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  1. I will build the case Cooler Master still not have built. Idea: Transform a Cosmos C700M to a mITX SFF build. Hardware: Case - Cooler Master C700M Mobo - AORUS Z690I ULTRA CPU - Intel Core i9 12900KS RAM - 32GB Corsair Dominator RGB DDR5 SSD - Samsung M.2 Nvme 1TB PSU - Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold White GPU - Nvidia RTX3080Ti Founders Edition Fans - 8x Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 HALO Water cooling EK Quantum Magnitude Full nickel CPU-block EK Quantum Vector FE RTX 3080 D-RGB - Black Special Edition VGA block EK Quantum Kinetic FLT 80 D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi 3x EK Quantum Surface P240M - White Radiators EK Quantum Torque Fittings 12 mm Nickel - Brass hardtube Custom distroplate Sponsors: EK Waterblocks AORUS Cooler Master
  2. Greetings everyone On this cmws2022 opportunity, apart from the scratch build category, I also participated in the tower mod category. In this tower mod category, I will use the Q500L case, but I will change it to a smaller one. It may be made a version of the Q230L . The philosophical approach to the modification theme this time, I want to criticizing in a surrealist style the public's misperception of "phandora". Why do people always identify this "phandora" with a box? In fact, Pandhora is not square. All these ideas just hang around in my brain and change almost every moment. Maybe because I can't put my ideas on paper For workmanship and manufacturing techniques, I still use the method I used last year, because I think there is still a lot to explore. for the modification work this time I still haven't used a 3D printer. because the design made does not need the help of the printer.
  3. This is my first case-mode dedicated to a game. The HALO series inspired me with its details and Master Chief role, so I will do my best to convey this game through this project. neSSa Hardware: Asus Strix z690-i Gaming Asus RTX 2080 Intel 12700k Cooler Master NR200p x2 Cooler Master SF 850v Cooler Master HALO 140mm & 120mm fans EKWB Water Cooling Seagate 1Tb M2 510 Patriot Viper 16Gb DDR5 4800Mhz Cooler Master MM720 Cooler Master SK622 Cooler Master GM27-FQS ARGB Thank you all for support!
  4. Intro Hello again! I am Jamie and am working under the name Space Bar Mods, which is a little computer side business I do with my family. This involves my teenage kids working with computers, graphic design, animation, and all the fun stuff that comes with modding. We have added lots of fun things to use and now have 3- 3D Printers and a Laser CNC. This is our second time submitting a build and cannot wait for next time. Our ideas grow so much, and we expand what we can do each time. Project design concept and inspiration This build’s theme was all from the kids and came about in August. They play this game with their friends and frequently watch streamers play. With the new VR edition out, we all thought it would be fun to make our own little bean. Being “Red” is the most sus, we went with him as our primary objective. After doing soft cooling last build, we decided to give hard tubing a go and make some crazy bends to simulate the inside of our lil bean. We ran with it from there. https://media3.giphy.com/media/7fWLhYvT5bl3Pwu1Xy/200.gif Components Case: Cooler Master - Cooler Master NR200P Power Supply: Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold Motherboard: GIGABYTE B550 I AORUS PRO AX Processor: AMD RYZEN 7 5800X Memory: Gigabyte AORUS RGB DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 4400MHz Memory Graphics Card: GIGABYTE RTX 3080 Eagle Storage: WD Black SN750 SE NVMe M.2 2280 1TB Fans: Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo Liquid Cooling: Alphacool Blocks, Radiator, Pump/Resevoir Combo, fittings, tubes, and drain system. Coolant: PrimoChill Vue Sky White SX Creation process We knew we wanted to turn our case vertical to give the aspect ratios of a bean. To give him, more character, we created feet and a head using Fusion360. We sent those to our larger 3D printer. The head took close to 9 days and the feet another 2. We really wanted a clear visor, so after creating that, we sent it to our resin printer, which only took about 12 hours. Two of our kids are into graphics design and created some animations and hardware backgrounds for a monitor we decided to add to our visor. While all that was going on, my last daughter and I dismantled the entire case and began our sanding, priming, sanding, painting process for all of the pieces. Once complete we began altering for our needs. We completely flipped the power cage to the outside so we would have room for a larger pump. The larger pump had holes made so it could be screwed into the back of the case. We made a cut out that allowed our power cables to come to the power supply and then bundled it nicely into our beans backpack which was made in fusion as well. It is mounted using magnets. His little feet got sanded, painted, and attached. His head had to be filled sanded and painted (more about him later). We then attached our visor and his rubber gasket. We mounted our screen. We tested our components on a test bench to make sure everything was A-OK and then began flushing all our water components. We then installed blocks and began assembling our water loops. Hard tubing was a lot of fun! We tested our loop overnight and booted our bean up for the first time. We then installed all our graphics and animations to our display. Issues & Problems The 3D printing of our head (9-day print) almost had to be restarted at 74% due to a thermistor breaking. The build cooled too much and almost broke completely. We were able to get it fixed and restart the build with minimal issue. It took a little filling and lots of sanding, but in the end, we made it work. Our visor took 3 tries to get right. We used filament which did not give us the effect we wanted at all. Then we used our smaller resin printer, breaking it down into multiple pieces, but that was just an eye sore. We purchased an amazing larger resin printer and got exactly what we wanted. First time working with hard tubing was a learning curve! When they say get extra tubing and fittings, y’all weren’t kidding!
