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The Union


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finally I'm gonna start with my project..... The Union.....  Everything I wanted, loved and passionate combined..... The Union.... 


Engines... Architectural structures..(specially the bridges) and the computer      ^_^


a little about my self... I started modding in 2013... just for fun/hobby... and got my self addicted... the idea for my first case was to hide all cables..post-104309-0-34579100-1458071763_thumb.jpgpost-104309-0-13303900-1458071771_thumb.jpg.


the second case was to make it as compact as possible... atx case... this case has a lot of flaws... specially the airflow and was rectified on the matx version of this case...



matx casepost-104309-0-57937400-1458072156_thumb.jpg

i have learned a lot on this case...  on the airflow.... put the same numbers of intake fans and exhaust fans.. and due to the tightness/small space of the case.. the exhaust air coming out of the case was so strong >< at full throttle..



2015 no project because i was so busy with my work...


and now 2016

the concept for the new case... is to use exoskeleton... the layout of the hardware is inspired by my work with engines...

and for the material that im going to use...might come to a surprise.... im going to use cylindrical plastics that are used on balloons..


ive already tested the material before... for a headphone stand..post-104309-0-34298700-1458073318_thumb.jpgpost-104309-0-32525400-1458073338_thumb.jpgpost-104309-0-38872100-1458073330_thumb.jpg

and the result is quite amazing...  the stands weight is just like a feather yet it was able to hold the headphone which is 20x or 30x its weight...


but for the new case the old design/structure wont be able to hold the heavy hardware of the pc so... ive designed a new structure...that is more stronger yet looks so fragile...


ill be posting the result and the rough sketch of the case by tomorrow i guess..


testing of the new design structure..#1 - fail ><

post-104309-0-50641400-1458119276_thumb.jpgpost-104309-0-52237600-1458119520_thumb.jpgpost-104309-0-06811700-1458119627_thumb.jpg relying on the strength of the super glue is such a fail >< .....


so i came up with another design solution...post-104309-0-39641400-1458119676_thumb.jpgpost-104309-0-10237100-1458119896_thumb.jpg

a design that would let the cylinder plastic pass through it... and it just works.. even better than i expected...




the design just works beautifully   ^_^


now to mass produce those triangles...then afterwards... the additional cylindrical beam reinforcements...



as for the whole design of the case... this is just a rough sketch .,.. an old one at that   ^_^...post-104309-0-95472600-1458120341_thumb.jpg

the design concept  came from my work with engines...  the configuration of pistons on a V-type engine... 


refining the triangular reinforcements....post-104309-0-94253800-1458129263_thumb.jpg

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