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Albus Aurum Cuprum [HTPC\XBMC\STEAMBOX]


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all the hardware has been installed and setup win 7 with xbmc already,

run a 3dmark Firestrike run, (it has not been oercclocked in anyway so the scores aren´t special.)



Everything works fine so now i have to wait for the PSU to arrive just to make sure that everthing will fit the way i want (so there will be coming more Pictures before we start on the modding of the case )


Until then enjoy the Pics .






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Testing the hardware on water and do some minor overclocking (since i was curious on what the cpu and apu has to offer)

well the benchmarks did´t say much but the gaming was alright (you have to keep in mind there is no dedicated GPU)

and for that it performs really well.


I was able to get it to 4.4 GHz stable and the Temps where as expected around 30-35 Celsius. (thats just AMD)

Once my dedicated GPU arrives or better said I choosen one ,i will try to get this Cpu to 4.6 (thats my Goal :) )

But i am looking for a Gpu that will be able to handle 4K video and some better game performance.


and i also started to remove all the stickers (for that Cleaner Look)








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hey everyone,


happy easter!!!


I thought on starting to get the radaitor on there ,and work my way up from there,

got this nice idea of routing fittings under the case and inside,


next i will have to order some more fittings to see if my idea will work out :)


Here are a few pictures .





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