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mixed emotions today. i was going to borrow a friend's air brush and compressor. sadly, the compressor had been broken. so i went ahead and tried my luck with some rattle cans i had lying around from previous projects.






taped up the parts i wanted to remain black




sanded, and coated with white base coat.




now.. here was where i really needed the air brush. so i can define the pattern.. sigh.. looks like im going to have to beat up some kid for cash so i can buy a compressor. (but of course im kidding..)




testing.. so can can visualize better








i know there are easier and better ways to do a camo.. but the thing is, one big reason why i love to mod is, i can mod MY WAY. =)


clock's ticking..

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Hi guys,


Me again. im starting a new build for Asus and Cooler Master that will be set on display at Computex 2014. it will feature the Z97 Sabertooth and the new Devil's Canyon Processor (which i cannot include pics of yet until NDA is released). I only have 2 weeks to complete the project, so this will be a really quick ride. i hope you will join me again.


thank you to the sponsors:







what i will be working with:




Build logs will follow shortly. =)



Bro ... i love your Jetflo :D

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so.. i stared at the case for some few hours. something just wasnt "IT" for me. i didnt like how there were splatter marks. it was pretty hard to control the paint since i have only been using a regular rattle can. i got hold of a compressor today, and re did the whole thing with an airbrush. i think this looks a little more organized,and defined.


changed the base paint






cut up some acrylic and sized them up for the interior. as usual, just playing with some trial and error.




testing the look, for proper visualization. im more of a freestyle modder, so i really dont prefer any planning. i mod as i go, with whatever's available.













now.. all i need to do is wait a few days for the paint to dry, so i can wet sand it, to level up the paint and apply clear coat. =) cheers.

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those of you who know me or have seen my work on facebook, probably know i dont use lazer cutters or CnC's. not because of preference, but because of the LACK of it. so i work with what i have. patience.. passion.. and a scroll saw. =)


no.. i dont have a printer either.




taped the trace onto some 3/16 acrylic.




first cut




sanded the rough edges a bit.




started polishing, but a damn roach flew up my neck. freakin creep me out. i'll continue tomorrow.. when there is daylight. lol




thank you. =)

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I like that each project brings more talent out of you..... Its the modder that makes the tools and not the opposite.... Gratz mate.... beautiful work.

dude, that is the single most inspiring quote i have heard in a lonnnggg time. thank you.. thank you very very much. =)

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