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And the rust just keeps going. I going to start calling my self the Rust converter. I think my next build will be cleaner. :D





Thanks for looking. :)

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Thanks again for following this build. Would love to know what you think of it so far. All feed back is welcome as always.
Cheers, Ken.

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Hi again, Ok I'm going to be scratch building the Vault 111. the last photo. is the placement of where it is going. This build is all about fallout 4 so adding it to just needs to be done.

Going to mach the texture true too the game.

Sorry about the super :) photo's Will add better photos later. Just updated to windows 10 and now photobucket. is not working for me.





 Will be adding more to it then what you see here. And will still be painted in high detail.

this is just a Photoshop overlay to show you all where it is going.

Thank you Again for stopping buy.

Cheers, Ken.


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Progress report :)

I made a template in Photoshop and printed it to the size I need.
Then comes the blade work, there are 4 layers of PVC plastic glued together so I can cut each at a time. Then once done will be sanded and then putty filled and sanded again. No CNC. for this part. all old school.  






One more for the day, Got it all cut out. and routed out the center with a Dremel with a circle tool. Fist time trying this and I think it work well. :)


Thank you for looking.

Keeping it going,  :)

 OK have now Putty filed it, sanded, Primed, and dusted.
Then I will start fine sanding it, and then finish off the center detail. And then move on to the next stage. The support arms.


Thanks Again for stopping by. :)

Center is just about done. Still working on the arms.




Thanks for looking. :)

Hi getting closer to finishing the shape of the Vault. still need to add the Valve
parts, and add all the bolts. then on to the painting. :)

So for now till tomorrow night. when I add some more photo's here it is so far.

Trust me this was slow work.

  Thanks again for stopping by.

Next day update, Going to finish the rest of the modeling, before the next post. And then on to the painting. :)


Thank you stopping by, feed back welcome as always.

Cheers, Ken.

Hi again Painting is now on. Ill do my best to add pic as I go.

The brown is the rust background. will be adding light and dark's to the rust as the blue go's down. as well as the yellow.


Thanks again for stopping by. :)

Hi Had a lot of time to play today. but not the time to think about taking pic's for the step by steps. might add some finer details to it later. the plan was to match the texture to the in game texture. But it would just take way longer. and I need time to do the rest of the case. so it was just quicker. to make it look like the Vault. and I think it still works.    



Thanks for stopping by, :)

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Hi  I have made some more caps, And starting to finish of the Vault, for this part I will be using sign foam.





Thanks again for stopping by. :)

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