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Skull Rider by 2R&D

enrico Luperini

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Hello guys!

This year I decided to participate to the most beautiful, difficult and challenging global contest... but when there is a passion and a lot of fun why not to try? :)

I present the logo of the project with which I will participate , together with my friend Mr. D^^




obviously a project that will participate in the category Scratch Build and be completely self-made .

pure Modding on all levels and by all way, manual , CNC , TIG ... we will not miss anything ! :D


early some draft plan !


Special tnks to:






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I've found an old dell case... I'll cut off the mobo tray and use this oldy to have a better 'taste' about my build dimensions!




ok.. we are arrived at the momenti that everybody is waiting..

so.. children go to bed... here you are some pics about skeleton porn :D






what do you think guys? 

see you on next update^^

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Do you remember the structure of wire ? Well I've bought in a local store a reel ... and a ' suitable ' structure I needed to straighten it ( in order to have a better visual quality but also a more precise measurement)


to this aim, my faithful companion in creations , Danilo , built a tensioning wire
I know it is a little OT ..but here you reach the levels of creativity and skill that imho is almost obligatory to share :D


here you are this tool in action :)

et voilà^^

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a small up
We start with the central part of the frame

disposal of the chain on the counter and ready tools ..



but  we realized the need to make a charge to the argon gas !! O_O

I leave you with a detail of the mask .. because the safety first ... but also the style must never be lacking

prox up first welds , I guarantee:D

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working in progress with the frame , and then with the welds ..


slowly takes shape ..
and I must say I am very satisfied with the progress :)



and finally a placement test of the mobo tray made ​​previously ^^



Next UP I hope to do some unboxing .. also because after the awesome package sent by Cooler Master ..there is  another one to open! :)

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