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[Scratch Build] RAZOR BX1 (Completed)


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Good Day Everyone!!!=)

Through the years. i have always wanted a test bench yet do not like to buy one, coz wanted it to have more of a like customize personal touch. But the problem is what should it look like?

Then this competition came up so i am forced to think right away so i could start on working, but still no idea is coming in my mind, then one morning after taking a bath and looking myself at the mirror, noticed that i haven't trimmed my hair for weeks, so i grab onto my razor and starts trimming, then it hit me, why don't i make something like this, not a razor but something like the grills on the shaver itself. Until now i don't know if it is still a good idea, it might look funny, but what the heck as long as i get to build myself a test bench and i'm good to go=)

weird inspiration=)


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