my build is already finished. There is final shots and detailed shots of modified parts. Also shots of temperature meterring while gaming Crysis Remastered - that loads RTX 3080 very havy. CREATION PROCESS DESCRIPTIONS 1) Remove redundant plastic from the top panel. See images with top panel. 2) Remove one of the four fan mounts for each water cooling fan. The mount that is above the memory. This will allow you to place the fans above the memory. 3) Move the PSU so that hot air is blown out towards the side panel. Trim the PSU holder slightly to fit into the holes on the case. Fix PSU on fron panel. See picture _AZ73759_.jpg 4) Put two thin fans 92mm on side panel for output air; 5) Put one fan 92mm ob back panel for input air; 6) configure processor for overclocking = +13%, PWM managment for all fans = silent; Its all. See results. Small ITX case with glass window, RTX3080 inside, completly silent and cold. Thank you.
  7. Hello, my name is Yuri, I am from Moscow. My job is building and customizing computers at ‘Man-Made’. I first got interested in computer hardware at the age of 12. This is my first modding contest. This computer is designed as a knights armor, plated with 24K-gold and leather. Naturally, completely water-cooled. I was designing the project, I was inspired by the knightly armor of the Middle Ages. But real armor doesn't have to be glossy; it protects the body in battles. But the inner filling must be powerful and glossy, cooled by the blood of a dragon! Case: Cooler Master sl600 (sposored by CM Russia) PSU: Cooler master 750 gold(sposored by CM Russia) CPU: AMD Ryzen R7 5800x VGA: MSI RTX3080 Ventus RAM: 16gb G.Skill TridentZ 4000Mhz MB: MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus Another hardware: Cooler master MASTERLIQUID MAKER 240 Cooler master UNIVERSAL VERTICAL GPU HOLDER KIT VER.2 Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Plexi GPX-N RTX 3090/3080 Ventus EK-CoolStream Classic SE 240 EK-Vardar EVO 120ER RGB x2
  8. My name is Nick Van Guth AKA Termuda Square, I was one of last years apprentice league winners and I’m back for a second year.... but this time I’ve came more prepared then last year, as I’ve been planning in my mind and with cad modeling since the end of last years event. As well as a few things I will be unveiling later, but keeping private for now. One rule in modding I’ve always stuck to is remake it till it’s perfect, if it doesn’t look good from 1mm away it’s not worth showing. So this year my build will still be focused on details, but new details ! This years Mod will be 80% tower mod as 20% scratch Mod, I will be changing up my style from sleek and minimal to dark and creepy and mysterious. Main themes - Dark Magic, Gold, Dark, Experimental, greek statues, Along with all new frame parts to cut weight, while maintaining strength of the rebuilt Sl600m chassis. - Main tools used - - Cnc/auto cad used - 3D Resin printer - Nova3D - co2 laser - Paint booth & paint guns - airbrush - & more -Products & Sponsors- - CoolerMaster Sl600m - CoolerMaster V850 - Alphacool : Liquid cooling - ModMyMods : Liquid cooling - Gscustomz : Cables - HyperX : Memory, Ssd’s - Kingstontechnology : m.2 drives - Peripherals - CoolerMaster - 3D printers and resin ( all supplied by Nova3d ) Social media’s -Facebook’s- https://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Van-Guth/100008128274557 https://m.facebook.com/TermudaSquareTech/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/termudasquare/?hl=en And thank you for reading my log, I look forward to seeing what everyone creates.