  5. I am creating a new Case Mod World Series 2022 concept mod called CMS-pro which stands for Cooler Master Series pro. This hull concept speaks for itself, it has nothing to prove unlike others. Inside is an RBG-lit Ryzen liquid-cooling processor, an aluminum liquid-cooling heatsink with two crystal-clear Cooler Master 120 RBG screws, an MSI Gaming Pro Carbon 350B motherboard with 16GB of RAM, 4x Hiper X Fury DDR4 2400Hz 4GB chips, and a graphics card from Gigabit GTX 1070ti. I want to show my vision of the body, not the way I did last time with a prime project in 2018 where the body was created in a transformer body. But in a new vision and rethinking of the edges. I hope I can convey the whole idea and recreate this creation.
  6. Mjölnir is a fictional magical weapon appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. It is depicted as the principal weapon of the superhero Thor and Jane Foster. Mjolnir, which first appears in Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug. 1962), was created by writer Stan Lee and designed by artists Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott. This build I use the COOLER MASTER , MASTERBOX NR200P
  7. Before I start the introduction of my build, I kinda feel like I should do an introduction of myself and my situation. My name is Anton, and I live in Sweden, I've always loved building computers, I remember building my first computer with the help of my father, being just about 4 years old. We used the Vooodoo2 8MB graphics card, which was a real beast back then. When I got to be in my early teens and got interested in overclocking, I dreamed about doing my very own custom loop watercooling system., but being in that age, sadly money did not fall from the sky so it would had to be put on hold. I went to study computer science in high school, but I quit after just one year. At the age of 17 I was diagnosed with LHON, an extremely rare disease which made me loose 95% of my vision (glasses does not help). Naturally this life changing tragedy made me quit everything computer related since I realized blind people should not be doing it.. In early 2022 I lost my job because of covid related effects, and I realized I was going to have a lot of free time on my hands. Bored out of my mind, a friend casually mentioned the CMWS and the thought hit me... this might be the perfect opportunity to do that custom loop that I dreamed about doing for so long. So now, here I am, almost 20 years after I lost my vision - trying to prove to myself that I can do anything I set my mind into. Honestly I knew this was probably going to be the toughest thing I have ever attempted to do by myself. To put some context into it, the last PC I built had an Powercolor X800GT in it. So I had a lot of technology to get caught up with to say the least. But that's it about me. Now onto my thoughts about the build. Hardware Case: Cooler Master Master Frame 700 Mobo: Asrock Aqua Z490 Aqua CPU: Intel Core i5 10600K GPU: Powercolor Liquid Devil Ultimate RX 6900 XT PSU: Corsair HX1000 DDR: Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x4GB SSD: Western Digital WD Blue SN570 1TB Pump: Corsair XD5 Radiator: Corsair XR5 360mm Distribution Plate: Phanteks Glacier D140 Fans: 3x Noctua NF-A 120mm It all started with this motherboard, Asrock Z490 Aqua, which I found had an unique and special "steel" look that I liked. So my first thoughts was that I where going to get that steel/white look into my whole build. After finding this case Master Frame 700 and doing some quick research on it, every single picture that I found looked just about the same, one radiator on each wing, and 6 extreme RGB fans. This was not something I wanted to do. So I decided pretty quickly that I would mount my fans on the back of the wings instead, for a more clean and unique look. I was a little worried that having the wing in-between the radiator and the fans would get too much resistance and that it would give the fans unnecessary noise. I was supposed to use an 5700 XT, but when my water block arrived it didnt fit.. I was lucky enough to run into a cheap Liquid Devil. which may not had been the best fit for the build. But I kinda like how it turned out. My original plan was to use two radiators because that's what all my research said I needed. In the middle of the build I changed my mind and decided to go with my gut and just a single radiator, and use the left wing for a distro plate instead. Had a feeling this would improve the looks a lot. Having the wings this widely open gave me an pretty tricky angle for bending