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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, Since submissions are now officially open, while adding images it states one of the 10 images should be a "hero image" does anyone care to elaborate? Thanks in advance and hope everyone has had fun putting their builds together.
  2. The rules page mentions a final submission form. Where is this or is this even a thing? "Submit your mod project between Aug 1st, 2022 to Dec 22st, 2022 by completing the final submission form (Opens Aug 1st, 2022) and attaching any additional documentation needed for the awards you wish to enter."
  3. Just checked the rules regarding winners. The Best of #CMWS22 awards will have 6 unique winner, the chosen winners will not be awarded more than 1 award in this category. I will submit projects in Tower mod and Non PC mod. Probably also in Scratch build. Does the rules actually say that if I win for example Tower mod, my entries in Non PC and Scratch can't win?
  4. A long-awaited period is the voting system where we can share to our friends and ask for votes in our work, this year the system is extremely bad and many are reporting an error message: Be it a message that they have already made the vote or they or shares that fall on other competitors' pages. I would very much like to believe that there will be no voting fraud and that the system really works, talking to some colleagues who are also participating are reporting similar errors or inability to vote because they "already voted".
  5. Hi CMWSers, The year 2020 has really been a testing year for a lot of us, and this is why we originally postponed the event which normally starts around Feb-May time and started it in September this year. We could never have predicted the pandemic to affect us all for so long, and whilst some people have been able to cope with the new normal, it has come to our attention that for a lot of others, making a mod during lockdown and in the pandemic hasn't been as smooth as before. With many countries in the US and EU being under lockdown, we are considering postponing CMWS20 deadline which was originally set for January 14, 2021. I would like everyone's input to know how much of a deadline would realistically help and we will make the final announcement of new deadline extention date next week. Please comment below on your suggestion before Dec 7, 2020. Thanks a lot! Ann Ann from the Cooler Master Team!
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