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[BUILD LOG] - Cosmos 2 - Project Nebula

James Austin

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Using the Dremel and a file I have gind away the small raised slots that were holding the Cooler Master lock buttons for the optical drives on the front side of the case. I will be mounting an airbrushed piece of acrylic to this panel to cover the holes and give it a nice finish.





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Some of the Bitspower fittings are here but at least double this again is due to arrive but most places in the UK are out of stock for what I need so am having to source the rest from Highflow in Holland. They should be here by next week...




And now I am trying to get my head around the most complex part of this build which is of course the loop and which fittings to use where. I have sorted out where one of my mini drain valves will be going which is at the bottom coming out of the 240 rad but right now I am f***ed with the CPU and Motherboard loop because I have no way to add a second mini valve for that loop due to lack of room and don't know what to do at this stage. There will be a way but it might not be the best. Below are some pics of me working out what will be best where without tubing or anything actually firmly screwed down.





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On for the last phase of the interior artwork.












I am using 2 Noctua PWM Industrial fans on the bottom 240 rad which I have still not mounted. This is going to fit at the back of the case and exhaust air out of it. I have decided to add 2 seperate Noiseblocker Black Silent Pro fans to my side panel at the front of the case. The reason being, they are dead silent and I much prefer the colour and gloss finish.






My final parrts arrive this week and I hope to get this build complete by next weekend with more pics.

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Another mountain of fittings arrive ready for this weekends building...




Barebones inside with side panel...




Some shots of the fittings....













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I have sourced my custom sleeved wires from a UK supplier who have made these from scratch and these wires are the full length, not extensions. I am still undecided on whether they are too over the top although the colours are nice. I might still just stick with black. What do you guys think?


















For anyone living in the UK, these wires are made by James at Pexon Pc's. They are based in Manchester (I think).

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