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[MNPCTech] Project: Rebel Alliance CMII


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Here is the airbrushing on the custom made front bezel for the Cooler Master Cosmos II. For the past year I've been mentored by our painter Brad in "The ways of the airbrush"...I've been working on the basics like shadowing, bolt heads, bullet holes. For this piece, I'm just shadowing in the recessed areas. btw, I'm using a Iwata HP-CH airbrush gun with Black Enamel paint.







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I gave the 5 empty holes around the fan hubs a more industrial look. I had just enough of the Red anodized socket screws left. Twizted used to sell these under his old company DragonModz, and unfortunately he doesn't have any more available. The grommets were taken from HD cages... I think they're from the Corsair C70 I cannibalized..lol




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It sounds like the vandal switches won't be arriving on time for us to install the bezel this weekend, so we'll have to wait till next week for that. This weekend we'll be working connecting all of the fans and PSU cable management

Here is some screen shots from footage Andrew and I recorded while working on Part4 of "Rebel A" video.. this was few days before we painted the bezel.







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In the workshop with Andrew yesterday, the bulgin switches were shipped late, and won't arrive on time to mount the bezel permanently. Andrew made more headway on CPU loop while I cable tied PSU cables into crevices. We were so focused, didn't grab a lot of photos, but I will scan for screen shots later while editing video. Andrew took this pic of the bezel temporarily mounted, without the fans.... until the switches arrive this week.


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