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Gigantea - CM Elite 130 casemod


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Update time!  I'm down to the finishing touches.


I'm relocating all my cables to the new back panel and this includes the power cord for the PSU, so I had to make up a short jumper out of an old power cable.  After soldering it up, I went ahead and put some urethane resin around the connectors, just for a little extra protection.




After some heatshrink to pretty it up(I only had white quickset resin), I mounted it and all my other connections in the back panel.




The panel connectors are pretty bulky, but they made life easy allowing me to use generic patch cables.




And the booty all buttoned up.






Next on the list to finish up were my gnome canes, the acrylic rod that I bent and sanded into points.  These are going to be Gigantea's antennae.  I marked the spots on the nose piece and drilled a hole in each antennae.






I debated on lighting them with some LED's.  I doubt I will since I'm planning on clear coating them to get a nice shiny finish and they won't have the crazy glow that the rest of the edge lit parts have.  Plus, it's already pretty freaking bright with the lights out.






Now all that's left are a few coats of clear on a few pieces and this project is done!


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Last update before pics, thank god!


Just finishing up a bunch of small stuff, mostly touch up.  First, the back armor is now done and all the correct color.




And I got the 2 legs I messed up touched up as well. So now we have all the banana legs!






And the antennae are cleared.  That sure beat trying to polish them!




I didn't light them, but they do pick up some of the glow from the eyes.




For a little touch of detail, I decided to do something with the CM logos that come on the front panel of the 130.  First, I dusted them with some black paint to tone them down a bit.




Then I put a pair of them on the head and tail, in about the same place they would be on the case.






I think the one on the head is a bit off, but I was standing on the table with my head in the floor joists trying to work around a shop light, so I'll straighten it up when I can actually reach it and look at it head on.  The last one was a way to fix a little pre-planning mistake.  I had thought of using pass throughs to go from the res into the body for the GPU, so I left a blank in the hex pattern.  Turns out I didn't need to, so I had a weird patch with no pattern.  Well, no more.




And that finishes the build up.








All that's left now are the final beauty shots!


Thanks for following along!

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Those antenna came out really cool, and the entire build is amazing. Thanks for all the updates, it was quite a show watching you build this. Wish I could see it in person to get the scale of it.


Thanks for keeping up with it!  I grabbed a shot of me kneeling next to it in my finals so that will start to give some sense of scale.  I should be getting those out here soon!

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So the final shots.  Or rather the first of them.  I like these, but I wasn't feeling artsy so I didn't get any good detail shots this go around.  On to the pictures!


























Hope you like them.  I'm gonna go back and try to grab some shots of the detail work and hopefully get those up soon.

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