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Snow Trooper Worklog

Chris Talbot

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Parts Specs.    i7 4770k, Asus Z87 Gryphon, Dual Asus R9-290DCU|| in Crossfire, Samsung Evo SSD, Seagate 4 tera storage drive, XSPC rads, XSPC 270 Photon Res/pump, Bitspower fittings, Cooler Master Storm Stryker case, Cooler Master 1000w psu, EK Water blocks.


Pics might be up tonight.


(IF I can figure out HOW to post them!)

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Made some great progress today.   Got 90% of my Plexi panels cut and fitted.  Mounted the Photon Res/Pump.  Mounted the Upper and Front Rads.  Started the cut-outs for the front fans.  Got the Mobo surround fitted and trimmed to fit the TUF Fortifier.  And I even got the DVD drive cut out 90% done!   Man it was a good day.  Now, if only FrozenCPU would ship my 2nd order,  I can get some of the routing finalized.   (And start on the Miles and Miles of sleeving I have to do) 


Pics up tomorrow.  That's enough for one day.

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(this is a bit of a Ramble of sorts,  sorry for that)
Now that my build is nearing completion, I wanted to get into the Whys of my build.  As my Finished pictures will show,  i might have the Least Modded case in the contest.  And I have reasons for this!  I always wanted a Super PC (Loads of CPU and VGA power), and of course,  to Any True Modder,   it has to Look as good (if not Better) than it performs!!  But i also HAD to factor in,  that this PC was to be a Daily Use machine!   That is Also Portable! (Somewhat, as we All know Liquid cooled PC's are Not that Lite!)

This is one of the Top reasons I chose the CM Storm Stryker Case for my platform.  The Very beefy handles on this frame were perfect for a Large "Portable" case.  That and I have always liked White cases! From the first time I laid eyes on the Stryker case I already had the vision of the complete build! (Within reason).  I knew there would be room for Dual GPU's,  and a good size water loop, including the XSPC Rads and Res that I had been eyeing for almost a Decade!!  I knew this case could fit at Least a 2 bay And a 3bay rad,  I knew I would have room for Multiple HDD's (although it turned out placing them was Not easy) as still have room for a Large Res.  

From the get-go, I knew the Stryker would need Some modding to make it the way i envisioned it, but I also knew that it wouldn't take much.  I needed to remove the entire front frame and HDD cages to make a fully open design.  And i knew I was going to close off the bottom section to provide a place to hide all the wiring and undesirables.  And I knew I was going to need to modd the front panel to some extent, to be able to mount 3 fans on the front.   I also wanted to still be able to include an optical drive!

I knew that one way or another,  this case Could satisfy everything i would want in a case.  (Although I was still in for a Sticker Shock with the price of the "Mod Parts" that I would need!)  

So,  now armed with all the parts I would need,  I set out to build a Daily use machine,  that Looked like something you would see in a High-End PC showcase!  

All of this was being done for ME!  and Me alone!   Then low and behold,  not long after I decided to take my Stock rig to the next level, I came across a FB News feed from Cooler Master!  Something about a Case Mod Contest!!    And here I was Already building one!   SO I entered!!   I would have built this PC either way (Contest or not).  But with it being a Contest Rig now,  I just took it a Little farther!  (in terms of Neatness and Looks).


So, for me, the bottom line is, I now Own my Dream PC, in All it's Epic Snowy Goodness!  And if i can manage to Win a spot in the finals, that would be Awesome Too! 

I have Always been into "Modding" things of one sort or another (My wife calls me "Alter Boy" because I Alter Everything I own!).  I have always wanted a Fully modded PC,  but just couldn't swing the $, until Now!
The only 2 things that are stopping me from doing this More, and to a higher standard is $ and Work-space.  I used to have access to a few shops where I could work, sadly that is no more.  And as some of you likely know, it's not easy to Mod/cut/grind and things of that sort, when you live in a Very small apartment building!!   Even the simplest things like cutting some Plexi for a new trim panel becomes a Week long Chore!!  (Find a Table saw you can borrow,  rent a Shop,  Get there,  do your work, go home,  need more panels,  start the process over again!!)  Hopefully by next year I will have access to a shop again,  and be able to enter a something a little more Extreme in next years contest (yes I'm thinking about Next years already - Codename ~ "Console Killer"!)


That's all for now.   Uploaded MANY pics to my gallery today,   should get some of them into These posts a little later tonight!

Cheers and Happy Modding! 

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