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[COMPLETED PAGE 5] MonoCase - High-End Gaming PC in the size of a popular game console


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The case is now complete except for a few tasks I will complete before the deadline. :D


1) Arrange reliable WiFI antenna system.

2) Build and install RGB LED system.



Here is the photos:


20150411 202853


20150411 202900


20150411 202921 HDR


20150411 202940


20150411 210320


20150411 210606


20150411 210457


20150411 210442


20150411 210544



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RGB LED Controller is completed! Just need the actual LED strips to arrive and will start working on the software GUI. ^_^



High speed serial interface. 115200 bps. Allows for smooth custom fade transitions.

Two temperature sensors that can be read. One on the board and one on a wire to be placed somewhere to monitor air temperature.

Power input is the standard 4-pin floppy connector which provides 12V for the LEDs and 5V for everything else.

LED strips have a 4-pin connector for easy disassembly.



RGB LED Controller Photos

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Added the front USB3.0 ports. Was a real mission. Had to shorten the stiff USB3.0 cables (resoldering 20 wires O_O).


Added one strip of the cheap LEDs I had just to test light dispersion. Will add the proper combined RGB LEDs when they arrive. Then the project will be completed.



20150414 215033 HDR


20150414 214718 HDR

20150414 214946 HDR

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Very compact.  Very nice.  How is your graphics card liking the confined space?


Thank you! ;3


Have been testing the last few days as I wait for the proper RGB LEDs to arrive.

The GPU is overclocked to 1500MHz and keeps it handily with a custom fan curve with passive below 55ºC.

Sits around 70ºC max load (I could increase the fans but that starts to get in jet-engine territory).

CPU sits around similar temp. Which is great considering it's undersized Silverstone cooler I had to use. The slim 120mm fan on top really helps and you can feel the hot air coming out all the vents. (De-lidding it could help further as it is not Haswell-refresh [4690])

CPU fan is passive below 55ºC and the 120mm fan has a minimum of 20% speed as it is silent at that speed and the small breeze will keep all the other parts (PCH, WiFi, RAM) cool.

All you can hear is the power supply which isn't to bad at idle.


These tests were done while leaving Far Cry 4 running for half an hour. With GPU load at 99% and all CPU cores above 70%, pushing 100FPS looking at a vista.



Here's the firestrike result. I'd say 13K Graphics score is pretty decent for a 970. ;)



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My 760 seems peaks at about 82, I want a drop that a bit though.


What 760 model is it? And what is your fan curve like? The 760 has a similar power to the 970 so technically they should get similar temps.

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