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CM haf 932


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First of all hello every body my name is christian dumdum. And this is my design. Took 2yrs of planning and saving money . Because im a bit poor. Hehehe. I DO VERY NEED a SPONSOR RIGHT NOW TO DO MY WORK . Pm just pm me on facebook (christian dumdum) or email me on yahoo.Christian_1550@yahoo.com . I really need it bady . I dont have the money to buy high end. Part. But thanks to EKwb. They are sponsoring me for the water cooling set. Now. I need a GPU . Mobo . Proc. And psu . And some fittings. Im looking at you bitspower . Cooler master intel asus/msi. Or etc. I traded my cosmos2 to a haf 932. Beacuse i need money. So ill be staring to mod a haf 932 from cooler master. Tnx stay tooned. For the updates. Ps . My goal is to be featured at least one of the videos of linus . Have sponsorship to many companies. To be famous at some sites and pages . At fb. And lastly to win a rigshow here at DAVAO PHILIPPINES. smile.png its been almost 3ysrs . For the people there i do really need sponsors. Tnx smile.png more power to the people here   PS : COOLER MASTER I NEED YOUR SPONSORSHIP :( PLS IM POOR  . i dont have a good budget for my costom case  . just this photos for now cant upload more because of the limit size of the pics =/=  thanks for all the help that i can find tnx 







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