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Cosmos Cruizer - Finally Complete!


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Got all eight done...


I originally had the PCIe bank routed in front of the res, but I didn't like it, so I'm toying with going in behind it.  I think it looks more tidy, and it helps to hold them in place.   But now they are a little too long, so I'll have to shorten them.

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Another clean-up item checked off my list:  Boxing in the top and front side bezels to hide all the ugly webbing and fiberglass remnants.

I got a sheet of 1/16" ABS and cut out the main pieces after making rough templates.

Then I cut a bunch of pieces for ribbing and support.

After fitting a base piece, I started gluing in the ribs and support pieces with ABS cement.

Now the main piece has something to glue to.

A shot of the left side bezel front.  You can see why it has to be covered!

With the front cover in place.  The first of many test fits.

Mating the front piece with the top piece.

The right side bezel is in much better shape than the other one, but still needs to be boxed.

I simply mirrored the original pieces to make these.

After many refits, especially on the front due to the proximity of the front grill and faceplate, I finally got everything glued up.  Here's the whole top with both side panels on the case.  I scuffed the boxed pieces up in preparation for paint.

My OCD is thanking me!

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Been finishing up a lot of minor details over the last couple weeks, trying to get all the panels' imperfections filled and smooth.  Also had to make final adjustments to other parts that I wouldn't be able to do without the panels.  Finally got everything boxed up and shipped to BSMODS for paint yesterday.   :D
I hope it survives the trip, it's not like Bob and Rod don't have enough work to do already without having to perform reconstructive surgery as well.

So with all the panels out for paint, I must now concentrate on getting all the metal pieces ready to be sent out to the platers.  Here are all the parts to be chromed..

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Sorry about the lack of posts, but due to the ridiculous amount of work still left to do on this case (and my site going down), I've been kinda preoccupied.  So tossing a few pics up here and there is about all I can manage right now.

Anyway, while I got parts out for paint and polish, I've been taking care of lots of little things, like this distributor cap mod.  This is a piece that will serve as a cover for the 24pin ATX connector.  The four "spark plug wires" will plug into this piece, with the actual connector on the other side.  

So I started with the terminals from an actual distributor cap, which I recently removed off my V-6 Xterra.

I harvested four of the terminals from the donor cap.

Lining them up how I'll be gluing them together...

Drilling them out so the wires will pass through


Fast forward past all the gluing, bondo, sanding, and smoothing, and we have this..

And as a final parting shot, all the bracketry and support pieces that have been sanded and primed.

That's all I got for now, but I will be getting some polished parts back tonight, so I'll be sure to post a shot of them.  And then hopefully Bob will give me a painting update soon.

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Got parts back from the polisher yesterday.  Here are a couple teaser shots...

Stainless pipe, before and after polishing..

I assembled the grill first thing.  

I had the guy only polish the stainless pipes, grill pieces, top handle bars, and headers.  I'll be taking care of the small stuff next week.

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Very nice. Is that going directly on the ATX connector (M/B side)? Or will you put something between it?

This will be sitting on top of the ATX plug from the PSU, which will plug into the motherboard as usual.  I needed something for the orange tubing to go into, as it would look odd to have them just end at the connector.  So that's how I came up with the distributor cap look.  :)

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