the tubes, but I managed after some practice. My first real major problem actually didn't come until I filled the loop with water. (duh right?) I had heard that I was not going to tighten the fittings to hard onto the distro plate,and that's where it was leaking. After tightening it more and more and until it surely couldn't be tightened any more, it was still leaking. I tried changing the fitting. Still leaking. I tried using VVS tape in case the distro might be broken or something. I then filmed with my phone and noticed the water just took another way out. This made me realize that something else probably was wrong. I had been using the inlet on the pump instead of the outlet. Its crazy how many days I wasted on such a simple mistake. But this whole process, by having to use my hands and ears to try listen for leaks was time consuming and frustrating to say the least.. I used thermal tape to attach some clean steel looking fan grills on the radiator, in my opinion it gave it a whole new look. I cut out two areas so the fittings would go through without any problems. This is also where I chose to put my 7" monitor. Since the mobo already has some displays with temperatures/volts etc I chose to let this display show some data from my servers plus some power usage / current kWh price and some other stuff. I used home assistant to design the dashboard in yaml, which was easy and without problems. But when using my zoom program on windows I ran into my next issue.. When having multiple monitors in extended mode, both will get zoomed in, and follow the mouse, which totally defeats the purpose of having an informative min display. After doing a lot of googling and trying just about every zoom program I could find, I realized multiple display support does not seem to be a thing on magnifying programs. I was just about to give up on this when I suddenly remembered that I got a license key to a zoom program from the hospital like 15 years ago. I never used it back then cause I felt it was just easier to just dont use computers. I turned my basement upside down looking, and actually found the ZoomText box, and wouldn't you know, it actually had dual monitor support.
  8. This pc mod is inspired by the upcoming video game GOD of WAR ragnarok
  9. The NUN Mod was born from the passion for Horror cinema and for the Custom. The idea of this mod originates from the film of the same name, thinking about the film, its story between reality and fantasy, I decided to mod a COSMOS beast by Cooler Master, with the idea of assembling everything backwards, just like the Crosses turned upside down by the Demon. The hardest part was holding the GPU upside down! It was a fun and very disturbing job, as there is paranormal in the film, I guarantee that there was also in the construction of the Mod. I hope you appreciate the work… May you all have the Best Competition! A special thank to my TEAM @Italian Extreme Modders! Case: Cooler Master C700M COSMOS Hardware: Mobo: Asus Rog Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi X570 Cpu: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Ram: - Xpg Spectrix D50 3200hz 16GB x 2 (Previews) - then changed for 2 x 16GB Xpg Spectrix D60g 3200hz - then changed for Xpg 8GB x 4 3200hz Spectrix D60g Ssd: Samsung 860 Evo Gpu: XFX Radeon RX6800XT Merc 319 Psu: Gigabyte P850GM FULL MODULAR Sleeve: Total black Cooler Mater LCD 7” x 2 Integrated Cooler: previews: Tank & Punt pacific D5 Radiator Pacific RL240 Watherblocks Cpu - W4 RGB Then changed for Cpu Watherblocks: W4 RGB Tank: Barrow PBTT-BTB3180 DDC 215mm Radiator: Barrow DABEL-28A 240 Pump: Barrow SPB17-t V2 17W
  10. Hello everyone, I'm Haris, I'm from Indonesia. On this occasion, I will modify the MasterBox Q500L Sakura Edition case, the concept itself is quite simple, just continuing the existing trend, namely the collaboration between Cooler Master and ASRock, but in my personal version. Because there are some hardware used in this modification, so I named this project a Alliance. And this is some hardware that I use for this project
  11. For cmws 2022, I was given the name "Eclectic ll (Ansymmetrical)" for this pc mod. I personally really like the basic design of the Cooler Master Q500L, I changed the basic size of the case to match the hardware used and made the back of the case with aluminum. I lowered the motherboard holder because the memory size too high and blocked by the AIO fan. that was an amazing experience in this case modification. Hardware CPU: Intel Core i5 11600K Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix z590-i gaming wifi Cooler: CoolerMaster i70 cooler RAM: T-Force Xtreem ARGB 16gb ddr4 3200mhz Graphic Card: Leadtek Nvidia rtx a4000 Cable: Transporter cable sleeve PSU: CoolerMaster V850SFX Gold Case: CoolerMaster Q500L
