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[Cyprus 29] CM Stacker : Update 18: Custom Fan Enclosures

Jim Weist

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Hey everyone! I am truly sorry for such a long break between updates! I recently got a new job and my hours of operation changed and it totally knocked me off kilter. I had a week or so go by without being able to do any modding because of being so tired. although over the last week or so I got back going and full speed ahead! Excited to finish up this build and photo and video the whole process!


Lets get on with it! thanks to my sponsors! You all are amazing and this build wouldnt be the same without you!




In this update I have a mix of things to share, I tore down my Grey Matter HAF912 build to harvest the parts because unfortunately I don't have the funds otherwise. In the end Cyprus29 and Black Frost will both benefit greatly from this decision.







After tearing down the rig, I build up my Primochill test bench to prep the OS, set up Raid0, and also test everything out so I could proceed with modding the motherboard. I picked up a Cooler Master HyperT4 from Microcenter to get render my videos in the mean time since Camtasia Studio 8 is CPU based and the stock cooler was overheating.







Then I picked up my second EVGA 780 GTX GPU for the build! Perfect timing since the price drop!







Then I got back into the shop and finished my top panel by adding a 22mm and 16mm white ring LED anti-vandal switches and a Primochill fillport. Then I added copper painted 1/4" acrylic square stock as trim around the top to match the extension area.











So that where I am sitting, Im going to finish a side project tomorrow for Akira749's Xenomorph build then I am back to work on Cyprus! 


I also videoed the process of all my work and will continue to do so after all the positive feedback! I noticed not a lot of people do this and I think it brings a good look into my modding world! Basically the videos will cover all the work that I do and my photos will be more of a final shot of the parts. It is about 10 times the effort to film and edit videos of my work so I hope you all enjoy it! I listened to the viewers and shortened the videos and made a separate one for each thing I mod. Here are the 4 videos for the work I have done in photos! I have to link them separate because I can't embed a playlist :wallbash: until the next update, enjoy the videos and Mod on!!



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Love the vids!

May have a project for you...small production run. Can you handle 30" X 18"??


Hey Buddy! Thanks! And yes my CNC can handle 44" by 24" right now until I mod it to accommodate the full 48x24.


Nice! I like the video updates. :D


Thanks! They are getting popular so I will continue with them! =D I really could use some Cooler Master social media page moderates to plug my youtube channel if they can, it would be super helpful to bring some traffic my way and to the video log for this build.

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