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[BUILD LOG] - Cosmos 2 - Project Nebula

James Austin

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I have only done some minor mods to this case because I feel that this is just about as unique looking as it can get however I hope you like the subtle work so far. Now for what I thought was very tricky! The mid plates.....




I decided to go for an acylic top mid plate (10mm thick) due to the strength this would offer and for the support it would have for the two pumps and res I will be mounting to it. I am only running this plate up to the HDD cage as I need those cages for all my drives and I couldn't figure out a clean way to do this without it looking ugly. The last quarter of that mid section will be concealed.

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Next was to make an L shape bracket to run along the bottom of the case and act as a support to the aluminium side panel I will be bolting to it, the case and the acrylic panel in the middle....









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Now time to work out the fan holes for the side panel......this took me 3 attempts, I failed all times, went through 3 sheets of aluminium and ended up getting a friend to do this using one of his plasma machines. Fail...



Notice the groove cut out at the bottom right? It was for one of the things at the front of the case sticking out or this panel would not go in!





It fits........yes!



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I guess just before some people start saying it isn't too different looking, well this is kind of my point. I want this build to represent the word "cosmos" and the already unique look of this fantastic case. I purposely wanted the paint to highlight the Cosmos logo on the top too. It looks pretty cool. Anyways, on with the small tweeks to the acrylic mid plate...




I had to drill out some grooves at the back of this plate for it to fit snug with some of th rivets sticking out at the back..



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Now do my pumps fit?...........




Ok not looking too bad...




Ok this is tight!!!!......




All my wires in the case are custom sleeved and my purple themed wires are on their way to me as I write this. Pics will be up in the next week.


In the meantime I will put progress on my cards and board up,,,

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Totally devastated to find out that the ram EK blocks I bought are not compatible with dominator platinums DDR4...in fact no waterblocks are!! Ah well, when the price comes down for the ram these blocks will be put to use as I can't return the platinums now and they cost a bloody fortune...









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