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Albus Aurum Cuprum [HTPC\XBMC\STEAMBOX]


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...
And 2 panels are painted and readdy to be installed on the case again,

now i am waiting for some more stuff to arrive,(meanwhile painting the third one)

the fourth will be custom made due the radiator placement.


Stay tuned.





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Recieved a small package of some fittings and temp sensors from Performance-Pcs.com today.


Most of the fittings i have recieved lately for this project are mainly for this one purpose. (check ou the Picture )

This is mainly for estathics and not for performance or purpose.


Hope you like it :)


Stay tuned for more.









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Still working on this panel,

Started on two cutouts for windows,wich will be made with smoked tempered 3mm glass.

i also would really much like to install a few digital meters,


Flow sensor Display,

leak seansor display,

and of course temp sensors with display.


But we will see what is possible without making it crouded.








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The panels have almost all been painted.

Working on some routing of the watercooling loop and partplacement


Waiting on sleeved cables (since it is a modular psu it will be a full set ,not extensions)


Test fitting a loop with acrylic pipes first


Since i need some tools for copper first.


Then next week i am hopefully able to make another order for fittings and adapters.

This will get the project moving .


Then i have to shop for the window parts.....and some acrylic to make the inside more clean.


These are the plans so far.

Just wanted to give those of you hwo follow a short update so you know that i havent give up on it. ☺


Stay tuned..5f69dd5caf26fddd71e1ff57ab72759b.jpgeee52ce98c42f0a82bc3badbec6b50a7.jpg9ee0e7dd525e5fc5b20e5d3813914e2b.jpg

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Sponsorship package from icemodz.com

These look awsome like always,still missing some cables though,wich will come in the near future.

also haven´t decided on Gpu yet,(so for the time beeing i will just be going with the onboard gpu.

(wich performed alright after some tweaking and overclocking)

And i also started on the loop (trying to make it look clean and easy swappable for the gpu )


Have a nice weekend all of you







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