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[COMPLETED PAGE 5] MonoCase - High-End Gaming PC in the size of a popular game console


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Project is completed!

Here are the final photos:




20150422 134905 HDR


20150422 134932 HDR


20150422 135002 HDR


20150422 134950 HDR


20150422 135056 HDR


20150422 135111 HDR


20150422 135203 HDR

CoolerMaster XtraFlo Slim 120mm PWM Fan

20150422 135448 HDR


20150422 135439 HDR


20150422 135245 HDR


20150422 135313 HDR


20150422 135350 HDR


20150422 135331 HDR


RGB LED Demonstration:





This high-end gaming PC can fit a small backpack, a pillowcase, a laptop carry bag, and my lap, with ease.












banana Top


banana front


banana sides



Random notes:

Max CPU and GPU temps (after an hour of GTA V): 73ºC

CPU and GPU fans are turned off below 55ºC.

CPU is at stock 3.8GHz. GPU is at Core: 1500MHz / Memory: 7.4GHz effective.
3DMark Firestrike:






It was a tough and ambitious project with a lot of time put into it (have never worked on such a complex project before).

I am very happy with the outcome and it has inspired me to want to work on similar projects in the future.


Please comment your mind. I would love to hear your opinions and/or questions. :)

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Have taken some more pics of the internals as a lot of people asked for them.



20150423 153227 HDR


20150423 153243 HDR


20150423 153256 HDR


20150423 153326 HDR


20150423 153405 HDR


20150423 153426 HDR


20150423 153453 HDR


20150423 153608 HDR


20150423 153631 HDR

24-pin connector only has one 5V wire, one 3.3V wire, 3.3V_SENSE, PWR_OK, PWR_ON, both 12V wires (as this is still used for PCI-E slot partially), and 4 GND wires.
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