  9. Mod: Tower, Overclocked In short: A passively water cooled build in a small form factor case. Quick guide 1. Intro and basic project design. – 28-09-2020 2. Attaching hardware to its new bracket - 30-09-2020 3. Getting the (paint)job done - 11-10-2020 4. Sleeving the cables - 15-10-2020 5. Figuring out the loop(hole) - 25-10-2020 6. Technical background: The radiator - 6-12-2020 7. Taking the radiator for a spin (ish) - 24-12-2020 8. Finalizing, booting and test results Intro Hi boys and girls, a newcomer to the scene. I am very excited to be here and to take you on my journey through modding. My name is Yorick de Ron and I’m a Dutchie. 30 years old atm (pfff). I started modding around the year 2018, which obviously got totally out of hand. I started modding under the name Quantum Systems in 2019 after redoing my own build over and over again to practice. I’m a mechanical engineer in my daily work I’m always around big factories and that knowledge I intend to use in this build. This worklog is going to evolve around the technical aspect of passively cool a water cooled PC. I did my calculations, but the final result will actually show me if the idea works yes or no. Makes me very curious, excited and extra motivated to get this done before January and see it boot with maybe an OC ? I hope u guys enjoy it as much as I do, happy modding! Project design Sitting next to your PC which would be entirely quiet… That’s what got me thinking, what options do we have which makes a PC silent? - Passively cooled PC’s.. But those chunky aluminum blocks? Big nope! - Water cooling is pretty silent, without the fans, also looks nice? - How to create a radiator which doesn’t require fans? - Radiator: Water transports the heat to a different location where it can disperse. - Can I combine this? Water cooling and a passively cooled radiator? - One way to find out! I’m going to mod on a CM Q300P which is a small-form factor case (approx. 24L excl. panels). This case is very modular, which allows me to use the case in different angles. It also looks very nice, but I will have some work to improve the air contact. ⚙Hardware & Sponsors Maingoodies: MB ASrock X299M Extreme4 – micro-ATX CPU Intel Core i5-7640X - Quad core, 4GHz-4,2GHz, IHS sanded, delidded, OC t.b.d. RAM Corsair Vengeance Led – 3000MHz 2x16GB GPU Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX5700 XT O8G Gaming PSU Seasonic Prime Titanium Fanless 600W CAS Cooler Master Q300P – Small form factor STO Samsung EVO 860 – M.2, 500GB Sponsors: None Peripherals Cooling GPU EK-Qauntum Vector Strix RX5700XT D-RGB – Nickel + Plexi Cooling CPU Bykski - CPU-XPR-A-MC-V2 RBW – Nickel + Plexi Cooling M.2 EK-M.2 Heatsink - Black Pump EK-DDC PWM i.c.w. FLT120 Radiator Custom {not sure of the name yet} Tubes Barrow – Copper 16mm, Chromed Fittings EK-HTC Classic 16mm – Nickel Cables Seasonic PSU cables, custom length and sleeved. Creation process I did the designing of a custom passive heat exchanger in 4 weeks (not full time). Building up the design step by step, to make sure I wouldn’t make mistakes in my model, which the CNC would follow as I program it to do so. Redrawn the entire layout 5 times, but this was my final drawing which eventually would be molded into a 3D model. I’m using an Acrylic block 349x359x30mm to make water channels with a CNC machine. The counterpart will be made out of copper as one big cool block, which creates a surface area where the heat spreaders will be soldered on. A local middle-age school allowed me to use their CNC machine for my operations, fantastic! Action shots Hardware to be used Assembled to try some different set-ups, rotations of the case, and planning for the cooling I have a small video of the CNC in action milling the Acrylic block, but can't upload that here. So you can check it out on Facebook and here are some pictures ROG Strix RX 5700XT with the EK waterblock: Final result of the acryllic part of the heat exchanger. Here you can get an idea already of the flow directions. I will share a deeper insight of the cooling solution later in the build log on how it works.
  10. Here we gooooooo. I have a lot of plans for this case, but I want the pictures of the build process to do all the talking. :^) Plans right now are full loop water-cooling with a custom back panel to move some component mounts around. Specs so far: Ryzen 5 5600x G.Skill Trident Z 3600 CL16 16GB Gigabyte Aorus B550i Intel 665p 1TB NVMe SSD Corsair Hydro X Series XC7 Waterblock
  11. Hey, people. First, I just want to say thanks for taking a look at this worklog. I'm new to this competition as this will be my first year competing, but I do have a reasonable amount of experience as a boutique builder. Because of this, I believe, first and foremost, a system must be easy to work with and function focused. I like to make things that look good and work well too. Aesthetically, material choice and finish quality are very important to me. CM 2020 Cobalt Weald (aka Smurf's Got Wood) This mod is based on the greatest game to have ever existed. You all know which game I'm talking about. Obviously, it's Lumber Tycoon 2. https://media4.giphy.com/media/MqxZxTlvcY5BS/200.gif Case: Cooler Master NR600 Power Supply: Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 850w CPU: I suppose Motherboard: See "CPU:" RAM: You Betcha Graphics Card: GTX 1080 Fans: I would assume between 0 and 97 included Water-cooling gear: Assorted Alpha cool, Barrow, Hardware labs, Magicool, and EKWB gear. Materials: Maple, Aluminum, MDPC-X cable sleeve, other junk and such. Sponsors: RAID Shadow Legends - they said no Norton Antivirus - gave me a virus, my computer got one too Raycon Earbuds - Apparently you need at least 2 youtube subscribers My Wallet - the real MVP. Gave 110% but now it's done. It's got nothing left. Unfortunately, I will not be able to really update progress for several weeks as I am in the middle of a move. I am also extremely limited on my usual tools for this mod and that won't really improve until after I'm mostly done with it. It's forced me to be extremely careful about everything. I will update with some pictures soon once I have taken all of my measurements and then nailed down all the components. There are a lot of things that I plan to do with this mod that I really want to talk about but I will hold back. Enjoy more soon.
