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Hey guys, ASUS asked me if I would like to build a PC involving one of their new Strix series of products, and I enthusiastically accepted. So I'm here with a new project called "NightStrix." This will be a scratch build, and will feature the new Strix R9 280 graphics card, as well as a 1200w power supply and Nepton 280 AIO cooler from Cooler Master.

Components to be used so far:

ASUS Maximus VII Hero Motherboard
Intel i7 4790k proc
16Gb DDR3 ADATA Memory
ASUS Strix R9 280 Video Card
4x 128Gb ADATA SSD
Coolermaster v1200 Power Supply
Coolermaster Nepton AIO CPU Cooler

Kobra Maxcord sleeving from Primochill

Here is the concept art, with difference viewing angles..



I'll be posting more pics as I accumulate all the pieces for the build. Thanks to ASUS and Coolermaster for giving me this great opportunity to continue doing what I love most. Cheers!


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I'm still finalizing the details of the design before I can send the files out for laser cutting. There is a lot of work that goes into the preparation in order for all the pieces to fit the way they're supposed to when I get them. So the more time I spend on the design now, the less time I'll have to spend later working the pieces so they'll fit together lol.

In the mean time, I thought I'd show you all the goodies that will be going into this build..

ASUS Maximus VII Hero Motherboard

Intel i7 4790k processor

ADATA XPG 16Gb DDR3 Memory

ADATA 128Gb SSD x4

Cooler Master V1200 Power Supply

Cooler Master Nepton 280 AIO CPU Cooler


140mm fans


Custom Panel Mount Cables (HDMI, Ethernet), PCI-E extension Cable, 90º Power Cable, Silverstone USB3 + Card reader


Kobra Maxcord sleeving


Once I get all the pieces laser cut and sent back, I'll have more progress to show. until then!

Thanks also to ASUS for this amazing opportunity to participate in the Strix Modding, Cooler Master, ADATA, and Primochill for their support for this project.



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Got my designs finalized last week and sent off to the laser cutter! Here's a quick overview of all the pieces that will be cut..




Special thanks go out to Primochill for helping me once again on this project!


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Small update on the NightStrix..  While I'm waiting for my acrylic to arrive, I spent some time applying carbon fiber vinyl over the Strix GPU cover.


First thing I did was to remove all badging and decals.



I removed the backing on the CF and layed the cover down onto it, leaving enough room around the edges.



Then I just went around the cover with an x-acto knife and cut away all the excess, and working the CF down onto the cover.  Once that was done, I could re-apply all the badging and decals.






And back on the card..





Now back to sleeving the PSU...


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Progress!  I finally got my acrylic in, so I went straight to work..

Here's the motherboard tray..

Here are the main pieces that will go in the center of the case.

I made up some gears that will be used to help the doors open together, yet opposite each other.

They will be mounted onto the bulkheads like so, and the doors will be fastened to them.

When the doors are opened, the gears will keep them operating simultaneously.

Positioning the Cooler Master V1200 PSU in the center of the case, and will go in between the two main bulkheads.


Here are the door skins, which will be connected by numerous transparent red slats.  These are the front pieces.

And these are the back pieces.  You can see the built-in fan grills for the 280 Nepton which will be mounted behind it.

More front pieces that will accentuate the Strix GPU that will be peaking through.

I'm in the process of making L brackets to mount the bulkheads to the base, then connecting them to each other via threaded rod and spacers.  If all goes well, this should come together fairly quickly  <crosses fingers>

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