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2013 Case Mod Competition - Questions or Feedback Post Here!

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Cooler Master needs to do something about all these spammers. It doesn't look good for a technology company to be losing this kind of battle (which you clearly are losing). While I'm at it...Noobs need to learn how to post photos. Good luck to all and f**k you spammers.

We've got people on this, should be taken care of now :)

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May I ask when will other builds be posted on entries page?

As long as you post the entire worklog up by end of the contest, Jan 31st, it's fine. But of course we'd encourage you to share the progress earlier if possible.

I posted two completed worklogs and one work in progress. :)

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Good evening ...... when you finish the project it is necessary to send the final images also by email? Thanks ......Project Kuma-Ds viewtopic.php?f=60&t=16115

Nice work, and Yes...you have to send the e-mail. Please refer to Rules/T&C:

When you have fully completed your mod, submit your entry to mod@coolermaster.com.tw before the deadline (Jan 31, 2014). The following will be required during your mod entry submission:

- Your mod entry title

- Description/concept of your mod entry

- 5 or more pictures of your final mod entry (preferably 800 x 600 pixels in .jpg file format)

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