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Gaia Case Mod


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Here is a preview of my 2014 case mod, which I plan to enter in the 2014 Cooler Master competition. The mod this year is called "Gaia". Gaia is the name of the mother of the Greek gods aka Mother Earth.


The Style of this case will use hard lines, appear rustic and use earth-toned color schemes. The main material this year is 22 gauge steel. 



Thank you to Primochill for their sponsorship this year! I am expecting my full water cooling system in the mail any day now. 



Thank you to Georgianna Daily at http://gwldybg.wix.com/allnightcreative  with your sponsorship 6ce00859-ab8d-4385-9b8f-fca69f224a29_zps of our beautiful logo you have created! 


I will be using the Haf Stacker for my mod this year. This is a beautiful Cooler Master with so much potential! 


Thanks for looking and I look forward from hearing from you guys!



Went ahead and bought three pieces but now that I see it it's going to be to big.



Didn't take long to tear her down. Lots of useful parts!



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I decided to rivet the bottom and the top piece together and used Bondo to fill in the crease.




After lots of sanding.




Now redoing the front so it will fit together again and gutting the center to get ready for the fans.






Testing spacing to make sure I can squeeze 5 fans in and it looks good!




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I cut some steel strips to close up some of the open areas to focus on the fans details. They leave enough open area to see the colored rings the fans will make!




I used Bondo on the front where I joined the top bezel and the bottom bezel together. I doesn't seem strong enough so I attempted to have steel bent around it for some added strength!




It came out a little uneven so I used Bondo again to fill in gaps and to recreate the end caps! I love me some Bondo!

Next post I'll be finishing the front piece and adding some primer!


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