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This is going to be a really fast modding! The work on the live.MOD.repeat projec will start in the middle of February, I hope to finish it for the april 30th deadline. The theme of the mod is inspired by the Edge of Tomorrow movie, I will modify the case in the style of the Power Armor battle suit and other fight machinery showed in the film.




I will use the following hardware for this mod:


Case: Cooler Master HAF X

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming

CPU: Intel i7-4770K @ 4500MHz

Memory: Patriot Viper 3 16GB DDR3-1866
SSD: OCZ Agility 3 60GB

HDD: WD Caviar Blue 640GB, Samsung F3 1TB

Graphics: MSI R9 290X 4GD5 BF4 @ 1100/1400MHz

Sound: ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus

PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2


Water cooling:

CPU: D-Tek Fusion V2

Memory: T56 Ram Blokk

Graphics card: HK GPU-X3 R9 290X

Pump: Laing DDC 1T Plus + Alphacool DDC Top

Radiator: MO-RA 2 + 4 x Cooler Master 200mm fan

Reservoir: FrozenQ Liquid Fusion V Red

Controller: Aerocool Touch-2100


It is now built in a rather chaotic configuration, hope the final mod will be loooot nicer :)



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Hi guys! Just finished the modding – at least the most of it :) It was a really fast mod, I started the work exactly 2 months ago, on the end of February, and did it beside my daytime job. So first the disassembly.


ZU7Mxw.jpg xyQ00Y.jpg


First I made new fan grills on the top...


vudHLF.jpg 4jI2yY.jpg


... then started the rebuilding of the front. Here I kept the 230 mm fan, and made some plexi modules as the base for the smaller details. Obviously the ugly front drive panels had to go, I will put the water coolers pump here with some nice grill and lights. Redesigned the top connector panel too.


vgTsDi.jpg 6LeUDT.jpg


bnW62C.jpg CfQfjP.jpg


For the power button I used a detail from the Edge of Tomorrow film.




EGgbvU.jpg v4Hykq.jpg



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The side panels came next, with another film detail on the left side, plus some broken plexi  and other battle wounds.


R1zj12.jpg RIq3SA.jpg


aQ3IYB.jpg NhupHO.jpg



The other side will host the huge MO-RA2 radiator with 4x20 cm Cooler Master fans.




Did some decoration inside and outside.


LFzZP3.jpg 6pKjB4.jpg

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And here the magic began! I applied a special metallic layer, then a strong enough sealing layer for other paints. With his technique, some sanding can bring out the “bare metal†making great damaged armor effect.


1yb6dc.jpg x9nD3r.jpg

42zSTD.jpg AbK0iJ.jpg


Oh, one thing: notice the holes for the new fan light!


Then the porcess of "aging" started. I used sander, metal brush and other things to scrub down some layers, make the surface look old and "battle worn".


vwwewf.jpg yyxMsg.jpg

LPymkB.jpg Ixaq9s.jpg


Finally I put on some "artifical dirt".


vCsDyX.jpg hHpUGb.jpg

wSN62c.jpg PdCDkm.jpg

eVYhZO.jpg PNSSRg.jpg


Plus some "oli", more details and United Defence Force logos form the film:


bbcLBC.jpg OXSu4B.jpg

TKi5Cw.jpg 9mztx1.jpg

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