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[Cyprus 29] CM Stacker : Update 18: Custom Fan Enclosures

Jim Weist

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Hey there everyone! I wanted to share what I have done over the last couple weeks. I have 5 times the number of forums to update this time around so I am trying to stay on a 2 week update schedule unlike last build I tried to update every week. 


If you would like to see some live updates check out my Facebook modding page Clockwerk Case Mods:thumb:. I regularly post photos and share my work as I am doing it. Then head back to the forums for a bi-weekly update. I also share the work of friends and other modders I have met along the way in my time modding! Basically I just wanted to let you know where I can be found in between updates, now Ill get to my work.


A few Items arrived from MNPCtech.com! Some Modders mech, U-channel, rad screws, and a monkey modding decal!





I also found some metallic copper paint that matched almost exactly to brushed copper. I would of liked to stay with the reflective polished look but I also liked the brushed 


look very much as well. I am just happy I found a match!





One of the first things I worked on was building an extension area between the 2 cases to route tubing from bulkheads and route wires. For the way I want to run all my tubing it is definitely needed. The sad thing is i changed my mind on the way I will build it after a lot of work put into building up a frame out of MicroRax. I ran out of parts for the MicroRax and had to make my own. It was a huge pain and I decided to eventually fall back onto the aluminum cubes for an easier cleaner look.





I had to make cut outs to avoid screws.













That wasn't bad, the annoying thing was making the slide in threaded inserts.











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The good thing was, by doing all this work, I got a good look at what I will be working with when I build it back up in the next week and create the interior panel layouts. I have a few cool ideas right now for the panels to close in the extension area too.













After building up the case I broke it back down to do a little painting and redesign. I had a MNPCtech billet fan grill I have been wanting to use so I painted it according to the theme and got it mounted. Its use will be to mount a fan the pulls air into the PSU.















It the end I think it looks like it really belongs on this panel lol.





I put the panel back on and got a shot showing how it mounts and its purpose..




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I hit the copper paint on the front bezel, it really shows the contrast of the theme well, just like the billet fan grill.















I was at the store and grabbed 10 feet of copper tubing to play around with. I threw some Primochill ghost fittings on a piece to get a look at my tubing set up. Ill be using 


white revolvers in the actually loop.







Here are a few shots of how the rear panel is attached.









Lastly I mounted all the cubes to the bottom panel of the top case. You will see the significance next update.









Well thats all I have for now. I hope you are enjoying the build so far. Again like I said come check out my page if you wanna check on the build and other modding related stuff 


in between updates.Clockwerk Case Mods. Take care gents see you soon!


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This looks fantastic, the copper looks very nice.

i also like your table top band saw, its on my Christmas/birthday list :D

Thanks buddy! Its a scroll saw, I think it was on sale at lowes or home depot for under 100$ =D Its a cheaper model but gets the job done.

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Looks like you're going to town on that case. I like it. thumbsup.gif


Thanks Tek! Trying to man!


Looks like your making some headway!

Now get back to work and post some more pics!!!


Hahaha crackin the whip! lol Man IDK about over in Indy but here has been some horribly depressing weather. Hard to motivate. Had a few 50°+ sunny days and it went back down to the mid 20's. Its soul crushing lol I am trudging out to the shop today, I got on a roll yesterday and I am trying to keep the momentum. Check my FB modding page I post on there as I am working =D Updating 15 forums is quite a task to do it every week lol

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