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"Dark Matter" featuring one off 3D printed parts

Calen Saddler

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And so it comes to an end............

Entry For Cooler Master's Case Modding World Series:

Dark Matter:

I decided to do this scratch build, “Dark Matter†for several reasons. I was tired of limiting my mods to the confines of a typical case. There are a ton of great cases out there but, I wanted to do something my style from the ground up. If you like seeing original creations and have a love for the truest form of modding; you're in the right place.

The Journey:

This has been quite the journey and so much more, than a scratch build has cone out of it. Inspiring creativity in others is a big part of why I dedicate so much into these projects. I receive email after email from people taking this journey with me through my extensive build logs.

For my required Cooler Master part I used one of their SickleFlow 120mm fans and mounted on the back of the case. I system paint matched it as well as replaced the holographic label with Cooler Masters new, “ Make it yours†custom vinyl.

This build ended up being one of the most detailed builds I've ever done. Over 750 hours of building, fabricating and modding assured that this would be a one to remember. Making sure I went the extra mile; buildibv as much as I could from scratch including things like brackets, hinges, switches and all sorts of other items that most builders would buy.

The vast majority of this build was done using basic tools but, I didn't hesitate to use things like laser cutters and CNC machines to make parts that couldn't be built any other way. I had a lot of fun doing this project and I'm very grateful to all the people and wonderful sponsors who git involved in the Dark Matter Scratch Build. I also appreciate all of you that vote for this build during the, “Peoples Choice†voting.

Final 5 Photos: (More Coming Soon)






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Special Thanks To My Sponsors:

I want to take a moment to thank all the sponsors that believed in this build. I have build some wonderful relationships with great reps from these companies which means the world to me. I look forward to working with you all on the next project. Thanks to Gigabyte, OCZ, EKWB, Supermicro, GSkill, Ensourced, EMI Designs, RantoPad USA and Printrbot.










Final Specs:

• CPU: 6th Gen Skylake 6700k i7

• Motherboard: Supermicro Enthusiast grade C7–Z170–OCE

• GPUs: 2 X Gigabyte GTX 960 Xtremj&@@$&

• Ram: 4 X G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 16gig total

• Storage: 3 X OCZ Vector 180 SSDs

• PSU Extensions: Ensourced custom length and hand sleeved full cable set

• Power Supply: Bequiet Dark Power Pro 11 (1,200) watt platinum rated

• Fans: 7 X BeQuiet PureWings 2 PWM 120mm fans

Cooler Master Part:

• Rear Fan: Cooler Master SickleFlow 120mm (blue LEDs)


• CPU Block: EKWB Supremacy Evo 115x

• Radiator: EKWB Coolstream XE 480mm

• Pump: EKWB Revo D5 with acrylic top

• Reservoir: EKWB X3 250 multiport

• Coolant: EKWB Ekoolant EVO (Lime GREEN) concentrate

• Tubing: EKWB 12mm Hardline

Final Pics Continued:

There will be several sets of final pictures that will be posted. There is so much detail and modded parts that a few pics don't do the build any justice.


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Some More Updated Pics:

The amount of response I've gotten for this build is amazing. I really appreciate all of those who have shared this build and been inspired to do your own builds. I'm always available to help up and coming modders or just someone who wants to customize their PC. Happy modding!!

Dark Matter:









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