  12. Good evening ladies and gentlemen!It's been quite a while since i last made a case mod.So, now it's time to make a military grade case mod (for a client which is fully provided by him) applying some ip67 components into it.Some of the tools and stuff are the following Using a technique of mine, i'll apply blue cammo.Something like this The victim will be a Pelikan storm case. The whole consept is about anti-vibration and waterproofing (as much as i can)The computer is fitted in a mini-ITX case from Coolermaster, and will be inside the case!(more of this, in the following days!)By looking at the outlet, it's best advised, to make a plate for the back of it so the screws can be mounted properly and not leaving the outlet on a thin piece of plastic.The plate is made by a 3mm acrylicMeasured and cutted by hand using dremelIt's not quite perfect because i didn't have much time left to file it down, so, here it is! Using the dimensions of the outlet's base, i measured accordingly Pics of more stuff will be posted soon!See you very soon!
  13. Hi guys. I did actually start posting this a year ago but never got to really finish it. Anyway. now its all on green light. The bad thing is, it went through a fire too and I had to remake and replace a lot of the hardware and self made parts. At the end of the day here it is and its truly turned out well. THE NEXT OF QIN, is an hommage to 2200 years of chinese history that depicts it culture, lore, art, warfare weaponry and splendour. All the way from the halberts and armour plates, along with pavilion like selfmade liquid cooling reservoirs lifting and holding the roof of the Chinese architectural temple. You will find 1000s of intricate details like the roof tiles that took me 2 weeks to cut and stick precisely in place. Every single armour plate has been stuck on after hand chamfering them all in an precisely unprecise way to make each one as individual as possible. It has a set of internal speakers that play chinese cultural music automatically after its booted up. And how do we boot it up, well of course with the bronze gong in thhe front by hammering on it. The side pedestals are both decorated with chines QIN dynasty halberts and the whole architecture is protected by the terracotta army of 52 different soldiers which I made individually yb casting 4 different type in gypsum. The Roof is actually just resting on the two self made square parapet pedestalled reservoirs and secured with camouflaged bamboo cords and steps leading down into the temples dungeon, where all the hardware is held and concealed. The paint job way of course the breaker or maker here. I didnt want to go modern chinese reds and gold, but wanted to of course portray them colours too, so i gave it a more intense reddish, maroon brown and darker blacks with brinze and copper touches here and there. Special thanks to Coolermaster for the following hardware upon which it is based. Even though I modified the out of this one, its based upon a Coolermaster Masterbox MB600L and a CM V1000 PSU. Together with the RTX 3070 founders edition from Nvidia. Thanks to them for that. Together with n MSI Z270 and Intel CPU its all water cooled by Thermaltake.Thanks to them for yet another whole set of Liquid cooling components and the RGB Ram. and now for the pictures which speak more than i can tell you about this 800 hour and 11 month build
  14. Hardware: CPU: AMD Risen 5 5600 RAM: 2X8Gb ddr4 ADATA Spectrum D50 GPU: Powercolor AMD Radeon RX 6500XT M/B: Biostar B550T-Silver SSD: ADATA Swordfish 1Tb Case: Cooler Master NR200P Pink PSU: Cooler Master V750 SFX Gold White Edition Cooling: DeepCool AK400 White Edition
  15. Hi guys, i'm here to present you the Tesla Project made with my teammates at @Italian Extreme Modders! My idea was to represent the Tesla desing, from the outside painting to the interior classic white and wood, and of course, with it's iconic cockpit monitor; The project is based on the CM Cosmos C700P Black Edition, these are the complete specs: Case: CM Cosmos C700P CPU: Intel i7-12700K RAM: 4x8gb Netac Shadow RGB 3200MHz MOBO: MSI Z690 Edge Wi-Fi DDR4 GPU: MSI RTX 3050 GAMING X SSD: Netac 1TB PSU: Seasonic Prime PX-1300W Cables: Custom made by CableMods Watercooling: EKWB I want to say a big thanks to all the partners of this project and a special one to my awesome team @Italian Extreme Modders!
