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Project Alternate (Pc in a Desk)


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Quick update,


I have a GIVEAWAY live now on reddit, you only have to drop a comment on the post to get yourself entered..


Here are the items -



1X Cooler Master V750 Fully Modular PSU

1X Cooler Master Nepton 120 XL

3X Cooler Master Silencio FP-120PWM fans

5X Cooler Master Jetflo 120 Fans (red LED)

1x Cooler Master ic essential E1 thermal compound


I need to say thanks to Chris @ CoolerMasterUK, when I asked if it was ok to giveaway some fans I didn't need 

he said "Sure but lets add some extra bits to the giveaway to help someone get there build of the ground" ... also agreed to post them for me too :D

And thanks to the reddit admin that are helping with the post.



Iv also completed the final video for the desk build, should give you all a better idea of the overall look and so on..

give it a look when you have a spare 8mins or so. took me ages to get this last vid done lol

hope you enjoy!


Over and out....


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hi...i really like this custome desktop table...i want to make one for my self...

can i have the measurement size for every corner of this project?

the material used (size of wood)?


for this Project Alternate: PC in a desk scratch build & MODs (ultimate gaming pc desktop 2015)


please email me 14sm100@gmail.com...


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