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Project Green Machine

Brian White

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Hello everyone here on the CM Forum.  My name is Brian White and I didn't get a chance to ever share my work log for my HAF XB Mod I did for Cooler Master for CES in 2012.


I would like to share the entire process and will soon be posting my new X99 Cosmos mod.


This a sneak peak at my newest project I started last week.  Some of the parts are to be announced as they are currently under NDA so once that it lifted I will make the appropriate announcement.
***As of midnighht last night the NDA was lifted on the case so I will be posting up some pictures of it later to tonighht***
Also I am modding this case for CES and it will be featured at the Cooler Master suite!
List of parts to be used:
Case: Cooler Master HAF XB
PSU: CoolerMaster 1300W Silent Pro Hybrid
CPU: Intel I7 3770k
Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Sniper Z77
Memory: Patriot Viper Extreme 32 gb
Sleeving: MDPC
SSD's: Intel
GPU's: 3 EVGA GTX 680's HydroCopper
Swiftech Apogee HD CPU Block
Alphacool 360 RAD, 12 RAD, & 240 RAD
Danger Den Reservoir
Aqua Computer 1500 lph Bitspower conversion pump kit
Mayhems Pastel Mint Green
Primo Chill 3/4 Tubing
Fans: Coolermaster Excaliburs
Keyboard: Coolermaster Storm Trigger (with cherry blue btw) 
Mouse: Coolermaster Sentinel II advance
Headset: Coolermaster Storm Sirus
Sponsors for this build.  I am forever grateful to my sponsors as this build would never be possible without them.  This list will be updated as I am hoping and anticipating some more great companies to help me out if all goes as planned.
It will be a little bit of  time until I can update this build log but it will be worth the wait I hope.
I have always wanted to do an NVIDIA themed build even thought there re so many of them out there.  I have a deep rooted love for NIVIDIA so if that is the case I will be using this:
Here are some samples of the powder coating I will be using in this build.
I just got home from work and I found another mysterious package that I was keeping my fingers crossed for, so without further ado I am officially doing 3 way SLI with this mod.  Thank you so much EVGA for sponsoring this build, you will be proud when I am done with it.
They will look a bit more sexy once I install the EVGA hydro copper blocks.
As you can see I just received a Gigabyte G1 S***er 3 from Gigabyte
Also I received an I7 3770k from Intel that Cooler Master was able to get for me as well as some other goodies.
Now it is time to cut up all the things.  I will be placing an order with Frozen CPU for about $1000 and will post up more pics when that gets here but it will be quite some time till the NDA is lifted and I can actually show you the progress of the build.
Oh and I forgot to mention that I won an Intel SSD 180gig 520 series SSD from the mod contest at Lanfest....i took 1st Place...lol  So I will be using this as the primary in the Green Machine.
Now I have my work cut out for me.
Small update on the build log.  
Got a huge package today from Frozen.
Swiftech Apogee HD Block (My favorite)
360 Rad
240 Rad
120 Rad
3 EVGA 680 Hydro Copper full coverage blocks.  I received backplates from EVGA a few days ago.
"Also it is very close to being able to reveal what case I am modding and can't wait to share with you guys"
Here is a look at the blocks.  Doing a lot of work on the case now things are really starting to come together.
Now to transform my air cooled cards...
It never ceases to amaze me how much thermal paste they put on GPU's...
I have to say they look a lot sexier now
Well I better get back to work modding time is  wasting but just wanted to give an update.  Cutting a lot of holes and planning my loop in detail now that I have all the parts.
I am predicting this case to be a huge success for Cooler Master especially with the price point.  At first I was unsure until I actually started taking it apart.  The motherboard tray is completely removable with only a couple thumb screws and it just has so much potential to really go any way you want with it.
Here is a first look for you guys like a run around of the case:
True hot swap drive bays are included.
Here it is naked with the side panels and top panel off to give you an idea of what can be put in this case:
You can see the SSD mounting rack here which is removed by screws and has several different mounting options stock without having to mod anything:
Top View:
Front Panel removed:
My first test of my equipment using air: (I overclocked the CPU to 4.9ghz and the cards and got 21093 in 3dMark11)
I will post some more pictures to***ht after I finish cutting some holes for my 360 RAD which is going on the bottom tray.  It barely fits with just enough room for me to parallel it with my 240 RAD which is mounting on the front of the case as you can see in these pictures. Also I want everyone to fully be able to see the Reservoir and the Mayhems Pastel Mint Green so I am actually modding the side panel to accept the Danger Den Res as also seen here.
Also I am a stickler for detail especially with a case that I am doing for Cooler Master and all the generous sponsors backing this build so I am modding the waterblocks and removing the Red leds and replacing them with Green that way EVGA's name will be illuminated Green on the waterblocks.
Here I have cut my top panel window, "yeah I like big windows"  lol
Even though I am powder coating it I have a habit of taping before I cut...lol
Not bad for a rough cut.  One thing about this top panel is you can't use a jigsaw to cut it due to the beveled honeycomb portion making it impossible to get a level cut so this was all steady hand dremel and then jigsaw to cut the rounded edges.
Here is the removable motherboard tray:
I'm using an Alphacool Ut 60mm 360 rad and it just barely fits.  I mocked up my hose runs and it will work out perfectly.
Here I am just marking out the center so I can drill my pilot hole.
Next up I did a test run with my knockout punch to make sure it is going to cut properly since I bought it used:
There we have it, a perfect hole cut into an old case.  Well that's it for now, gonna go finish cutting my rad holes.
Thanks for looking.
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I wanted to give an update of what I completed today.


