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CM Cosmos Dean "Kreij" Kortenhoven edition ( tower mod )


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Update before the week ends.


On the last days I managed to make the doors, but at this point  did not finished, the next weeks are to "calibrate" the work so far, and meaning calibrate means to take the next steps like weld, sand, wash, paint and go home to ensemble the hardware.


The photos right next...














Have a nice weekend :) .

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For the 80mm fans I suggest the Coolermaster 80x15mm fans, because are thin and look smaller in comparison with the 80x25mm, Coolermaster product code: 200025340-GP

Thanks napolitano enrico, but I´ll use 80X25 mm fans and I´m thinking in the Artic Cooling F8.

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Here comes an update,


This time I almost finish the paint with glossy black, but still need to make a few lines with other color,


What color should I choose between white, gold, red or blue?


This color needs to be in the same way as the motherboard color scheme,


The following pictures.


The radiator is an Alphacool ST30 240mm with two CM Sickleflow 120mm fans ( without leds) on back.



I´m thinking about the Asus H97M-plus and the gold color scheme.


Until then.

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Hi everyone,


This is very bad, I had ordered the fans, motherboard, para cord and more and guess what,

The store was only three Artic Cooling 80mm fans and it cost me two weeks for the fourth fan.

In the mean time i received some packages.

The Asus H97M Plus and a Sapphire R9 290 borrowed to this project.




The best blocks in entire world close to my camera range.


The cpu block was only available in plexy, lucky for me I find the mate black spraycan to match the acetal from gpu block.




The EK gpu block in acetal with the backplate.





Now with a sample of paracord sleeving in black, gold, the color of this cause, and the white for the fans, I´m a fan of this cause.



That is all for now,


The next week I should be able to ensemble the Kreij case and paint the other beast.


Thank you guys for your support.


Have a nice weekend.

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