  12. Hi folks! I'm bugslunchbox, I live in Germany and this is my first time participating in the CoolerMaster Case Mod World Series. I'll be doing a SFF aluminum scratch build with watercooling. The name will make sense towards the end, in the painting phase, I hope. Before starting the design I set some targets for myself: - smallest dimensions possible (I ended up at 410x204x203mm, so that is just under 17l) - easy to build, without complicated tools (so no CNC) - both motherboard and GPU should be visible from one side - cool and quiet (there are 2 x 360 slim rads and a d5 pump) - easy loop maintenance (fill and bleed ports) - minimize dust (positive pressure and dust filters on all intakes) This is what I came up with: The corners are 15x15mm aluminum L profile, top and bottom are 3mm alu sheet, the sides and back plate are 2mm alu sheet, al connected with modding cubes and M3 screws. The front panel will be glass. Loop order: pump -> rad -> CPU -> GPU-> rad -> pump Please ignore the HW in the images, this is what I could find on 3dwarehouse. The HW I have now is: Asrock z390 itx + i7 8086k + 32 GB DDR43600 and a R9 Nano. But I am hoping for an upgrade to a Z490 + 10700k (or maybe x570 + Zen3) and a RTX 3070, maybe I'll find a sponsor BTW, GPUs up to 190mm long could fit in this design, so that could also mean a RTX 3080 FE with a waterblock. Also I've been trying to find a Coolermaster V850 SFX GOLD, but it is not available in Germany (yet?), maybe Coolermaster could help me with that Watercooling parts are: - 2x Magicool G2 360 rads - D5 pump and reservoir - Watercool Heatkiller CPU block - AquaComputer GPU block - probably gold fittings - probably satin hard tubing That's about it for now, next update will have some actual work.
  13. Special thank you to my sponsors ASUS Republic Of Gamers EK WaterBlocks Cablemod ADATA AMD UK Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Project Background During Lockdown, i got a little bored. Contacted Jack Daniel's UK and asked about a possible partnership on a new build. We spoke a little back and forth, they agreed to send out some empty bottles, bar matt, glasses and some other merch. I got to work on the design of the case + The Way it will loop. I think the main feature will be the JD bottle, pouring liquid into the tumbler in the centre front of the case. When designing the case, i wanted to leave enough space on the rear, to allow for an open back. Showing the loop, cables, and GPU which will be mounted on the back. Once i had the case done, i reached out to my usual partners and showed them the progress and things just took flight from there. Parts? At this moment in time, i'm not able to share the full parts list. WIll update as they come in. MEMORY: XPG Spectrix D60G DDR4 @3200mhz SSD: XPG Spectrix D40G M.2 SSD 512GB Cablemod: Custom made to order cables. AMD CPU: AMD Ryzen 3800X Cooler Master: MasterFan SF360R ARGB 360mm ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E Gaming ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 ALL OUT EK WB Cooling
  14. Hello folks, This build will be powered by some of the high-end components on the market to make the build more powerful not just the look but what's inside the system too, basically my entry will be built on CM Cosmos C700P Black Edition where interior and Exterior will be having some modification but not totally renovation. The Concept will be simple with some color tone combination of Gold and Silver chromes and more. Hardware: ASUS ROG Crosshair Formula VIII Ryzen 9 3900x Asus ROG GTX 1080ti Platinum Poseidon Patriot Viper Steel 32gb 3200mhz NVME/SSD - To be announced Coolermaster Cosmos C700P Black Edition Cooler Master V750 Gold Formulamod Argb 120mm Fans 7x All Watercooling Parts Provided by Formulamod Thanks to all the sponsors of the project :
  15. Greetings, The project is a dual atx system, one for general purposes and gaming and the other for work in 3d projects. As for now I´m finishing the 3d model before the fabrication stage, to make sure that will be no delays or big mistakes until the end of the project. Thanks.
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