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[COMPLETED PAGE 5] MonoCase - High-End Gaming PC in the size of a popular game console


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Nah, those renders look awesome! I have been planning on doing a similar scratch build last year but I kinda wanted to fit in at least 1 240mm rad inside. I have the sketches that I made but I just never had time to do it. :)

 Do you have any color schemes in mind for this?

Currently just clear is the color of choice.

However I may get a friend to make some art to put on the side which will glow like fiber optic with the LEDs.

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Power supply modification photos:


Size comparison with SFX PSU: front

20150304 125403 HDR

Size comparison with SFX PSU: top

20150304 125412 HDR


20150304 125919 HDR

Internals out of enclosure

20150304 132016 HDR

Removed IEC socket, added side-exiting power flex, added fan control header mod (now not utilized)

20150304 150848 HDR


PSU Noise test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLFR3tSAUd4

Note: The test shows full speed. With a GPU the PSU will peak at 60% load so does not require full fan speed.

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Great design, looking for to seeing more.


Thanks! ;3


Shouldn't be long now. Have every component except the case material itself. Will be getting that machined very soon.

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RGB LED Controller is coming along nicely.

GUI Will be completed another time. Will control via serial terminal for now.



Still waiting on reply from CNC machine service.

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Won't be able to complete the Windows software for controlling the RGB LEDs in time as I must learn how to program Visual C#. :P


The programming for the controller itself is done and can be easily enough controlled through a PuTTY terminal by sending commands such as "255,0,255:". (This will make purple. "R,G,B:".

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