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Bulldozer project - AMD Tribute

Ilija Dakic

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Ok, i made back panel now for the radiator and hard drive area i made a sandwitch of two pieces of aluminum sheets folded them in the way i needed them and stuffed them with thermal isolation that will help muffle the sound as well and made entire thing really sturdy at no weight cost :)





As for hard drive mount, i will make a sort of floating floor for almost complete vibration reduction, it will be two sheets of aluminum, bottom one mounted, than spounge in between 10mm thick and another aluminum sheet on top of it, connected to the bottom with rubber going all around it

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Rad grill done, if anyone likes/wants this, or stuff like this, i got few designs i made for now and for later on with new projects, you can just PM me/ email/ or reply they are .crd and ready for laser cutting in scale for 240 rad ( two for 480 ) :D



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Ok, i finished wrecking my old Chieftec Aegis case to scrap :) here is what the backplate looks like nicely sanded ( i hand sanded it :/ ) and in its new home :) also, i will need to cut the hole for the cpu cooler mount and so i can put a 92mm fan back there.. it helps allot with chip cooling :) 






i also added mesh to the PSU tray




And something i think could be really nice if i manage to do it properly :D




Kinda odd that the PSU case is perfect dimensions to host 2 3.5" hard drives :D and 80mm fan :D

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Ok, so i tossed everything on so i can see how it looks and my dog came to inspect it... :D if she could, she would have gotten her self inside in no time ( i gotta post video of us trying to get her out of the car :D )





*the red thing on the top is from my old sidepannel, will use it later as a mesh for somewhere :)


Also i started doing some work around the cabbin, this is first look, i need to straiten it before i can use it... it will only be a mold for bending acrylic glass pannel so it is gonna be entire side bent :) 





So what do you guys think?

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So today i found out that the box in my wast basement wasnt just an empty box as i tought for last 6 years, inside was mint in box router :D 


29orjlx.jpg *idiot right...he..he.....he. *


I made cannals for acrulyc window i will be using :) 



and it will go here : 



also i got a bit pissed and redid the rooftop, AGAIN *5th time* ARGHHHH 



new system for easyer mounting with 2 steel bars...




Also, tomorrow, as i found out i have router i will smothen all the edges down and give them nice curvy finish :D 

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Today i totally rebuilt the side pannels... one of those days when nothing fits, and i was so angry about it... so i had to do it right this time! I made them from far better quality wood, more precise, with new tools... looks 10 times better and works properly now (the sliding mechanism)... 


The wood is 10 times better, more compressed, easyer to manipulate.



Got a template for 480... and did it right!



Smoothen the edges...





and the big :) drill for wider and "non-bend" blade for my saw


And last, but not least, see the difference!!!






Also, new sponsor... CoolerMaster.. more details tomorrow :D ( btw TNX GUYS YOU DA BEST :D :D :D )

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