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Project Re-invented


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welcome to update 5.5, this will just be a quick one to show what ive been upto... (sorry about the slightly blurry pic's, I couldn't be bothered getting the tripod instead of the monopod)


so my sleeving (parracord) arrived




I first tested the PSU before voiding the warranty.... wouldn't want it to be DOA



and then I started to try and de-pin the psu, however some of the pins were especially persistent, so I decided to make "freebee atx extractor V3", which can be seen on the right, with V1 on the left




I originally tried making an atx extractor about a year ago when I was working on my lian li pc-A10, I didn't want to pay $15 to get a simple piece of metal shipped into the country or $25+shipping for one in Australia, especially when I had no immediate need for one, so copping the simplest design that I could find I had a go at making one (v1), it worked, however felt that it was a bit rough, so I re-made it in a bit nicer shape, however I still wasn't satisfied, but had no need for making a better one at the time


so when v2 was struggling, I decided that it was time to make version 3, which has replaceable "pins" allowing them to be swapped out or adjusted if they ever get badly bent or damaged


anyway that concludes this quick update, I hope you enjoy it and I any comments or questions are appreciated 


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welcome to project re-invented update 6


where I made..... a mess


in order to make things much better...


Yes, this is the sleeving update, and I won't babble for too long so as to not exasperate any of you


and all was going well till I came across what I could only refer to as a sleever's worst nightmare



but that was easily solved with a lot of tape, patience and persistence...



to make the psu look a lot better...












now It has been requested to explain how I "heatshrinkless" sleeved the double wires



im going to try and explain it using some random wire and spare parracord as I don't have any spare psu's lying around with double wires




firstly.... im no sleeving expert, this is my first sleeving job, and if just sharing what worked for me.... i am not liable if you follow this and something bad happens, eg. it comes to life and murders your kittens ect.

also if you manage to do it perfectly the first go you are extremely lucky... my first three or so turned out extremely ugly, but they looked a lot better after that


the important part is to cut the ends at an angle and position them like shown, then melt as per normal trying to fuse the two pieces of sleeve together, while locking it in place on the pin, but not building up too much bluk around the metal, (a lot of things which contradict each other, the trick is to get a perfect balance)



frequently you will need to "trim" the excess plastic bulk so that it will fit in the connector, and even then you are quite lucky if it goes the whole way in without any force, (I sometimes needed to force it in using long-nose pliers)



so now all that's left to do with cabling is to lace these and sort out the sata power harness..


this concludes update 6, I  hope to finally have the metalwork finalised within the next week, which will be update 7,


until then feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have.

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Ok this will be update 6.5 and it will be a very quick one,


so this build is designed to use a 2.5" drive and due to lack of funds for an ssd of suitable capacity, this build will be running a hdd


the HDD to be used is a 250gb one pulled from an old laptop...



and I've been thinking of different ways to make it look a bit less ugly considering its going to be visible in the end....

one such idea was to put some book covering vinyl on it, which I have decided will likely be as shown below or matte black





so the main reason for this update is to share the thought process, and also to get some feedback with regard to how the pacman/space invaders pattern looks on the HDD, and please feel free to say how you feel about it, 




and as always feel free to comment or ask any questions!

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This is a nice project.


I really like paracord sleeving. As long as I can I will use paracord.

My Cooler Master PSU is fully modular but still is a nightmare to sleeve.

I separated pci-e cables and used an extention for the 24pin. And the double wires I couldn't avoid using, I soldered to one wire and hid the joint with heatshrink towards the psu where it will not be visible. No matter what you do you can not match the perfection of the heatshrinkless paracord single sleeve.



Your attempt for the double wires was very good though. Keep it up!

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No matter what you do you can not match the perfection of the heatshrinkless paracord single sleeve.


Your attempt for the double wires was very good though. Keep it up!


Thanks, and i know what you mean about the perfection of paracord single sleeve... it just looks so good! 

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OK I am so sorry to everyone for the delays, but I've been extremely busy... but the mod is still on track and should be finished in the next week or so...


the painting is 95% complete and I hope to take more photos and post update 7 ASAP....


firstly im sorry for not getting any in progress shots of this one but it is the cover for the top of the cpu heatsink, it also shows the blue hammertone that is on all of the exterior panels,

yes the embossing is so dodgy its not funny, but after I saw MetalicAcid create fake embossing with vinyl film, I just had to have a go at embossing some metal for real....




secondly I have a photo of the front air duct main plate, after painting with the two ek 180mm fans sitting in place




And im sorry but im going to be busy for the next day or so as well then it will be a matter of quite a few late nights to get it finished by the CM casemod comp deadline, with a lot of very big updates in coming days


thanks for reading and as always feel free to ask questions or comment!



