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-Completed- DSA-Recon - Update 17 April


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Hi Guys so I started the modding hobby with my first scratch build

And here we go with a new scratch build
Hi everyone. This is my second scratch build. This is the work log of it from beginning to the end. This is another scratch build, but this one I will use aluminium.
Click HERE if you want to see my first build
This will be one of the smallest Full ATX case that can have 4-way SLI/Crossfire in the world. I will add some innovative functions as well, which are a surprise :lol: :naughty:
So far Gigabyte and Coolermaster has sponsored me with a beautiful Z87 OC mobo and a CM thunder M 620W PSU and a Seidon 240M ( which was sponsored for my last build).
Here are some rendering of the case design. It has colour changing lights and the "Y" that's in all of my mods. stay tuned for the work progress
A Big thank goes to GIGABYTE for sponsoring my build
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this is how i made the prototype design with cardboard. 

If you ask me why I did this, it's because I need to make sure all the measurements are correct and everything fits in perfectly before I go into real production using Aluminium. 


Anyway the following pictures are of the side panels. I did it as two parts rather than bending the one whole piece because it's easy to take measurements. So after I finish cutting all the pieces then i will put them together and put up some pics then





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Hi Guys. So since I was making everything Custom, i thought about trying to make a custom CPU block as well. 
Too bad my drill press had a miserable time trying to mill channels on the copper block, but I have it a shot. in future updates you can see how it looked.


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