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Project Mega Deblow - Watercooled Desk


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Hi everyone,
My name is Rob, I'm new to forum posting in general so i hope i can make a good job of this, 
my first ever build/Log attempt.
I had some ideas that i put to paper, but most of the ideas were changed over time as i encountered problems, 
I will add some pictures of the design on the forum, Not the best artwork i admit, so i hope they make some sense 
For most of the build i used my phone to take the pictures for reference, 
as half my project was in the shed and the other half was in the house and as i have a broken leg it was very
hard to move around with the parts to check they were correct.
I will add as much info as possible, if i miss anything please just ask and i will do my best to answer asap.
Reason for build -
- More desktop space (get shut of the MASSIVE UFO case)
- Create better airflow
- Make more space for water cooling parts
- Have something different & something to do in my spare time :)
I also want to try make the desk as easy to dismantle as possible, so far i have managed to keep the PC its self contained in a easy to remove 930mm X 560mm box.
My Build Items Are -
CPU - i5 2500k @4.6
MB - Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3
RAM - Avexir Core Extreme Green Series 8GB DDR3 2133MHz
GPU - Asus Matrix 7970 platinum - Crossfire
HD's - 2X Seagate Barracuda = 6TB, OCZ Vertex 3 =120gb, OCZ Agility 3 =64gb, WD Green =2TB
PSU - CoolerMaster v1000
EK supreme CPU block 1155 Socket 
XSPC 1/2 ID 3/4 OD Tubing UV Green
Phobya Balancer 450 Reservoir
NZXT Fan Controller x2
12x CoolerMaster jet flow Fans
5x  CoolerMaster  sickleflow fans
Sharkoon Quad Cathode Kit
LED Strips x Lots
EK-fc970 Matrix Full Cover water block x2
EK-CoolStream RAD XTX (360) x2
EK-D5 Vario X-TOP High-Performance pump

facebook link - still needed updating but will be done soon. nice place to just look at the photos.

Im still working in the Vids for my youtube, will upload in the next week hopefully


Slideshow Build Log




thanks for reading :)
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The reason i went for L shape glass is that i wanted to be able to cover the glass 100% with ease when needed in order to block light and protect.





This was the original layout, most has stayed the same but i have changed the RAD & Pump positions and other small changes











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I really need to work on my 3D design skills, but hopefully they show you what i was planing :)


The Project is almost complete so hopefully wont take me too long to update the log.

But for now i must sleep  :blink:

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Fans for above the GPUs 



Whole cut for fans that will be at the right side of the MB blowing over the GPU's and MB, checking the wires are long enough,  most were but some had to be extended



checking how the switch and carbon look together, the switch will be replaced as soon as the ones i ordered arrive.








1st prototype switch and usb holder



2nd that was used in the final build



the whole front was rebuilt and rounded on the corners because it hurts if i catch my knee on the side as i spin my chair :(

pictures will follow later in the build

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1st running build, testing for temps as i did with the UFO case build so i can do a comparison when the final build is complete.






temp shown is for the water after the CPU and before the RAD

I will be updating the fans to CM Jet Flow 120mm, plane black 


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