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The Military Moochine

Carlos Martinez

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Mar 04:


My buddy found a dremel for me to borrow since we are both very busy with work and school. From here I was able to do some cuts to the plexiglass psu cover.


I also used the new glue to attach the two pieces together better for the bay cover.


I also ordered another radiator since I knew that I would need more cooling capacity as well as more tubing.


With this tubing, I redid some of the shoddy jobs that I did on some of the tubes and began to finish the first set of tubes.


You can see that I ordered some pass through fittings since even the longest tubes from EK could not reach the bottom of the case from the res. I also ended up using a pass through for the lower GPU to the bottom radiator, but a few days later, ended up changing it.


From here, I was just waiting for the flexible tubing to come in from primochill (cheaper shipping)



20150304 112318

20150304 112453

20150304 115203

20150304 123327

20150304 153410

20150304 163959

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Mar 05:


The flex tubing came in today. And so the water cooling nightmares begin. I used the tubing to attach the two tubes to the bottom radiator.


I managed to find an old computer to supply the power to run the pump for the leak test. And placed paper towels to make sure that nothing leaked.


This being my first custom water cooling experience, I ended up with quite a few headaches…



20150305 161114

20150305 164108

20150305 164115

20150305 174245

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Mar 06:


I wasn’t able to get a good picture, but the fittings began to leak from the cpu outlet and from the res inlet fittings. This was mostly the case of the fittings not on tight enough.


So I drained what little water was in the system and retightened the fittings. But the cpu outlet tube had a little too much bubbles for my tastes and seemed to have uneven bends, so I ran it for the night, but ended up redoing the tubing later.










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Mar 07:


I ran the computer overnight and it didn’t leak, but the cpu outlet pipe still had a lot of bubbles trapped, so I decided to drain the system and redo the pipe the next day


Mar 08:


I took out the cpu outlet pipe and redid it (using new tubing of course).










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Mar 10:


And so this is where I got scared. I started to tell my father about my project and he suggested a great idea! He suggested that I use 4200 Marine Sealant to help reinforce the fittings on in the computer. While it sounded good in theory (it would dry to create an extra sealant along with the oring, so that if it wasn’t perfectly even the sealant would stop a leak). So I tried it, but I didn’t really think about it to much…


The sealant I got was silicone based, and silicone acts similarly to a lubricant, and I didn’t let it dry… needless to say, I got what was coming to me.


So the outlet pipe on the top radiator popped out in the middle of me running the pump on full blast, and you can obviously see the mess it made.


I was at this point that I really began to worry about my decision to try hard tubing for my first time water cooling like this. But I stayed motivated and cleaned everything up.


I wiped off the sealant from the tubes, fittings, and orings and began reattaching the tubing where it went.







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Mar 11:


So after running the computer overnight (this time in the tub, just in case it decided to wet itself again :unsure: ) the computer didn’t leak.


I shouldn’t have tried to fix something that wasn’t really broken, seeing how I already ran the computer without it actually leaking in 24 hours. violent1.gif


But I was able to clean it all up and nothing broke!


After double checking that it didn’t leak, I began adding the white coolant from ek and I ran it for another 24 hours just to be sure.


I drained the res and just filled that until I ran out of single 250ml bottle of coolant. Making sure to run the pump to help it mix along the way.











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Mar 12:


And so she didn’t leak!!! I started to run the computer, and it ran like a charm!



20150312 174253

20150312 174258

20150312 174303

20150312 190008

20150312 190013

Mar 13:


And then my ocd got the best of me… The flexible tubing that I had circled around on itself was unessasary, so I grabbed one of the spare pipes and redid the bottom gpu outlet/bottom rad inlet. This required that I completely drained the system once again and rebleed everything…


But while the system did its last (for a while I hope) leak test, I started to work on some cheap china leds. If you remember, the case originally came with red led fans. There is a led controller built into the case, so I cut the cord for the fan leds and spliced them into the led strips to allow me to control them with the button on the top of the case. These leds were the cheap 6 dollar for 3 strips from china special, but they worked and allowed me to experiment.



20150313 180025

20150313 182059

20150313 185119

20150313 193550







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