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HAF 932 Black and Red Carbon Fiber Mod

Brian White

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Hey guys just wanted to stop by and post my recent build log here of my Coolermaster HAF 932.

What started off as just PSU shroud has turned into a complete mod of my case...lol

I am going to not only Mod my case but my GPU's as well as my V6gt and doo almost all of my cables sleeved Red with UV connectors. I also have quite a bit of 3MdiNoc I plan on using in this build.

List of items I will be using:

HAF 932 Black Edition

EVGA P67 FTW motherboard

Intel i7 2600k

V6 GT for cooling

Ultra 1000w modular PSU

2 GTX 570's 2.5 gig

8 gigs of 2133 Mushkin RAM

2 Crucial M4 64 gigs RAID 0

First up is I am going to make a custom PSU shroud made of metal. I made this out of a security camera housing which I cut with a diamond blade skill saw.


I needed to make sure it wasn't completely covering the PSU because of my non reference GTX 570 2.5 gig GPU's need as much airflow as I can get to them and there isn't much space between the bottom one and the top of the PSU.

Next I used a right small right angle and mounted it to the bottom of the case here(please excuse the dust I am taking everything out of my case so it wont be there anymore):


After a mock up mounting I marked the hole to drill in the shroud by coming in through the back side of the case holding a marker with needle nose pliers and here is the finished product wrapped in carbon fiber:


So here is my new make shift work area (the missus isn't happy about because as you can see the fireplace I am working on is put on hold):


Starting off by doing a carbon fiber wrap on the 1000watt Ultra Modular PSU. The damn stickers they put on need to be scraped off with a razor blade and then even needed small dabs of glass cleaner to remove the excess glue.



Next I wrapped it in black just like the shroud and went for the offset pattern of what I have on the shroud I made to cover the wires coming out of the PSU.



Next up is I am going to lay down more black carbon fiber around the motherboard and then I am going to do the back panel in red carbon fiber that way when you look at it you will see the red underlayed through all of the cable management holes on the motherboard tray.

Ok so I got some more parts in today. All of my UV red connectors as I previously posted pictures earlier so now it's time to start sleeving and sleeving and more sleeving


Now onto taking care of the annoying multicolored power, reset etc wires.


Had to wrap it with red tape first because I don't feel like running all new solid red wires.



I think I actually might be somewhat satisfied with the red and black but the damn 1/2inch heat shrink is pinkish so I ordered some UV red heatshrink to rectify the issue.


Ok so I am taking a break on the sleeving due to waiting for another UV red 24 Pin for my PSU side of the cabling. Also the pink looking heatshrink just wont do.

First on the agenda is to get rid of the ugly Blue LED's front the front IO shield of my HAF. Of course they don't make it easy for you and I had to desolder the LED housing completely from the PCB in order to swap them out. +1 for Coolermaster since they marked which side was positive and which one was negative.


And here is the blue ones removed in the housing:


They basically have this little piece you see here that must be removed and then you bend and slide the LED prongs out and then slide and bend your new shiny red ones in .




Now time to solder the LED housing back into the PCB and test it out. The longer prong on the LED is always the positive side.




Kind of a pain to fit it back in to the top panel but with some finesse I got it in there.


Now going to fire it up with just a 24pin and 8pin plugged into my board on my workbench. I know the HDD light shouldn't come on since my SSD's are not plugged in but if my power light does then I know I am good to go.


Yay it works.

Next up is my V6GT. I am going to wrap the top and also do the fan shrouds as well. What a difference having a proper heat gun (i bought a new one) and real 3M. Originally was going to pop out the button that controls the LED's and wrap both sides of the LED strip black but coolermaster has a plastic rivet holding it in so I'm gonna pass. I am just going to wrap some red carbon fiber like the pics below for now.








I know I might be jumping all over the place do to my adult ADD but I am waiting on a new shipment of parts so I decided to go forward on the front IO and get rid of the ugly USB 2.0 cables with the colored wires.


In case anyone wants to do this it is fairly simple, all you have to do is gently pry back the little plastic clip as seen here:



And here is the finished result.


Thats all for now gotta go to Orvac and pick up some more sleeving since I used all of it so far.

Ok just an upate, here I have all of the UV heatshrink/sleaving and connector pins I was waiting on.


Also got my invertless UV cathode from performance PC's sad thing is the UPS man broke it upon delivery.

I also picked up a strip of LED's and also a remote control so i can change the pattern in which the LED's are displayed or just change the color.


I also bought a few tools from Orvac in order to crimp all the open barrel power pins etc as well as molex removal tool.




The proper way to crimp these was a little difficult at first but with a little patience I finally started getting it right.

Quick update on the build log for my HAF932:

Next up is removing the annoying tabs on the top of the case that would hold a PSU if you were putting it up top.


Now to wrap the motherboard tray



Also there is a small rectangle that has grommets for water so I might as well do that while I am at it.



Also did the top panel of the 932



Next I am going to strip down my two GTX 570 2.5 gig GPU's and give them an accent and leave the rest black. Sad thing is I can't get back plates for these cards.





Basically I have everything mocked up and installed on how I want it except for a few black cables behind the motherboard tray that need to be sleeved. As you can see, everyone of the top panel I/O cables has been sleeved. Once I am done with that I will have an almost perfect cable management job done not only in the front but as well as the back. Also sorry for the poor quality picture from my smartphone but will be taking some clean pics when the build is completed.


This is a shot of the USB headers and the Power/Rst cables that I sleeved from the top panel before I seal everything up and install the PSU shroud that got me started on this project.

Also In the GPU Windtunnel I installed an Ultra Kaze for better airflow over the GPU's


Here is the way it looked at the GESL Lanfest Case Mod Competition


Had a really great time there and would also like to thank Lee from http://pcjunkiemods.com/ and Otis from Arsenal Computer Mods for their support and giving me the inspiration to take it to the next level in all future mods.

Will be going to PAX Prime and quite a few things will change with this build as you can see here is the current state of my build:


Currently stripping the black textured powder coat and then will be sandblasting and powder coating it Red Baron Red and part of it will be a glossy black.

Thank you so much to the folks over at coolermaster that have recently helped me with a few things to prepare for the new transformation.

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It is real carbon fiber 3mDinoc. Just not the red.

3m Dinoc is not real carbon fiber, its a pattern that looks like carbon fiber, the real stuff is actually a fabric that you have to mold and add resin, then sand a polish. You have a pretty sticker.

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far too much of it everywhere takes away from the look of it, and should have used real carbon fiber ;) Have a roll of the real stuff here waiting to work on my storm trooper

I agree, you should us it sparingly, more as an accent or high light. Even though it's over the top, over all I like it, lol.

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