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Hi All, 


I am new here. Name is Mg Akon and I am from Myanmar and currently in Singapore. Since i saw Custom PCs, Scratch Build systems and Tower Mods. I would like to work one of my own.


This is my first project and Design for my "GFS Desk" is mainly from

"Malaysia Vector PC" (https://www.facebook.com/vectorvhwl/?fref=ts) and

Peter Brand's Cross Desk and L3p Desk.


I give full credits to them. :)


I completed my desk one week ago (last week of March 2016). but too lazy to post a thread.  :laughing3:

this is final pic :)


Thank you all for viewing guys. and Here it is.


Project: GFS Desk


Desk Spec: 

1) 304 SS material (i want to use aluminium but i can't find it in my country :(
2) Dimension (pls refer to drawings) 


Computer Spec: 

1) i5 6600k 4.7 GHz (OC) 
2) ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger 
3) 2x Samsaung SSD EVO 850
4) 1x WD Red 3TB HDD
5) 1x PowerColor 280x TurboDuo 3GB OC
6) Corsair AX1200i
7) 2x Corsair Vengeance LPX2666 (2x 4GB), going to put another two cards later.

1) 3x 12" Cold Cathod UV Light
2) 3x 6" LED Strips (blue and white)

Water Cooling Parts
1) XSPC Fittings
2) 2x Phobya Balancer  250mm 
3) XSPC UV Green Concentrate Coolant
4) AlphaCool NexXxos Water Block for GPU
5) Swiftech Apogee XL (ROG Edition) for CPU
6) 2x Magicool 360 G2 Slim Radiator
7) Swiftech Pump MCP655



1. I used inventor for these drawings. 






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Time to paint my babe, I used High Temperature Spray Can. Brand is RJ London. It does have a nice color. but it's not as good/cool as power coating. and since my desk is SS304, paint won't be durable for long term. but we do with what we have :') 







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