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Project Ultima [Build log]


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Sorry guys for no updates for a while.. I was quite a bit sick.. Got some stomach flu and than a regular flu.. Shitty stuff all around..

But I'm better now, and let's get this ball rolling again! :D



Bitspower was finally sent me (I hope) the right fittings and not some prototypes again :D And also, I will do a review of one of their upcoming products, and I hope many more later :)

Everything is remeasured and prepared for some heavy wood and wall work, and I'll start chopping in the next few days :D

I've also finished my final EK motherboard block video, which will be rendering overnight and uploaded tomorrow :) and here is a shot of that :)

And that's all for now, cya a bit later when this video gets uploaded ;)



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Some of you on the forums and some sponsors have asked did I do some "actual" work, so today I took some time to prebuild the system on the floor, just so you all can see the layout and to test-fit everything, and to check out my computer measurements with the things I already built :)

Also I've done some tube bending, but I'm waiting for BP fittings to arrive to finish that.. And you can also see some types of screws, nuts, bolts and washers that I'll use to mount this beast to the wall :D

















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So, today I made a couple of things..


Firstly I drilled holes in "main board" (that's how I'll call it from now on) for motherboard standoffs and 4 SSD's.. For now I have only 2 SSD's, but I'll contact a couple of manufactures to see if they can contribute for 2 more, or 4 new ones :)

Also, SSD's will be easily removable, cause I'll pre-attach these bolts and plexiglass (later about that) on SSD, and then just slide it into these holes, and bolt heads will get stuck and it won't be able to fall out, but just as a precaution I will probably put some velcro or double sided tape too.


Then I test fitted everything and made this plexi cutout for cable extenders, and you'll see later how I'll implement them :)













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Hey guys, new update ! :D


The last part of Bitspower parts has finally arrived and those problematic fittings are much better now.. So in a last couple of days, I took the time to test them, decide where and how everything will fit and test-fit everything, and bagged and tagged it :D


Also, I almost finished marking everything up for cutting and I only need to design 1 more plexi panel and finalize the design of reservoirs.. And I hit the problem with those 3 big curved plexi covers, cause apparently no-one in my country can curve plexiglass in that radius, but only in strait 90 degree angle.. blahh.. So yeah, I will probably have to change my design a bit, but I don't think you will be disappointed with what I came up with :)


And here are a few shots :)











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