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[BUILD LOG] - Cosmos 2 - Project Nebula

James Austin

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Top 360 radiator is mounted and I have started to properly begin tubing up the system witht he short joins first...















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Some pics of my WD Velociraptors befire they go in. They come with their own heat sinks (needed at 10,000htz!)...








I have now permanently fixed the pumps in now.....




With absolutely no space in between....






The wonky tubing above the top graphics card is obviously unfinished and that's because I am still deciding what to do with it....















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Deciding where to hide away the UV LED strip. I am thinking here tucked away on the rad. Just got to figure how to keep it stuck there as double sided tape and the sticky back it comes with is just not enough!





Bit of a mess down here at the moment but will be fixed up soon...





I have got to figure out how to keep the tubes coming back in to the case from the rear, remain parallel once they enter the main body of the case and feed into the top of the reservoirs. One needs to be above the other however the way I have the loops configured, its proving to be a nightmare. I will find a work around somehow.





The tubing inside the case is continuing at a very slow pace as I am sanding every single bit of tubing down so it is perfect with no chance of leaks (touching a massive lump of wood)





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Final stage of the build now. Here is the loop which is now complete inside the case however the tubing at the back still needs to be done...














And in goes the front panel.....














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