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[Caffeine Junkie] by Zj46


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Hi all,


My name is Muhammad Safwan from Malaysia. My commercial mod name is Zuhud Jiddan (normally shortened to ZJ46). I am trying my (actually not luck) level of creativeness in competitive way as well as trying to get involved to know and learn more from other modders as well.


Here's my description of my Project [Caffeine Junkie] by Zj46:


The Caffeine Junkie comes from the idea of functionality where I want to modify a PC to have more functionality but at the same time not loosing the "sexy"ness of a gaming PC. This modding project will replicate a retro coffee maker with a strikingly brilliant chrome finish. While games can be played from one side, the other side is meant for refreshment after long exhausting gaming session. The idea of Hybrid Heating from the CPU from the pseudo block coming onto the top of the case right to the real block, using heat transfer principal to heat the coffee on top of the rig itself. 


Nice to know you all, today I begin with acquiring a new MasterCase 5 to begin the project. 


Good Luck all, cheers. 





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