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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone its RandomDesign. So now that we have a forum to post our logs, here we go. First lets start with the used hardware: During the process I switched the GPU so its not accurate in the picture unfortunately. Motherboard: MSI Z370i Gaming Pro Carbon AC CPU: Intel i9-9000K GPU: Nvidia Titan Xp Collectors Edition Jedi Order Memory: Hyper X Fury 2x8GB SSD: Hyper X Savage 240GB PSU: Cooler Master V700 Fan: Cooler Master 60mm Water cooling: Alphacool The concept: I am a huge fan of the Star Wars films (Yes, including the prequels and the new ones) and for a long time now I got the idea stuck in my head to build a case mod related to that universe. There are many iconic machines out there in the Star Wars universe like the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star or the AT-ATs and AT-STs, but I think the X-Wing is just above them all. Looking at some pictures, I thought it is totally doable to build one as a case mod. I think many people also noticed, that the X-Wing from the new movies (Force Awakens and Last Jedi) are a bit different in design then the old ones, not only in color. The new turbines are only on at each side split into two parts and not two on each side like in the old movies. I went for the new design, cause I think it looks more bad :). Mentioning all this, the question was were to start. Cause I make a detailed 3D model for all my case mods, I got the idea to use my 3D printers to help me with some of the work here. So here is my 3D model. To make everything fit my print bed, I split up the model into 152 individual parts.
  2. Ever since I finished my Fusion build, I've been wanting to play more with the idea of a simple aluminum tray with brackets to change things up. The possibilities are endless and it's super simple, it's just figuring out how to get it to sit on a desk and look like something that's the challenge. I started with the idea of a clamshell design around the tray. I wanted to try my hand at working with more wood, so I made the mistake of visiting a local lumberyard that stocks hardwoods and exotics. SO MUCH PRETTY STUFF! And I came home with this. Black walnut, 4/4, or about an inch thick, 18 inches wide by about 9 feet long. I was in love. And lucky cause I thought I was going to have to join a couple of smaller boards together to get my side panel. The dude asked what I was working on and proceeded to show me this bad boy. It has a cool knotty area, but what I really wanted for the side was that 6' of nice clean board. After getting a couple of pieces cut off I had to get the cup out of it so I rigged up a routing contraption to flatten it all out. It isn't perfect but I've got two nice flat pieces. Next up is starting on the motherboard tray... Thanks for following along!
  3. The idea behind this one came to me last year on my way to Omaha for the NETWAR LAN. It was a pretty nice day and I was cruising up in my truck with my rig and I thought, "Man, this would be a great day to be on a motorcycle! It'd be nice to toss everything on the bike and blast the 5 hours up to Omaha." But how to transport my rig? I could go small. Get a SFF case and a small monitor so that I could toss stuff in my saddle bags. Or ship the thing beforehand and just figure out how to get it from the hotel to the LAN. Shipping it just wasn't a good option at all and SFF cases are cool, but I want some area to mod. Tiny case, tiny mods and a whole lot of figuring out how to stick things in a small box. Another option that popped into my head was a backpack. Just strap the computer to my back and hop on the bike. That sounds like fun!Now I know that there have been backpacks before, but I thought I could give it my own flavor. First off, it needs to be slick and aerodynamic. I want it too look good and I really don't feel like wearing a sail on my back running down the highway at 70(hahahahahahaha, as if). Also I don't want some weak little system. If I wanted to game on a mobile chip, I'd take a laptop, I want a real screamer of a system. And finally, I don't want to have to figure out how to also strap a monitor to my bike(even though I totally could) or have another backpack for my keyboard and headset and all of that. One pack...everything.First, I need to set some parameters for the build. Obviously mITX because space is at a premium. Watercooling would be nice. A hard shell is a definite. I want protection and I'd also like to not have my fans eat my case. Waterproof, because rain does happen. And as light as I can get it, cause...well...So lets get a hardware layout going, something backpack sized.MITX, SFX-L PSU, and 2x240mm rads. You know, the basics, LOL! I'm not sure that I'll water cool the GPU, but I want the space because it's better to have it and not need it rather than the other way around. M.2 for the storage so I don't need to worry about finding a spot for a drive. I'm not really sure about the res, I may have to figure something else out for a res/pump. But it's a start and the size is good.For the exterior, I figured fiberglass because it's rigid, tough, relatively light and with some gelcoat, water resistant(think boat). I can mount stuff to it if I need to, which I will, and I can form any shape with it. It doesn't hurt that it's my business these days. So let's get a shape.I knocked something out in SketchUp just to get an idea on measurements. I'm going to have a much more rounded look, but this gives me some good references.Now for some physical work. I cut down a box so I could see IRL the size that I'm working with. This represents the space for the hardware and a storage compartment below it.Not too far off from the size of a work backpack.You'll notice my assistant in the background. He was helping me with getting a feel for the size of the backpack.With my box for my minimum dimensions, I surrounded it with foam so I could carve out the mold of the shell to lay my fiberglass on.A little bit of glue and some weight, and we wait.After a little bit of cleaning up the edges with a rasp, I'm ready to start carving out my form.Thanks for checking my project out!
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