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welcome to the long overdue update 7....


I'm writing and posting this late at night so I'm not going to say much other than giving a general description of each photo... and I apologise in advance for the horrid photo backdrop... I didn't have time to stop and take photo's elsewhere as I went...


so during the week of storms in Sydney (as those of you on OCAU will be aware of) we had a eucalyptus (or gum to Aussies) tree come down.. which miraculously managed to miss one of the sailing boat trailers..


and now onto the modding...


firstly I filed out the 180mm fan slots to perfect width, now that I actually have the 180 fans for a test fit...



then I re-painted it, and painted the back fan grill while I was at it..... leaving only one component left to paint...



just a quick shot of all the painted pieces of the case... once again ignore the mess... no time to tidy up or move them



the pop rivets, with the countersunk ones I will be using in the four compartments forming a T-shape



first pop rivets go into the psu shroud



then into the top panel and mobo tray mount



the newly made case feet... which happen to be the only component left unpainted.. for now



now I'm going to share my way of eliminating the risk of scuffs in the paint work from the rivet gun... 


1) put masking tape over pop rivet..



2) put rivet in place and tape in place around it



3) rivet it in...



4) remove tape.... (note that small scratch is from drilling out the first rivet as it didn't pull up properly)


(now back to the normal worklog)


the front fan shroud riveted together



the front fan shroud attached to the front panel



the back panel with all the holes I  forgot to countersink before painting....



skipping ahead to being ready for the top and bottom panels....



and its built!  (sorry about skipping photo's, but as I said, I was in a rush and forgot to take them..... also this lighting dose not do the paint justice at all!)





and that concludes update 7 of the worklog


thanks for reading and please feel free to comment or ask any questions

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this will be a quick post to make sure that there is a photo of every component for the CM case mod comp... it will also contain some nice light-box photo's of the GPU

the fan/light wiring harness
the underside of the PSU shroud with led strip and window fitted
the sound-card, and original sound blaster audigy, and the only original component from the case when I got it.. which has  been dusted off, and fitted with a backplate to fit the build...
the motherboard (gigabyte f2-a85x-up4), cpu (a10-5800k), ram (2x4gb gskill value ram with blue heat-spreaders) and cooler (old dell tower heat-sink with custom retention bracket, top cover, a random 80mm pwm fan and a CM blue led 80mm fan)
the case with various parts fitted...
the side panels, with replacement cast acrylic window
the CM jetflow 120mm fans with custom "freebee" logo covering the back sticker
the CM v650 psu with two-tone blue sleeving
and now for the light box shots of the gpu, a gigabyte gtx 460, with custom paint and backplate
these were taken during "av club" (basically the geeks photography club) at my school..
and finally a shot of the cpu area in the case
the final update will be posted very shortly...
as always feel free to ask questions or comment...
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this will be the final update post for project RE-Invented


firstly I want to thank everyone who has been following along for the journey that is this worklog... your support means a lot to me, and has been invaluable for keeping this project on track!


next I want to thank CoolerMaster, who supported me with a V650 psu and 3x jetflow 120mm blue led fans, although this project would have happened without them, it has helped to bring this build up a notch, for which I am extremely thankful


and also I wish to make a statement, I hope that if you were only able to read a small section of this log, that this is the part you read:


this build is the re-creation of a 10+ year old case to make something usable by current standards. This build was never intended to be perfect… if you want to see perfection I would suggest looking elsewhere, this project was created with two purposes in mind: 


1) To prove what can be achieved on a very limited budget & tool set, that you don’t need to have thousands of dollars worth of new hardware, or every power tool known to man to create a great looking mod… hence this mod was done on a budget of approximately AUD$100, and built using nothing but hand tools and basic power tools…


2) To show the community what real modding is, due to the recent trend in mod logs to be only a simple re-paint, some pre-assembled sleeved cables and thousands of dollars in water cooling components, which are thrown together with near no alteration to the case design…. hence this mod contained extensive panel work, and no work outsourced to mod shops or modding related companies..


My one hope with this build is that it is not known/remembered for how it looks, but rather is an example to other modders, and potential modders of what can be achieved with spare parts, basic tooling and nearly no budget.



a quick shot or two of how this buid started...






and now onto the final pictures which are pretty much self-explanatory...




























and hopefully for the final time: fell free to comment or ask any questions



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