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Project Ultima [Build log]


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More sanding was done and the new more precise SSD backplates are finished!


Also, Bitspower sent two 360 radiators, CoolerMaster PSU and fans should arrive by the end of the week, and I ordered Mayhems dye which should arrive next week.. All is coming together nicely, just need a couple of SSD's, but still no news about them :(







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A number of you guys on forums were concerned will I finish this project on time for the Cooler Master's Case Mod 2015 competition.. So, just to let ya all know that I'm entering the final stretch :D


Frames on both side of the wall are drilled and the corresponding holes in the wall itself




And the main board is finished




As well as test-fitted :)








I will post a couple of updates if I get time to do them, but that should be enough for now :D


PS. Still waiting for some SSD sponsors... Nobody answered yet :(

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Had a bit of time to post you some things :D


Wall and boards were drilled for tubes






Everything is wrapped up and ready for assembly 






And everything is assembled and wired on main board, with some more tubes








A few more goodies from Cooler Master arrived ! And front part of the build is also assembled as you can see :D :D








Spin my babies, SPIN!





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I have an announcement to make


This mod won't be finished in time for CM Case Mod 2015 competition. I've given my all to do it, but it literally isn't possible to do in a given time-frame with all the delays I've encountered during the build process...


As you all know, EKWB has delayed my project by months and everything I have ever ordered for this project was stuck in shipping or couldn't be made in decent time-frame and I have given my sweat, blood and tears (literally) to make everything as fast as I can when it arrived, but it really isn't possible to finish in time for the competition.. The last drop that spilled the glass was cable sleeving, cause I got the necessary cables just yesterday (and I should got them around April 13.), and I tried to sleeve as much as I can during last night, but the connectors I got are too tight and not really suitable for sleeving, and I burned my fingers to under skin blisters and bruises, but I couldn't sleeve even a 1/4th of the cables I need to. There are 108 cables that need to be sleeved only for that main cable separator on top of the motherboard and even more around the rig, and it really isn't possible for me to do by myself in a day or two.


My final word is that I tried my best to do it as fast as I physically could, and I didn't mention it but I even didn't go to my collage master classes for half a school year for this, and I as you saw I pushed my body to the breaking point, and even though I wanted it so much, the project just can't be finished in time for this competition..


But I won't give up on it just because there are some bad people in the world and Ultima will be finished as soon as my hands recover.


I want to thank all of you for support and all of the sponsors for understanding the situation and you will hear from me soon! :)

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A tinny dragon to make your day :D




And here's a bit of an update :)


What do you think this thing will be??




Partial sponsorship from Computers.rs has arrived, they lend me those SSD's to compete the project for photoshoot :)






And these darn things were what delayed my project for that CM competition :(




Everything assembled and ready for mounting on the wall




Reservoirs leak testing






And Bitspowers radiators finally came from customs yesterday, so yeah.. Had no chance of finishing project in time :(




And just some things :D



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I tried doing those damn cables over and over again, and they really don't look as good as I hoped.. So, out of all of that, I can proudly announce a new sponsor to this build:






I asked them for help, and they agreed to make me the cables I need for this project in a couple of weeks time (cause they have to be custom made) :)

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So guys, there was a bit of a delay to get all the cables I need, but most of them are here now and they look AWESOME !

Big thanks for Icemodz once again!!! :D


I ordered them with one side without connectors so I can pass them through my cable sorter and it came out pretty nice.. They are also pretty stiff so I dont think I will use combs, but we'll see about that later :)









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