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The Mad Scientist - Master Case 5 Mod

Oz Modz

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Hey Everyone!


My Entry into the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2016 is my "Mad Scientist" Build.


For this build I will be trying quite a few new techniques which I hope will alter the viewers perspective on the build. I know this might not make much sense now but hopefully over the next few weeks you get a good idea.


Thank you to: Cooler Master, Asus, Bitspower, Kingston for your support with this build.


Here are a few pictures of some of the gear for this build:




For some of my other builds and giveaways head to 




or visit my website: www.ozmodz.com


Happy Modding!






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I have been very Hard at work working on the 'Mad Scientist'.


I really wanted to build a PC that has multiple looks and I really wanted the internals to look like a mad scientist lab. To achieve this i focused on certain mods. I mad a Tasmanian Oak wooden inlay to resemble an old wooden table. I focused the water cooling aspect to have long runs with a lot of complex bends. I really wanted this to be a big feature of the build.


I also incorporated the use of a functioning plasma ball wired into the system as well as full RGB lighting and UV lighting to really give the Mad Scientist multiple looks.


I came up with a new way of painting using a thermal reactive paint on the GPU backplate. this particular mod took over 5 hours not including drying time. When the PC is cool the backplate is black but when it heats up it reveals a Bright green bunch of formulas.


All of the case painting and art was done by hand.


Another feature with I'm very happy with was incorporating an airline within the case to make certain areas bubble to create a 'boiling look'


I have just made a full build summary videos where you can see these awesome mods in action.



Cooler Master Master Case 5
Cooler Master JetFlo fans
Cooler Master V850 PSU
Asus Maximus 8 Hero
Asus Strix GTX 970
Intel i5 6600K
Bitspower water cooling throughout
Mod Guru Cable extensions
Hyper X SSD's
Avexir Raiden 4x4gb RAM



Internal case restructure and removal of certain structural Walls.

Case Art

Wood Inlay

Hand Made Eyeballs

Backlit PSU cover

RGB Lighting, UV Lighting

Full case Paint

Custom switch Panel

GPU thermal reactive backplate.

Custom mounts to hold beakers

Custom air line and air pump

Acid burn

Mod Guru Cable Extensions

SSD Back plate and art






For some of my other builds and giveaways head to 




or www.ozmodz.com


Happy Modding!



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