  16. Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by to check out my build log. I will be transforming the NR200p into a vertical tower encompassing elements of nature mixed with an industrial retro theme. I have just started stripping the case and ordering parts. This week I hope to start modifying the side and front panels and start drawing up designs for the top vent. Parts that will be included in the build will be transferred from my old system. -i5 6600k clocked at 4.8ghz -16 gb ddr4 ram -z170 motherboard -1070 water cooled -600-watt sfx PSU I'm a bit late to the party but I'm really looking forward to how this evolves over the coming weeks. All the best and looking forward to all you amazing builds!
  17. Hello Im Dony (daguar). I come from Indonesia At CMWS 2020, this is the second time I have participated in this prestigious competition. For this CMWS20, my case mod title is "SURVIVOR" and it will bring a sci-fi vehicle concept that must survive in a dystopian world. a form of criticism of humans whose ability to adapt to their habitat i decreasing. I convey this criticism in the form of sci-fi vehicle. An allegory in the form of theatrical geometry. There are too many things that inspire me in CMWS this time, and this makes it difficult for me to make the initial sketch. All these ideas just hang around in my brain and change almost every moment. Maybe because I can't put my ideas on paper For workmanship and manufacturing techniques, I still use the method I used last year, because I think there is still a lot to explore. Hopefully the NR200P case I use can help me get the most out of the idea to use. Finally, my hope is to get the best out of this competition. And to all CMWS20 participants, "I am proud to compete with all of you" Good Luck all
  18. Hello my name is Ivan and I’m formally entering the tower mod category in this year’s Case Mod World Series. About six months ago I built my first water loop on a Masterframe 700, and ever since then I been itching to build a loop on a very small case. I heard about this competition on the 4th of October and it finally gave me a reason to make it happen. As opposed to trying to design a case Cooler Master hasn’t invented, I decided to highlight a beautiful design Cooler Master did make. For this project I will be building a water cooled Mini ITX system inside the MasterCase EG200. Hardware Nvidia Titan XP with EK 1080TI waterblock EK FLT 120 Reservoir EK DC-XTOP water pump XSPC TX 240 Radiator 2X Noctua NF-A12x15 AMD Ryzen 5 5600X AMD EK Quantum Velocity waterblock Asrock B550M ITX motherboard 2X 16 gig Corsair Vengeance LPX Coolermaster Mastercase EG200 Coolermaster V850 SFX Gold PSU The case was ordered on the 6th and it arrived on OCT 13th. It’s a lot smaller than I imagined, more updates coming soon. Pictures of my first running loop, EG200 case teardown, component test fittings, and new motherboard frame.
  19. Hi Everyone, finally able to log in and start the worklog haha! Let's start off with the Master Frame 700
  20. hi guys, I'm very happy to participate in the cmws22 competition again this year, they presented a scratch build, the work will be carried out without the use of complex machinery and most of the work will be done manually. the theme is aluminum, AL 26.982 is the atomic weight of this perfect material for this mod, it would seem that the aluminum metal will be in large quantities ... no but I will try to give the idea of it with the plexigrass and special paints ... I will try to save as much as possible on materials .. thanks but let's start immediately ..
  21. Coming Soon, 221-206BC and beyond, all the way to CMWS 2020! AD Welcome to my worklog of the Scratch build entry for the CMWS2020.Once again I am delving into the history books for this one.I simply love doing this.This one is dedicated to the "QIN" Dynasty and the Terracotta Army which was found in 1974.Much much more to come...The sketches are just the first rough ideas.Details, details and many more dteials, all true to the theme and handmade as usual! Thats the promise.