I cut the 360 rad holes out of the bottom of the case and was able to successfully cut out the red led's from two of the EVGA hydro copper waterblocks and replace them by soldering in Green led's.  Now when you fire up the cards the top portion where it says EVGA is a nice Green color.  


I have this weird issue with builds where they are based on a certain color but have a bunch of different color led's everywhere...lol


First I had to remove the feet so I thought I'd share with you guys how they are connected.  Just have to peel off the rubber and remove one phillips screw..






Here you can see how it cut into one of the little uholes on the bottom tray.  This wasn't a mistake, I had to offset the rad placement for the side where the flow is going to be since that side sticks out farther on the UT60 version of the alphacool.




A mock placement of the rad with fans installed to make sure my hole layout was a success....so far so good.




I won't be using those copper screws but have black ones going in after powder coating is done.


Here I have snipped out the red led from the hydro copper block:




Even though it wont be showing I decided to just use some green heatshrink to put over my solder points.









Well that's it for today. Tomorrow it's road trip to Microcenter to get a couple single slot spacing water sli fittings and I have to do the 3rd hydro copper block.

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Thank you guys.  @Nathan I would love to be able to attend PAX east but I don't think I can afford it as I have spent a ton of money in this build but I would love to go so maybe.


Well yesterday really didn't go as planned.  I originally was going to go to my local MicroCenter since they seemed to have started to stock more water cooling fittings.  I ordered online for local pickup swiftech lock seal connectors the 11-18mm but then when I checked my email they said they didn't have them.


Talk about being frustrated so I did what any good modder did and I picked up the phone and called Swiftech directly and they were nice enough to let me place an order with them and I made a road trip to Long Beach and picked up fittings directly from them....:)


I have all 3 680's now with Green Led's so the EVGA logo will light up green when powered on and here you can see the single slot spacing swiftech adapters installed.  These are the best solution for this application.




I'm still waiting on 10 90 degree fittings from Frozen CPU but I did some mockup hose and fitting placements.  Here is a shot to show just how close the fit is with the 360 rad on the bottom:




Now I am just waiting on my Swiftech pump I ordered from FrozenCPU, I went with the new MCP655-PWM.


I am going to work on the reservoir mounting today.  Basically the handles on the case are removable so I will be utilizing this to make holes underneath the handle that way you won't see any outside screws or bolts holding the reservoir in place.



I'll try and post more of the project tomorrow just to share it again.  I haven't modded anything in a year and I really finally got a permanent place to live in South Dakota with a little workshop but positing this is giving me the insight to get busy again and start pumping out some quality mods again.

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Small update, I had to redo my top panel window so here is the final version with window uchannel installed.  It is going to work perfectly to show off the components at CES!






Here you can see my reservoir placement.  I have actually mounted it to the side panel with some 6/32 countersunk style screws and tool less nuts.  What I did was remove the plastic handle and underneath them there are two guide nubs of plastic so I cut these off and utilized the existing holes for my screws.  This way there is no screws that will be seen on the outside of the side panel because they are concealed underneath the handle as seen here.






I have this pump combo coming with the new Swiftech MCP655 PWM installed but with the matte black kit .



Also waiting on 10 90's for the loop because this is completely custom and I do not like messy loops with hoses all over the place.  Each hose run will be minimal to have the best performance and look possible with the choice of rad placements.




Also should be getting my Mayhems pastel mint green sometime next week as well.


Small update.....


I always like to pay close attention to detail on my mods so i have actually installed an acrylic window to double check the fit and functionality when removing and replacing the top panel.  Everything looks great imo so here are some shots of the installation process.










I also spent quite a few hours measuring and cutting 3/4 x 1/2 hose and labeling them after I cut the appropriate lengths.


This build as with all of my mods uses a lot of 90 degree fittings and offsets so it has to be carefully planned out in order to achieve the clean look that I am aiming for as well as the performance that comes with it.  I can't stand a bunch of hoses criss crossing all over the place in a case.


I really enjoyed this shot so thought I would share it....




And of course one of my signature things I am going to attempt to always incorporate into my mods is an actual functioning fill/drain port as seen here:






Well that's it for now, it's been a long day installing security cameras and then modded for a few hours so it's off to get some zzzzz's now.


So I met the fedex guy today and finally got that pump in that Andrew is considering.   Also received my 10 90degree compression fittings and some m3 screws I needed.  Here are some pictures of it.








Once I sleeve the cables with green mdpc it will look much nicer and I have to say it fits just perfectly down their next to that 360 rad.


Well I decided on the pump placement and had to modify the mounting a bit but this will be powder coated.







What I do is precut all my tubes and label them for ease of the rebuild after powder coat and paint.




Now I'm going to relax and do some proper sleeving....




Ok so wanted to post a small update.


Sleeving is coming along nicely.  If anyone has ever tried to sleeve a Cooler Master 1300W Silent Pro Hybrid you will not that the PCIe cables are one of the most challenging to sleeve in the industry.  Normally I like to just do a set of custom extensions to keep the colors of each individual wire of the 6 pin and or 8 pins to give it a more fluid color scheme but this creates more cables to manage and I've been wanting to tackle this challenge on these PSU's so here are the results.


One thing I did was remove one of the + 2 dongles on each set of PCIe cables because I am using 3 GTX 680's so all I need are six 6 Pins.








I also sleeved the Swiftech MCP655 PWM so now I can break her down for chemical stripping and powder coat.




That's it for now so going to be sleeving up the rest of the stuff like all of my Excalibur fans and painting them as well.

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