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Eskimod 2.0

Todd K

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  • Pretty simple, favorite sports team coming off of a championship year (http://www.Esks.com). 


  • Always wanted to do a scratch build. 
  • Custom "wind tunnel" design allows air to enter through the back platform, push through the PC and past the radiator on top. 
  • Built to support up to two 360mm radiators.  Water-cooled, dual GPU design. 
  • 3D-printed supports with aluminum bar and acrylic sides.  Intended to be dead-simple and repeatable.


  • Details TBD

Twitter:  @Krepadoodle  ||  Project Hash Tag:  #Eskimod2 









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Welcome to the party!  I like that air setup!  I wonder if a rear intake like that will reduce the dust you get from a front intake?



Thanks!  Interesting question.  My original thought was to put it underneath the office window in the winter.  Then I could crack the window and draw the cool air in the back and exhaust out the top/front.  With a good filter in the back I should be able to keep it pretty clear.

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Overall the test print went fairly well.  A couple of minor issues, but this is why you test print.






Here you can see (with the hard to spot black arrows) where I had an adhesion issue with the print.  At some point the corners lifted.  This can happen when the plastic cools and contracts.  I'm hopeful though that a higher infill and better skirt will alleviate this issue.




And just one of the fun facts of 3D printing is you can get bridging material where it's kind of hard to get out.  In this case I may be able to turn the model 90 degrees so that it doesn't require the bridging there at all.



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Despite some printer challenges this week I've been able to start some test fitting this weekend.




With some model revisions and re-prints underway.




Print completed successfully - yay!  Now to pick up some more square tubing.



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More supplies acquired!  Now that the test prints seem solid I should be able to print the other side and build out the frame.  


Still waiting on final PLA shipment in green to come in.  Honestly I think because I didn't pay for expedited delivery Amazon just sat on the order for two weeks and will give me 2 day delivery anyways, just later.


So simple and yet so effective.  They say triangles make things stronger, so I designed up brace.


Quick test print and is working great.


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