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[BUILD LOG] - Cosmos 2 - Project Nebula

James Austin

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I stupidly ran my loop only to find out that using inlets as outlets in the mod top would result in absolutely no water movement whatsoever. So after a huge fail and disappointment I had to go back a step and reconfigure all my loop. However after another full days work and a change around, not only does my loop look better, but it's currently leak testing and so far it looks excellent, works fab and can't wait to boot her up now.....here are the pics........


The lines are better and I didn't like the fitting configs coming out the front pump. Now it looks so much cleaner and you can see all the fittings.












And now for the colour..........























Let me know if you guys think this is a good colour. I am completely open to a change up if you think something else will look better. I will not use Aurora though.

Now some pics below with a UV light on although I am not sold that this looks good. Still undecided whether to have a UV light or not. I am putting some RGB remote control LED's in here though regardless. Obviously purple is the theme :)













More pics of the finished and final build coming this weekend. I am going to try and find a decent camera and get some real good ones taken.

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Hi guys. I am pleased to say that my build is fully complete and has been for a few days but I have been very busy with work. The system runs superbly (scoring over 20,000 in 3D mark normal fire strike) although my cards don't seem to overclock massively. The system looks really good with the lighting and everything. Unfortunately pictures and a video will not be complete until next weekend becuase tomorrow I am off to Miami for pleasure and leaving the cold UK behind for 6 days. I promise to have the pics up by next weekedn without fail...possibly sooner.

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I landed this afternoon from Miami and am sadly working tomorrow and Friday all day but this weekend it will be 100% complete with pics and hopefully a video. The system is running great and scores over 20,000 on firestrike at 1080p

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Ok guys. Some pics coming now of the finished build althoug I need to get some professional ons done and I also need to make a video.


The Noctuas here are 2 pulling air out of the case and one pushing air into it...


[/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s95.photobucket.com/user/Austintacious777/media/Project%20Nebula/IMG_1456_zpsopwpaurx.jpg.html'>IMG_1456_zpsopwpaurx.jpg

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