  22. Hey all! I have been building/painting this over the past few months after work and I am pretty happy with how it came out. I am a fan of the Borderlands Series and I wanted to make something that was pulled straight from the world. I went with a few mods that I designed and 3D printed to add some flair to the build: 3D printed, taller feet for air flow Custom designed "vent" and standoffs attached to the PSU housing for cable management Cut out the space to fit a 5" monitor in the front Custom designed frame for the front monitor Acrylic/UV reactive painted parts Painted and lettered all the keys on the keyboard by hand Designed a wallpaper in wallpaper engine for the front display Hope you enjoy! Here are a few of my favorites and the final submissions https://imgur.com/a/YHdyYNE
  23. Hello Community, this year I would like to participate with a Tower Mod. The case is a Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M a really nice and spacious case, since I am already a bit more advanced in modifying the case I can only show you the first draft this was created about a month ago when the case arrived and the planning of the entire project started it showed that this can not really work so there were changes. The colour concept should correspond to the theme of gold, black and grey, it should not appear too overloaded, so the case retains its colour and is "only" modified and gets accents of gold. The concept with the PSU at the bottom of the case and the turned tray remains, but for reasons of space the tray is moved a little to the middle of the case and the GPU moves to the other side, so it can be longer and thicker because the sheet metal wall of the case is cut out at the back so that the GPU can breathe. In addition, the glass panel can remain and does not have to be redesigned. Since the case only supports 360mm radiators on the upper and lower side, my idea is to place them at the front and rear, since this way it is easy to get to the connections to connect all cables in the lid and thus they are not visible and can be led out at the top of the rear, but this requires a rough intervention in the entire case structure. There are 2 large 200mm fans included in the scope of delivery, which go into the rear and ventilate the radiator and hardware inside. I don't want to reveal too much, so here are some photos of the hardware. As already mentioned, the Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M in the grey version The whole thing is powered by a Cooler Master Masterwatt 650, although I'm not sure yet whether that will be enough and whether I won't stock up on this one, which was lying around at home and offered itself to me. The fans to be mounted in the front of the case are not RGB fans but still very high quality, namely the Cooler Master Masterfan SF120M. The mainboard used here is an MSI MPG Z690 Edge Wifi DDR4 Ram and SSD this time come from a Swiss company called S3+ The CPU here is an Intel® Core™ i5-12400 processor. At this point I would also like to thank all the sponsors MSI, Intel, Cooler Master, S3+ and of course my Tam the Italy Extreme Modders! More updates will follow soon stay tuned
  24. Hey Folks !!! I've been modding and building PCs for a really long time, last major mod was my NZXT Phantom about a decade ago. I recently attended a LAN Party with my friends (https://lpane.net/ ) and took home a sweet Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 Flux AIO cooler, which reignited my desire to have a dedicated LAN PC! A project and idea were born and I began researching cases that I could use my cooler in as well as my collection of left over parts from my previous desktop computer build. After much research and deliberation I chose the Cooler Master NR200P mini ITX/DTX case cause well I love the Blue color it comes in and I realized that with a little modification I could make this case work for my cooler and be a unique work of art in the process. I'm a big fan of robots and what not so all my computers have been named after robots etc, my OG build was Wheatley from Portal 2 built in a Phantom, my new build is Rosie from the Jetsons built in a Corsair 7000D, that brings us to this build ! XJ9/Jenny after the main character in My Life as a Teenage Robot on Nickelodeon. The color the case kind of sealed the deal ! FAQ: Q: Why the old GPU ? A: The games we play at LAN Parties are older and less graphically intensive, also this PC will run Linux so older hardware is better supported there So lets run down what we are doing here !! These are the parts I have on hand and have decided to use so far , everything else Is up in the air at the moment ! Parts on Hand: - Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 Flux AIO Liquid Cooler - Cooler Master NR200P mini ITX/DTX Case in Caribbean Blues - Sapphire AMD RX 580 Nictro+ 8GB GPU Tentative Parts (Parts I am considering for the rest of the build) - Corsair SFX750 750Watt SFX PSU - ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact - (x2) Samsung 980 Pro 2TB NVME PCIe 4.0 SSD - (x2) Scythe Kaze Flex 120mm Slim Fan 300-1800RPM (Bottom Intake) - More To come The Mods (So Far ) - Invert and Flip the NR200P case, top mount Radiator for AIO cooler, vertical mount GPU upsidedown, Window on right side from the front. - Paint PSU mounting bracket and PCI slot covers metallic silver - Custom 3D Printed U shaped feet, sanded and painted metallic silver - GPU shroud painted metallic blue in special two part pain process using colored clear coats - Paint GPU PCIe clip metallic silver to match rest of PCI slot covers. - Paint the solid white stripe part of the mesh on the top metallic blue using the same two part process as GPU shroud. - Custom 3D printed mount plate for mounting radiator flush in the top (work in progress)
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