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Project Mega Deblow - Watercooled Desk


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Finished my clear perspex RES holders, the inside groves are UV coated so they give of a green glow under the UV lighting, if the UV lighting is of they change to what ever color the RES is set to.










With camera flash on









Having another operation soon :(   So im hoping to have this build done and dusted before the end of next week (fingers crossed) 

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Finished my mouse mat, made from wood & perspex, wrapped in carbon to match the desk

also fitted a white LED to match up with my headset,mouse and keyboard 




Made a big hole in my leg when i dropped this scalpel, had to tape my leg together with some sellotape lol











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Received my CM Storm MECH last weekend and started working on some ideas to help match it up to my current build style, mostly carbon lol


heres how it looked when new, and directly below is one of the designs i deiced to use, wasn't too hard and didn't take long to complete


when i recover from my opp i might work on a second design involving a lot more air brushing





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The aluminum shell comes of very easily with the provided allen key, perfect for modding :)










This was another idea i had, but was very time consuming to get this far (5%), would have taken too long to complete so i decided to try some other ideas.




some more messing with ideas, looks a mess because i was using it for a brain storm.





Removed ready to start again, this time with my original idea 



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Here's a picture of what they looked like at the start apart from the Keyboard that i had already painted when i took this pic







The mouse to go with the headset and MECH, only wrapped it in carbon ATM, but will most likely paint it when i get out of hospital






I cut the mouse mat down to a size that worked best for me and has the same shape/light as the keyboard & mouse.

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I will be uploading final build pics today, but im going to start with some small displays showing important info.

The 1st is my tablet showing all PC info i will ever need i.e Volts,Temp,Usage,RAM and so on




and again the same program but with my custom info display, CORE tems for CPU & GPU's




And last of all the desk fan controller (only for desk fans not the RADs) the temp are showing desk temps and Room temps only.

I don't trust them from reading CPU/GPU temps but work perfect for room temps



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With RGB LED's you can have almost any color you want, its hard to show how it really looks in photos so i have taken 100s of photos lol

I wont spam the forums with them all but i will add them to my facebook page and give links in my last post.


The RES, Some show the LEDs at low setting and others are at MAX.




and some night shots of the desk with the same LED settings, I like the white but as im typing this update its all set to green :)






in this photo you can see the cover i made from fake leather, with all the LEDs off and the cover on the desk is 100% blacked out apart from the power,reset and LED switches


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